Tuesday, May 24, 2016

4 Idaho pictures

We went to Idaho for my moms birthday (May 21st Meg)
I only took 4 pictures... 

When my kids met my cousins dog
Sat like this for a good 8 minutes straight. Consoling each other. 

I guess you could say they are cat people.

And then we took two pictures at lunch.

She may have more friends, but I have more wrinkles! Her whole day was spent with people telling her how cool she is! ;) because it's true. love you mom!

Stori the kindy-gartnah.

The preschool girl on her first day....

And now!! All grown up and ready to take on the world.

^couldn't forget this girl who went with us everyday. She's grown a lot too...mostly more sassy, but grown she has.
They had a beach party for the very last day. She's so cute. She has LOVED preschool and loves all of her best friends that made each day "the best preschool day ever!"

Miss Rebecca and Miss Tierza
Some of her beach buddies (she is the youngest in her class, and it kind of shows in these pics...both in height and maturity haha).

I thought I would be happy to have Stori home (which I definitely love), but I'm sad about how much she misses school. She is such a smart cookie, and really enjoys her social time. She is so ready for kindergarten!
Oh I love her guts!!! 

Things we do on the daily

Take Stori (and Sylvie) to dance.

Walk to parks and race home (and pose sassily of course).

Play dates with bffs

Top is Stori, bottom is Sylvie. I realize I have to label them now that they both have long hair and are fairly close to the same size. They get asked if they are twins about once a week.

We paint in the tall grass.
Eat cafe rio too much.

Water flowers...our favorites being the roses.

Draw pictures of families 

and of the cast from  Land Before Time (with volcanos and great valleys) 

We hike our local mountains weekly (Rock canyon being the most recent)

(My kids are good at no-neck pictures)

bridal veil with friends 

And take nightly walks around our neighborhood right before bed. Not all of those trips include Rockwell ice cream, but I wouldn't mind if they did. Provo freaking rocks!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

E. Rose and June Bug, a 3L law student & a mom of 2

We took these pictures between sessions of conference over a month ago--forever playing catch-up not his blog). 
We had such a beautiful spring this year, and I just LOVE downtown Provo. Especially with those mountains in the background. It really is a great place to live... 

Sylvie calls Stori, "E.Rose" and it's adorable. I hope it sticks forever ha.
Dan wanted to edit these first, but I got sick of having them as a draft, so just imagine the lighting much better.

 Daddy sandwich.
 Big smooches from the bug. her hand on his chin is just perfect.
 Finishing your second year of Law school is pretty amazing! Escpecially while juggling 20 hrs of work a week, a wife, two kids, and all your homework AFTER you go to school. SDR is pretty amazing, and I can't believe how well he managed his time. He was always home by 6 every night and got to spend so much time with us. Only 2 more semesters!!!! We had a BBQ to celebrate and made these tasty kabobs. We will definitely be making more of these in the future.
 ^^ fake cries and dainty hands.
These two are so so so sweet and I sure love being their mom. Mothers day front door picture was documented with yet another front door. One day the front door will be the same, but for now I have had a new one every single year. Lot's of moves, but lot's of love.

And I'm ending it with toast. This is how june bug eats it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. from the inside out, resulting in a very buttery face haha. Love my crazies.