Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blessing of the sweetest Georgia Belle Radford

May 7, 2017 Georgia Belle was given the sweetest blessing by her daddy. She had so many aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents come to support her. We were also able to attend the  Idaho Falls Temple open house with our family. It was a great weekend!

Oh, and this was Mothers Day. This was our first time ever having the same door for our traditional mothers day photo shoot. Alsoooo, I have held my girls in every picture on this day, and plan to do it until I'm 90! ;)

Goodbye my sweet, sweet Provo

It's no secret that we fell in love with Provo. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. I honestly can't believe how fast those 3 years flew by. 
We lived in a Condo for one year, and then this house for the next two. So many wonderful memories. We brought home a BYU baby, started Law School, kindergarten, primary, & dance. Planted our first garden, fell in love with the city life, became loyal to the mountains, learned to swim, read, and park hop. We made lifelong friendships that made each day better than the last. Oh Provo and your ridiculous mountains, we love you!

Our last night in our little home and some goodbyes.

^^ a few extras that hopped into our family photo :)

^^Jess is actually a BYUI friend that I found in the grocery store in Provo. She was off to Dental School in Michigan, and we hadn't seen each other for 5 years.

^^ more BYUI treasures that we got to see in Provo. the best!

Goodbye see you soon Provo. It was real.

Park city

We lived about 40 minutes to Park City, and only went one time. The kids loved the park and the trolley ride the most. We walked through a lot of cute shops, and pretended like we had money to buy stuff their. Patagonia store---haha $400 for a shirt, really?? We had dinner at a mexican restaurant of course, called the Blue Iguana. While we were there, we overheard a waitress tell a table that Utah hates fun and was the most boring state in America, so you had to buy booze to make it interesting. We very much disagree. In the 3 years we lived there, I can't recall a time that we were bored. In fact we didn't even come close to doing all the things we wanted to because there is just so much!
Anwhooo...  a few Park City Pictures

on the trolley

Georgia being cute at McDonalds.

another picture of dan taking a picture, Park City edition.