Sunday, April 25, 2010


Once upon a time I started a blog about a really cool girl and a really cute boy. Then one day I got too busy to update my blog/journal and felt really overwhelmed whenever I would think of all the fun things we have done that haven't been documented. So on one very windy day in April, when this said cute boy was busy studying, I decided to make use of my time and finally tell our story. A verrrryyyy long updated story. (Read at own risk).

Chapter 1. Bored
I got bored with my blah hair color and decided to make it more red. So Steven Daniel was kind enough to help.
But the change wasn't very dramatic. It was what my hair color was when I was younger. (which is still pretty boring). So we did it again.

So we went to Walmart and picked out a new color. and wow. VERY DRAMATIC. I wasn't sure how I was going to go to work with red/pink hair on Monday...

So we went back to the store and bought some brown and tried again. Third time was the charm-this was MUCH better! Still dramatic but much less Strawberry Shortcake hair.

Dan's mom helped dye......and so did my sis Meg

Chapter 2. Easter
We had a very full house again this year! The "outside" easter egg hunt was turned inside at the very last minute, but it was still a great success. Can't believe how fast it came and went.

Chapter 3. Utah

Dan in Ikea... ...pointing to Utah

A few weekends ago we went to Utah for a little get-away-before-dan-starts-school-trip. It was a blast. We went to every restaurant that we went to on our honeymoon; P.F. Changs, In-n-Out, Red Robin, and Chipotle. We also hit up Cabela's, Ikea, Rue 21, the Gateway, and went to the airforce museum. Dan was pretty much in heaven. We hung out with Tracen and Melissa-newly engaged and way too cute!

Steven and new Fishing pole

Isn't he the cutest EVER!!!???

At the hotelwaiting to swim

We went to dinner with them, helped them register at Bed Bath and Beyond, and then we all headed over to our hotel to swim. I don't recall who won the handstand contestbut we had so much FUN! A great way to celebrate Dan's last few days of freedom.

Deciding whatto Register for

We decided to tour SLC and ended up at the Capitol building. We starting looking up on the hill and decided to hike. We hiked pretty far and then we accidentally hiked up to Ensign Peak! AMAZING VIEW!!!

hiked it in a skirt on accident

B.O. relative.B-17

Chapter 4. Makeover
We decided to improve the looks of our yellowish brownish dresser in our room! Dan and I took a Saturday and sanded, crackled, painted, stained, and applied old handles to this cute thing!


Chapter 5. Fishing
We both took a Thursday off of work and spent the WHOLE day together fishing! It was a beautiful day and we both got a little sunburned. Let it be known that I finally bought my very first Fishing License. I've been illegal for 23 years! :) We took a picnic. Both cought a fish-I cought the first one and it was a trout (with a worm). Dan just cought a nasty sucker fish!

Chapter 6. Jackson
Dan had to work at a home show in Jackson and it was an overnight trip-I hated him being gone. I got to hang out with my mom though and that was way fun! Saturday we decided to drive up to Star Valley and take a rose to my Dads grave. After that we went to Jackson. By the time we got there Steven was done with work and got to go with us around Jackson. I'm so glad my mom came with us cause she took us some of the places she went to when she lived there. We went all the way to Jackson Lake and we never would have thought to go there! BEAUTIFUL! We saw 5 moose, 1 buffalo, several deer, elk and cranes, one prairie dog and possibly a wolf. Dan got some really great pictures! We just love it there and I finally got myself a Jackson Hole shirt with moose on it! :)

Chapter 7. Visitor

We have had this cat hanging out at our house for a few weeks now. I didn't realize that it had become our new pet until I was at the store with my mom and she asked a worker where they kept the cat food! haha. She also purchased a tiny cat-sized dish with paw prints. how cute.

Chapter 10. Gringos

mmmmmm I love gringos and I love these Girls. We try to get together as often as we can!

Chapter 9. Happily Every After

I got this cute sign at my bridal shower and have kept it hanging on our bathroom door. Until now. Steven Daniel has scared me Twice by swinging the bathroom door open as fast as he can. Each time, he sent this sign flying-breaking it into tiny pieces. After fixing it we placed it on a door knob that we don't use. Well I walked past it and knocked it clean off-myself and the sign were shattered. So we fixed it AGAIN. Despite breaking this so many times, this happy couple will still like "Happily Ever After!"