Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Sunday in the sun

Sunday was about 86 degrees and not a cloud in sight. Pretty good for April right? Well lemme just tell ya how we celebrated....
Went for a walk during Sunday School because Haily, Daniel, Dan, and Stori needed some air. I stressed about being late for Relief Society because I conducted. :)

After Church we went to the nature park to feed the ducks-white trash/poor college student style. No way would we give up any bread, so we gathered our stale and rotten supplies.....
We walked around a few times after we attempted to feed the ducks. (For some reason they didn't like what we threw at them). Daniel skipped rocks while Dan took pictures of it. So exciting right? Haily soaked up the sun while I tried to avoid it and keep Stori covered as to not get her first burn at the age of 9 months. She smelled so good with sunscreen on! oh I loved it! 

After the nature park, we went our separate ways for dinner but met up an hour later to watch "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" with popcorn and tillamook ice cream! 
But first we played this game, "If this baby lands on the fan, then Haily get's an iphone."
 Here is the result. haha.

Then about 10pm, while Stori slept, SDR and I went outside for a nice little slow dance. It was still 70 degrees. It came to an abrupt halt when 2 couples came out of nowhere, embarrassing SDR because he had just dipped me and did a fun twisty thingy.
And that is where our Sunday adventure ended. Because the second my head hit the pillow I was asleep. Dan said I fell asleep during prayers. oops.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

and so it was 9

"Holy Mokes," as Max would say, I forgot how limited my computer use is when SDR is in school.
Our sweet Stori stinky stink is 9 months old now and I haven't even had a chance to document it. Good thing SDR graduates in December (try not to think of all the years at Law school after that).

So 9 month old Astoria Rose is so dang fun. I'm gonna give a quick little update for me self and then some pictures for the Grandmothers and other admirers.

9 things about our Stinkaroni and cheese:
  1. As of today she waves to people if you say, "say hi to Haily." It's adorable because she is so proud!
  2. She loves her new high chair and has tried lots of new foods. Our next experiment is yogurt.
  3. She is entertained with my mug straw, dan's old watch, old lotion bottle, her pop-up book Moo, the remote to the T.V. (not dvd remote), and she also loves her minion and rubber duck.
  4. After getting bored with her toys she takes off to explore the whole apartment. Which takes a total of 4 minutes. Sad. But she is belly crawling like a champ and if you tell her to come get you she will crawl to you. 
  5. Only the trained eye can tell the difference between deer scat and Stori stinkers.
  6. She goes to bed at 8pm and wakes at 7:30am (lately she wakes with the sun so we put a "curtain" over the window).
  7. She nurses 4 times/day and eats real people food twice/day.
  8. I love rocking her while she winds down for bed. She just lays on me and it's the best thing in the world!
  9. She loves standing!!! Especially in her crib! Friday morning we walked in to get her and she was standing! How she did it, we may never know. She likes to walk back and forth while I play peek-a-boo with her, and she also loves this game....the one in the pictures. 

The rest of the pictures are just so random but they are too cute to not include! I hated leaving Dan and Stori to go to work when they both looked so cute sleeping. Stori fell asleep right after I fed her so she just took my spot. It's funny to see some of the older pictures mixed in with the ones from yesterday because her cheeks were chubbier before she started crawling. She is losing weight haha.

We found Summer in April! 86 degree temps this last weekend!! I won't complain! Stori tried grass for the first time! (and lotion) Look at those cute lil' crossed legs!

Happy 9 months little sweety! Oh and Happy 1st tooth!!! Not so happy for mother. You are so dang fun to be with and we sure love ya lots!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A very UT Easters

Lucy baptized in Oregon+Mom going to Oregon=not your traditional Easters. Here it goes

Friday-Leave for Utah after Dan get’s off work. Enjoy our drive together playing the should I quit my job” game. (To which we mostly answered YES to).
On the way there I found Stori’s FIRST TOOTH!!!! All 3 of us cheered!
We arrived at Tracen and Melissa’s house and stayed up til 1:30 am talking, playing games, and eating Tillamook ice cream!

Saturday-Spent our morning at Ikea getting our workout and finding a high chair. Our lunch hour was consumed at In-N-Out. The remainder of our day consisted of Temple Square, the new City Creek Mall, more food-this time at Chipotle, one of our favorites!!! Then the 5 of us spent the night swimming, more ice cream, and talking until 1 a.m. with some great friends. Stori Loved her first swimming trip because the hot tub was just as warm as her bath.
*We quickly realized that our whole trip revolved around food*

Sunday- Get up early and enjoy our continental breakfast (again with the food) and then off to Clarkston. We took the scenic route through Brigham City to look at the beautiful new Temple.

Megan was kind enough to invite us and the Arnolds over for a delicious Easters dinner. We played with the little tiny chicks and took a walk around the little town that we wouldn’t mind living in one day! 
Our drive home mainly consisted of Stori and me sleeping….with some occassionaly candy intake and another round of "should I quit my job."

We had a fun little getaway before Dan starts school again next Tuesday. The weather was perfect, the company was superb, and the food was delightful!
Win win.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The model in our family...

No, not this model....

But this model....

Does that little girl in the white wrap look a little familiar? 
Like the girl that is featured every single day on this blog?? 
Well I thought so too, so you're not alone. 
This is actually NOT Astoria Rose Radford. 
This is an actual model that was hired to be cute in this Simplicity pattern. 
My mother and sister Bridget emailed me this photo after they saw this pattern at Walmart.
 I was shocked.
SDR and I have had a great laugh looking at our "daughter" the model, and think it's time she starts pulling her own weight around here and start this modeling career already.

Friday, April 6, 2012

4 years ago today...

Was a Sunday.
Conference was on but no one watched.
It snowed for about 1 minute and 1 minute only.
Each member of my family was gathered at our house,
And we said goodbye to our sweet daddy!

He has been gone 4 years now and sometimes it feels like forever, and other times it feels like just yesterday that he left.

Easter weekend is such a wonderful reminder of what our Savior has done for us! Because of those sacrifices, I am able to hug my dad again.

“The reality of the Resurrection provides to one and all the peace that surpasses understanding.”—President Thomas S. Monson