Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

questions I've asked myself today...

Why do I make faces like this for pictures? Especially at my bridal shower!!! Honestly.

Why did I ever change my hair from THIS----->

                                                                         <----To this? WHY??? haha feel free to laugh

And more importantly, why did I go rock climbing immediately after donating my plasma??? haha. And this was while I was at BYU-I and clearly smart....guess I lost the smarts in the yellow water part of my blood!
And lastly, why does my wardrobe contain more t-shirts from D.I. than pretty shirts? (every outfit in all of these pictures from this post today are from D.I.). I blog-stalked a lot today and found a girls blog who said she only buys clothes that she is absolutely in love love with. And guess what- she always looks cute! So that is my new goal: throw away the clothes I'm not in love with and start finding good deals on loveable clothes that will make my wardrobe ROCKIN instead of lacking! ha.  So D.I. still isn't out, I just need to be more decisive and organized with my "cheap" purchases.

Also, I will grow my hair out again, and find the natural color I tried to hide from.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


1-husband that I love more than all the presents on Christmas morning
2-feet that I love to have rubbed
3-hours that it took to deep clean our bedroom and bathroom yesterday
4-Christmas trees in our home
5-stockings hanging in our room
6-siblings that I wish could all be home for christmas
7-shock tarts that i just ate in the last 30 seconds.
8-times 2 = 16, the number of months we have been married
9-visits to frozen yogurt stores during thanksgiving break
10- fingers that scratch Steven Daniels back every 10 minutes :)
20-Days left 'til Christmas EVE!!!