Monday, November 28, 2011

christmas plaid

In this photo I see:
(4) forms of plaid on my flocked christmas tree.

(2) plaid pajamas legs

(7) christmas moose wearing plaid

(1) cozy plaid blanket to wrap up in while watching Home Alone and eating popcorn...

If only I knew where to find christmas plaid jammies for little Sto Ro...

She had her shots 2 weeks ago and I made Dan go with me this time to see how sad it is.... 
She slept most of the day away but for the next few nights she would wake up with a fever. 
She also got eczema on her little chubby legs and we had to take her back into the dr.
Poor little lamb.
Thanksgiving healed her up pretty good though...she slept from 7:30pm-7:30am last night. YAY!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

1st Dam Run

We did it!! (But only the 5k. don't judge) 
Stori slept through the whole thing even though she rode in this arctic tundra stroller!

It was my mom's first '1st Dam Run'. She totally rocks! (She walks like 19 miles/day so I knew she would do amazing)

I'm sure I'm standing on my tippy-toes or somessing. Why must I be a Giant!?

Joel was the only 10k runner. But the rest of us had GREAT reasons for only doing the 5k...and the snow wasn't even one of them.

We had a fun weekend in Logan/Clarkston. We made our crafts, ate yummy food, shopped, listened to Christmas music, and slumber partied til the wee hours of the morning! 
Wondering where SDR is? Well, he thought he'd make a better photographer than runner. Maybe next year he won't be so shy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

baby steps or milestones?

Astoria Rose Radford is 4 months today!
I recall an incident that happened when Stori was only 2 days old. I sat up in my bed looking down at my sweet little girl in her giant bassinet and thought to myself, "I wish she was 4 months old so that I wouldn't worry about her so much while she sleeps."
How foolish could I be?! 
Now my baby REALLY IS 4 months old and I STILL worry about her while she sleeps in that, now tiny, bassinet. (I don't know what I will do when she outgrows it).

I guess I have managed to move the bassinet about 2 feet away from me as opposed to RIGHT next to the bed. A sheet of paper wouldn't fit between her and me about a month ago.
To some of you that might be a baby step....but to me, it is a huge milestone.
And ya know what else? I actually let her take naps in her real crib. Milestone!
I guess the only baby steps around here are from the steps I take into Stori's room to check on her while she sleeps.
man I love her.
and her dad.
that may or may not be our Christmas tree that we put up 17 days ago...