Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Too many pictures of our campout at Silver Lake flat

This was our first time camping with both kids, and it certainly won't be our last. We were trying to decide if we wanted to invite friends on our trip, but eventually decided to test the camping waters before ruining our friends weekend. ha. 
Next time though. 

while we were unloading the car, I walked back to the tent and overheard Stori saying her own little prayer, "Thankful that we have a tent that we all just love so much, and thank thee that we have these hot dogs and these fires and these beautiful mountains." it went on for a while. She's a cutie 

Gathering some firewood

 They loved munching on food while sitting by the fire. I thought we would have a hard time getting them to bed because it stays light for so long, but after about an hour of fire watching, stori asked to go to bed and was out within minutes. Sylvie took a little longer, but still pretty good. They got pretty worn out from playing gymnastics in the tent, running along the water, and having water gun fights. so they snoozed pretty good. Dan and I got to stay up late by the fire--it was so fun.

Stori attempted the solo shoulder ride. It lasted .04 seconds. Good think I caught june bug.


 You THINK that the girls get their craziness from me, but this here is exhibit A of them getting it from their father

 We planned to hike the 5 mile hike to the upper silver lake in the morning, but it started to rain pretty hard, so we just headed home and did laundry. The brown-colored bath after the kids was a sure sign of the fun we had!
Next time we are going to try the Payson Canyon with friends. I'm sure i'll have too many pictures from that too.
aaaand. I need to note that we saw a moose on our way home! First time seeing a moose in the Provo Canyon! It made my day! 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dancing queen

My sweet little ballerina had her final performance of the year. She is already counting down the days until it starts back up again.

Her and her bestie Capri

^^sylvie is the honorary dance performer. She got on stage after it was over and did one of stori's dances that she knows. I got a tiny clip, but missed the real good parts. :)
Between dress rehearsal and actual performance, we got to go shooting out in Spanish fork. I'm still a little nervous around guns, but Dan is so good to re-teach me every time haha! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Roses and Junes

The girls are obsessed with the roses in our front yard, so we pick them regularly for our home. When we picked these ones, we realized it was the first day of June and that my Stori ROSE and my Sylvie JUNE were holding roses in June.
They thought it was funny

On Saturday we took a little drive through American fork canyon up to Silver Lake flat. It has the most beautiful view of timp.

When we got home, I walked the girls to the children's festival right in downtown Provo. They made stained glass necklaces, did crafts, and the best part... Met SIX princesses. They actually met them twice because there wasn't a line. And they each talked with both of my girls for about 10 minutes total. 

(Them posing with their necklaces)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Day and end of May

May flewwww by! So many parties to celebrate: preschool, dance, moms, law school, bdays, etc. it was a great month! We are in full summer mode here, so we hike every Wednesday, we splash pad our mornings away, regular park our evenings  away, and get plenty of sleep from all of our playing. 

^^ where did Sylvie come from??
^^Exhausted water girls.

This was my very first time (in 30 years) that I haven't been to Star Valley for Memorial Day. Coincidentally, this was my first hot Memorial Day ha!
We had our own tiny family BBQ after we spent the day in Fairview, Utah placing flowers on Dans families graves. His grandpa and uncle are buried there. 
^strawberries and roses from our own garden.

my FAVORITE picture of my grandpa (in the red)! Wish I had the chance to meet him.
^^ The kids found this grave of a little boy who died the same day he was born, so they grabbed some flowers to put on it, and Sylvie said,"it's ok little boy, it's alright." 😊 

More roses from our garden. Dan thought the soda cup was a nice touch for his grandpas grave ;) 
We actually just used it to keep them in water until we got to fairview, but had to get a picture first.

Even though we weren't with family this year, we still had a great holiday.