Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our "Campout"

Memorial Day weekend is when people usually venture out into the wilderness to do some camping.
Well this year we decided to be nonconformists.
The rain, wind and muy pregnantness of myself, kept our camping trip to a very local destination.
Our very own living room. 

We grilled up some hamburgers and jo jo's.

Ate on our camping chairs

And even set up our tent.

We decided that we would watch a movie about people camping, so we watched "Last of the Mohicans". haha ok it was a stretch, but we weren't really feeling "The Great Outdoors" at the time. 
And let it be known that I finally stayed awake for the ENTIRE movie! 

After the verryyy long preparation for our campout, we were feeling quite tuckered out. 
The thought of sleeping on the hard living room floor when our soft bed was only 8 steps away was unbearable. 
So we moved the tent to the kitchen, brushed our teeth, and went to our comfy bed. 
Best camping trip ever. 


We went to Montana for cute little Maizy's baptism. 

We have loved our road trips to Montana and we even decided that Dan would make a great Cowboy and I would make a great stay at home wife...So beautiful. The land, not me!

We saw the cutest moose I've EVER seen

On the way home we drove through Yellowstone and saw a few more cuties...

Cute little cinnamon black bear

Cute little baby buffalo

And a cute little mountain goat thing (the momma is pushing it up the mountain. Very hard to see).

Ya, it's all pretty cute. 
We sure love Yellowstone, Jackson, and all things that Montana and Idaho have to offer. Oh and a little bit of Wyoming too... haha jokes....that one is for my mom! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Trivia

So you wanna know Baby Rad's name eh? I wish we knew for sure.
Well...to be completely honest...we do have one that we are kind of in LOVE with. But it is definitely OUT THERE and it is definitely one to think about. Not everyone that we've told has a positive reaction to it and we're wondering if we should be concerned.....????
We don't want some boring shmoring name that just anyone can have, however, we don't want people to absolutely despise our beautiful Baby Rad because of her name. Makes sense right?
As much as I want to say the name, I just can't. I'm not ready for everyone in the world {'cause everyone in the world reads this} to tell me how much they hate it. My sister said it's best to wait to announce the name until the baby is born because it will already be linked to a human and maybe they won't judge it as much.
BUT, I will share some clues to this enigmatic name.

Trivia Level: Advanced
a) the meaning is "like a hawk"
b) it's a location
c) you may crave a specific candy bar upon hearing it
d) babycenter doesn't know a single other person with this name
e) and its nickname can be read.
Welp. best of luck.

P.S. I now go to the Dr. every 2 weeks....that means it's getting realllly close! I can't believe I only have 8 weeks left! The Dr. was very pleased with my results after drinking my sugary drink (which tasted like a melted Otter Pop-not too bad). He said he would love to hire me to teach other pregnant women how to be so healthy. So good work Baby Rad. We sure love ya!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I have decided that getting behind on your blog is one of the most stressful and overwhelming feelings ever. On the other hand, I have thoroughly enjoyed not having Internet for the last 3 weeks. Really really, it was nice not having to spend hours stalking people, boring others with my blog, and checking facebook. Instead I cleaned, decorated, organized, reorganized, redecorated and relaxed with my hubs in our new apartment. What? New apartment? 
Enter #1 big Change.
SDR and I found a great deal on an 2 bedroom apartment in Rexburg: It is the bottom floor of a 4 plex, includes a washer/dryer, AC for my fat pregs self, cable, internet, and ALL utilities. Plus it is located 47 steps from my friend Fae, 2 minutes from fro yo, and 7 minutes from work.  (Rather than 40 minutes).
I'll post pics of the after apartment. This is a definite before!
 Change #2. 
I was stressing out about moving to Rexburg and still having to travel to Idaho Falls for work. {And with gas at a ridiculous price, I would probably rather quit}. Well the very day we moved to Rexburg was the very day I started working at the Rexburg office! I feel so blessed. Now we get home before 5:30 everyday rather than 7:30. We actually have time to make dinner, work out, AND watch an entire movie before bedtime. We love all this time we get to spend together.

Change #3
SDR is back to school this semester. He has decided to do fast grad, so he should be done next April.We really enjoyed his last time off track but glad to get going again. This semester is going to be crazy...mainly because I will be giving birth to Baby Rad the VERY week of FINALS!!! Great planning eh?

Change #4
We moved into a married student ward. It is very much the opposite of our previous family ward and I think we'll really like it. In Relief Society they passed around the announcements in a folder like usual, BUT the first paper in there was titled "Are you Pregnant and When are you Due?" No joke! haha. And even better, I was the 3rd person from the front and the 3rd person on that list! Gotta love it.

Change #5
Finally cut my nasty hair! I have always thought that I need to have long hair because I was always the friend with long hair. Then a few years into college I discovered that I was a secret 'short hair' lover trapped in a 'long hair' body. {haha sounds so awkward} So I cut it. And I love it! And I will cut it again after Baby Rad is born! Hopefully cut off more nasty fake color. Also, the very day I cut my hair, we were out on my moms deck and a squirrel, yes a squirrel, pooped right on my head. See the pooh?

In other news, we spent Easters at my moms beautiful house and spent the whole day outside in the sun with almost all the family and lots of friends. The weather was amazing and my mom has the perfect yard for egg hunts and yard games. Speaking of games, that same day I had the privilege of telling everyone that a 7 month pregnant lady beat all my brothers and all the Radford boys in the basketball game 'around the world'. No big deal. 

And I would like to end with a little friendly FACT: You probably won't like the name we pick for Baby Rad. But guess what? WE will love it and probably won't care that YOU don't, so just love it anyway. Or else you can't hold her! Mmkay?  Thanks :)
Thought this was a cute family photo of sodas.