Sunday, February 27, 2011

I wish to buy your stuff!!

Oh please let me buy your stuff!
We are moving to Rexburg in April and I am in need of soooo many things! So if you (or someone you know) have any of these things that you are looking to get rid of and haven’t taken them to D.I. yet, I would be more than happy to take them off your hands! J
1.            CRIB! (doesn’t need to be fancy)
2.          Mattress (for baby)
3.          Dresser
4.        Car seat
5.          Stroller
6.         Jogging Stroller
7.          Swing/bouncy thingy
8.          High Chair
9.         Rocker/Glider
10.     Vacuum

Pretty much anything for Baby Rad.

If you know someone or somewhere to buy these from, just let me know. Thanks mucho.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost half way!

What we say to each other on a daily basis...
"We're really doing this huh Harry"
      -Dumb and Dumber
"You're doing it Peter"
Yes, we're really doing this... and we're almost halfway there! 
"Whoooaah, we're halfway theerree, WHOaaH, livin' on a prayer..." Yep, we speak to each other in quotes and songs! 
And just as a side note, I now know exactly what to do to prepare for this baby. 
I have been watching "Baby Mama."

Dan is now able to feel Baby Rad kick! S/he never stops and I love it. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

viva vegas valentines

WARNING: I suggest you skip this post because it is very long and very boring to anyone but me and possibly Dan. But you have been warned.

So remember how we're pregnant? 
Ya me too...
 That means next year we'll have a baby for Valentines Day.
So why not go to Vegas THIS year, before the baby comes?
So we went. And we had a blast
We decided to invite our dear friends to join us. How cute are we?
We made a pact to go on a vacation every year together. Next year is in their hands.

We started our party on Friday when we headed down to SLC to pick up the Petersons. We hit up Chipotle, IKEA, and the back massagers at Bed Bath & Beyond and then we began our adventure...
Road Trip included: 8 sodas, 2 chocolate milks, 7 sandwiches, a plethora of plums and M&M's, and 5 amazing rounds of "7 steps to Kevin Bacon". haha Anyway,
Here are some highlights of our vacay.

Many trips to Paris...

...New York


Plenty of State Lines to kiss on (Arizona/Nevada line on the Hoover Dam)

Some nauseating views looking down at Hoover Dam and driving over the freaky deaky bridge.

The Las Vegas Temple (kind of sounds like an oxymoron).

St. George Temple

Baby Rad really enjoyed to trip too. Didn't stop kicking and growing-and I'm sure s/he loved all the food that was consumed! :)

One of the nights we just spent the 2 of us, and we acted like total honeymooners! It was fun to go back to the same places that we actually went on our ACTUAL honeymoon in August of 2009.
 It was ever so romantic. One major difference... I actually got ice cream on this trip. Our entire honeymoon I spent craving and searching for ice cream. But every time we stopped for that frozen goodness, random obstacles would occur. Like; long lines, closed signs, or a snoop dogg look-alike cashier who didn't know how to scan in an ice cream snickers. (Still upset about that). So on our re-enactment date we found an open Coldstone without a mile-long line! Much happiness.
Then we went to the Excalibur (where we stayed) to see if the Corona Bottle was still there. Sadly, it was gone. 
Then watched the water show at the Bellagio
And walked the entire strip until we were all tuckered out. It was perfect.

On Valentines day we ate at P.F. Changes and met a misunderstood waiter who likes to "hike in Utah." "AND MT. BIKING"-SDR 
hahaha oh man I haven't laughed that hard in a LOOONG time! personal story, don't feel left out.
After dinner, we went to Phantom of the Opera and sat on the 5th row. It was definitely the highlight of our trip! Then watched another water show and headed back to the Palace Station.

Before the show and dinner, we all took to the strip. The boys rode the New York, New York Roller Coaster while us girls talked about babies.

The 4 of us has such a great time in the 70 degree weather! Oh and we went to the friendliest ward any of us had ever been to. Such a change from the people we met on the strip and in the Wal-marts! :) We also loved feeling actual warmth as we walked around taking feet pictures.

And that was our wonderful vacation. We got home late Tuesday night and had to be to work bright and early Wednesday morning (and in -17 degree weather). Such is life.
P.S. I love SDR

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have my reasons...

One day I will post something other than baby news. In fact, I already have a blog post forming in my brain about all the fun things we did in Vegas! Just waiting on Steven Daniel to reveal all the photos we took! But for now, baby thoughts:

* Chinese Calendar tells me so
* At 8 weeks (after 7 weeks of hoping hoping for a girl) I had a strange 'feeling' that it was a boy
* I had an amazing baby boy dream at 10 wks and now want a boy extremely much
* We have a cute boy name picked out
* (Hoping it looks exactly like his father)
* Someone told me I was getting headaches b/c I was having a boy
* Someone else told me I was having a boy after examining my stomach and muffin tops...
* Someone else told me etc. etc. etc.
* Steven Daniel is, and always has been, convinced that it's a boy
* My mom bought baby Rad the cutest lil' boy moose sweater
* Everyone is having boys....must be the season?

OK. That's a pretty good list right? Firm, sturdy evidence. Especially the Chinese Calendar.

*Because we're planning on having a boy!! :)

So any guesses? 

Picture of "Melanie" created by Dan. Picture of "Daniel" created by Mel.
See why baby Rad should look like Dan?? 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

baby rad

Sorry for all those haters of belly pictures. It's my blog and I'm in charge! :)
Go ahead, take a look. I just keep growin growin growin. Baby center just informed me that this child is the size of a turnipReally? A turnip? Well, if I were in charge of saying how big it is, I would def say the size of a cantelope! Seriously, this belly is large...

And since Steven Daniel and I will be spending Valentines day in Vegas, I thought I'd just jot down the latest reasons why I love him before we go.
  1. His laugh is identical to that of Adam Pontipee(from 7 brides for 7 brothers). Adorable.
  2. Working out together while watching episodes of Seinfeld.
  3. A combination of items 1 and 2: I love listening to SDR laugh out loud by himself while watching Seinfeld. haha
  4. We carpool to work every day, which means we have an extra hour to spend together!
  5. He's the perfect sap! Cries in movies, has a million lovey dovey nicknames for me, and thinks a chubby red head is cute! 

And there you have it.
Happy Valentines Day.