Friday, March 25, 2011

he tricked me....

2 years ago, on this VERY DAY (March 25, 2009) this is what my brain was doing…
  • I drove to class and watched my EMPTY left hand ring finger more than the road.
  • I got to class and thought about Steven Daniel Radford more than I thought about my grades.
    •   Thinking “Why is my ring finger EMPTY and why did my boyfriend just tell me last night that he’s not sure he’s ready to get married yet?”
  • I got texts from SDR all day telling me how much he loved me- "Well then WHY not give me a dang RING for heavens sake????"
  • Drive home from school and get ready to go on a date with SDR. It was a Wednesday.
  • Drive into I.F. to meet SDR at his parents place. Trying to imagine how this night was going to turn out. Since he doesn’t want to get married yet, does he also not want to date me?? Is there another girl? Is there more than one girl? Does he just want to be single? (My head was not thinking clearly).
  • Get to his house. See SDR and get the biggest BUTTERFLIES I had ever had. It was a fact that I loved this boy more than anything and I really really really really wanted to marry him. I wanted to be Mrs. Radford. But he’s not “ready” for that….
  • Much to my surprise, the rest of the night was perfect. PERFECT!

            -Eat at Texas Roadhouse, go to the Temple to walk off some of the calories we just ate, go to “our” place where we fake got engaged, SDR hands me a cherry cordial, I drop something, SDR gets on one knee, picks up what I drop and says so many mushy gushy words that make me cry, he tears up, we kiss, we hug, we kiss again….
-Now that EMPTY left hand ring finger was OCCUPIED!!!
Welcome Mrs. Radford!
self timer engagement shot. it snowed romantically.
If you are looking to surprise your love with a ring, this way will most def work, but I'm not sure I would recommend this same form of torture to any other love struck couple. But yes, I was surprised! 
And if you need to get a hold of us tonight, we’ll be at Texas Roadhouse. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

pink or blue...

Today was THE dr. apt.
The one where you learn sugar and spice or frogs and snails.

So in honor of this day, Steven Daniel dressed in Blue and I dressed in Pink. That way we represent lil' Rad no matter what it is. 
Both of us had really strong thoughts and dreams of this baby being a boy. The Chinese calendar even agreed with us. We decided weeks ago that if it was a boy (which we were planning on) then we would celebrate by eating at Texas Roadhouse. If it was a girl (which we were 50% sure that it wasn’t) then we would celebrate by eating at Red Robin.

*And just to clear things up, we didn’t necessarily want a boy, just felt that boy vibe ya know?!*

So back to the dr. appointment…
Nurse: “Okay, everything looks really good. All the organs are developing and all the measurements are great. Now, lets check that gender………”

Next thing we hear “Welcome to Red Robin, just the two of you?”

We are soooooooooooo excited!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


!!!HALF WAY!!!!

It is also our 20-month anniversary! 
Very lucky to be married to the witty, handsome, sassy, smart, random, funny, lovely Steven Daniel,
Very lucky to be the mom of this amazing lil' runt that entertains me with all its karate-chop moves.