Tuesday, October 29, 2013

family pictures galore.

I am so obsessed with my family it's ridiculous. 
I love them more than Tillamook ice cream and sweet pork salads. 
Here are about 20 pictures of this family of mine.

haha Sylvie! 

reently became a daddy's girl 

A special thanks to Megan, Mom, Amanda, and a red sucker for making these pictures possible. 
photos taken in Menan

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sylvie June Bug is 2 months!

I am beyond behind on my blog! But I still must document... I must not give up!
so here goes.
@2 months Sylvie:
*stats--10.3lbs  (32%) 22.8in (62%) head=14.8in (15%) BMI=14
*goes by S.J. Sylvie June, Sylvie June Bug, and June Bug---never just sylvie
*eats every 3 hrs still and will take a nap exactly one hour after eating-then sleep for about 2 hrs each nap.
*sleeps from 9pm-7:30 ish (randomly she'll wake up at 5 or 6, but we just go with it) then goes back to sleep til 9am
*smiles every time you talk to her
*super ticklish! she also giggles when you make farting noises. :)
*coo's lot's throughout the day, but especially right before she sleeps
*takes a bottle once a week on Sundays
*speaking of Sundays, she gets nominated "cutest baby award" several times each week.
*she still gets soooo much attention for her hair everywhere we go.
*is smothered with hugs and 'special' kisses all day from Stori Rose and Mom and Dad
*only does tummy time for a few minutes before she rolls over. little stinker.
*and she melts our hearts with sweetness every single day!