Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Goodbye my sweet, sweet Provo

It's no secret that we fell in love with Provo. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. I honestly can't believe how fast those 3 years flew by. 
We lived in a Condo for one year, and then this house for the next two. So many wonderful memories. We brought home a BYU baby, started Law School, kindergarten, primary, & dance. Planted our first garden, fell in love with the city life, became loyal to the mountains, learned to swim, read, and park hop. We made lifelong friendships that made each day better than the last. Oh Provo and your ridiculous mountains, we love you!

Our last night in our little home and some goodbyes.

^^ a few extras that hopped into our family photo :)

^^Jess is actually a BYUI friend that I found in the grocery store in Provo. She was off to Dental School in Michigan, and we hadn't seen each other for 5 years.

^^ more BYUI treasures that we got to see in Provo. the best!

Goodbye see you soon Provo. It was real.

a boring post, but a post it is

The weekend of graduation we found a little kid carnival and spent a few hours there. My mom bought the girls the cutest book, and they got to meet the author. He signed their book with a cute little drawing. Papa Radford also became Santa Clause... he was nice to entertain the little munchkins.

The author!

Kinder Grad, and 2 tiny dancers.

This girl LOVED kindergarten so so so so much! She made amazing friends (had one boy ask her for her number the last day of school, whaaa?) and was so sad to be done. Like, sobbed about it. I hope she always likes school and I hope she always continues to make friends easily 

Besties Kenzie and Hailey

Miss Talbot and Miss June

^^while Stori mingled with all the grads, we got a little bored. we were the last to leave, as always.
When we would practice their dances, Sylvie pretty much demanded she wear Stori's old costumes...but it worked, they practiced their dances and had them memorized perfectly. It was so fun to watch them and see how much they had grown and accomplished. Stori told me that recital is the best day of dance and wanted to do it every day.
baby bestie hazel
Miss Came and Miss Shay
friends cami and capri
After the amazing dance performance, we went with friends to JCW's... we were first timers, and accidentally ordered "small" shakes... which turned out to be the size of their bodies. They loved it.

I love celebrating my babies, especially if it involves ice cream.

"Christensen has a new granddaughter"

apparently we are pretty big news in Idaho, because we made the headline news in my Mom's paper. way to go Georgia Belle.

These are just some pictures of one month Georgia that I never posted and have been sitting in the "draft" section of my blog  (along with 11 others). So here they are.
She is such a good little baby. Rarely cries, sleeps 10-12 hours straight at night, takes naps in my arms or the bouncer during the day (I can't stop holding her or looking at her, so she comes with me everywhere... the bouncer while I cook, my arms while I rest, etc) 

Seriously such a strong little human!

What we call the Georgia Belle Fanclub!
Little did we know, but this cozy winter outfit is her most worn outfit now that we are in Idaho haha.