Sunday, November 6, 2016

A little bit of Clarkston is good for the soul.

We have spent the last 3 Halloweens in Clarkston, Utah, and my kids think that is just part of life. It is always so much fun to spend a Holiday with cousins. Then you throw in a craft, a race, an amazing sealing, a family carnival, amazing weather, and you have the perfect weekend.
The kids were just 'slightly' terrified of the chickens, so megan found some "old straw hats" to make them feel like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Stori put on her invisible "suit of overalls and her worn out pair of shoes." Uncle Joel helped them not be such city girls and face their fears.

The kids did a halloween race while the parents and siblings ran the big races. The kids ran it close to 30 times. (and collecting candy at the end of it each time).

All the kid racers!

All the 5k and 10k racers. Everyone got ribbons for placing! (well except dan, but he did get a high-5).
^^Dan finished his 10k strong! Carrying an extra 70lbs haha.

This was my first year NOT running the First Dam Run. :( Even when all of my family abondoned me one year, I still ran it solo to keep the tradition alive. Dan ran it in my place because my big pregnant self was slightly cramping while running, so I didn't want to risk anything.

I love all of the pictures from our Family's Halloween Carnival. Each family was in charge of a different booth/station, and then we had a costume ceremony. Bron, Maizy, and a visitor made everyone a certificate. Sylvie won the "Cutest Deliverer," Stori won, "Biggest and Baddest," I won "most ancient," and dan won "Best destroyer of the environment." haha. It sure made all the kids days to win a prize.

For the booths we had: Aleisa-bobbing for apples. Josh's fam-bean bag toss, Bridget and Mom-blind folded donut eating, Megan's fam-fishing for treasures, Ty's fam-pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern, and then Dan and I did a photo booth. Each station also had treats for the kids to trick-or-treat.

 hahahahaha...Who has this picture everyone is laughing at? or did mom pay someone to destroy it?

 ^^Lily and Lexi

^^tayub and cole

^^getting into character ;)

The little cheater cousins who didn't get blind folded AND used their hands. Turns out they just wanted people to watch them eat donuts haha.

Photo booth time.

^^Corey was the only sibling missing, so I drew him into the group shot! :)

And sweet niece Emmy was sealed to her cute husband! I'm so glad that Dan and I got to be there for it. We had a BBQ at Aleisas after, with some really yummy food! It really was a fantastic weekend! I love my family! (and did no one get a picture of our craft???)

Van life

It was a bittersweet day when we traded in our KIA. Our kids loved that car! We got that the first year we were married, so it was the only car our kids knew.
But once they realized that we were getting a mini-van, they were ecstatic! They love having all the extra room and love not having to hold their things on their laps when we travel haha. Plus is meant that we were adding to our family!

Baby GIRL Radford #3 coming March 2017

Stori has been drawing pictures of me with a baby in my belly even before I was pregnant. These are a few of my favorite.

She really wanted a boy so that daddy wouldn't be the only boy in the house. She's a sweet little thing. She's still excited it's a girl, but realllllyyy wanted a baby brother.

Dan and I went out on a date the day I took the pregnancy test. We told social media that we were celebrating 5 months without pop tarts (which was also true), but the real celebration was the baby. Station 22 will always be the best way to go on a date!

We told my mom by stopping by her work on our way to her house. She didn't notice Sylvie's shirt for a long time, or ever, for that matter haha. Stori went up to her and told her there was a baby in her mommy's belly. 
Pregnancy is great so far! No sickness, and still enough energy to chase around these 2 crazies. I do fall asleep watching shows with dan at night (i did that before too though) and I seem to "need' to buy a thing of junior mints every time i'm at the store. Overall, It's great! I go in for another ultrasound tomorrow to check the growth of the baby. At my last one the baby was measuring a week bigger. It was like that with both girls, along with low amniotic fluid. Hoping this time won't be worse like the Dr's thought might happen.

Little Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad (beautiful) Wolf.

We like to take pictures of our kids before actual halloween in case we don't get pictures on the actual day. Stori is always great at picking out their themed costumes, and these are just so precious to me. Love these little Halloween-loving kids, and their cute dad the photographer!

(she was so tired and ended up rubbing her sleepy-mascara-covered-eyes. But we'll just pretend that it adds to the dramatic affect).