Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dan's Dad Day year 3 & the trouble with Law School.

Our original worry, was that we would graduate with too many student loans.
Now our worry is that we won't have enough to even make it to school. For some reason we were only offered enough to pay just for tuition and possibly a few books. Not enough for food, gas, housing, diapers, or Chipotle trips. We aren't exactly sure how people with families can live with this little amount of loans, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. You see, Dan isn't allowed to work while attending BYU Law so that passes to torch to me---the girl who is obsessed with her current job as SAHM. But if it's necessary, then it shall be done. It is already depressing me thinking about it, so let's change the subject!

It's a simple fact that my Dad, brothers, & bro in laws are absolutely fantastic dads! My whole family is blessed with amazing male role models for the wee little kids.
And some of the luckiest of the kids just happen to by my little humans. They won the lottery with this guy as their Dad. He is so tough and manly as he talks guns, tools, and war, but he is also perfectly sentimental when writing mushy love notes and watching musicals.
For example: me, my mom, and sister walked in from an I.F. shopping trip and found SDR watching/singing Fiddler on the Roof while cleaning his guns. Ya, he's a keeper! happy fathers day you handsome father you!

Stori filled out an awesome fathers day interview and it is perfectly hilarious! Love my family.

Pizza pie & cherry pie for this apple of my eye ;)

here he is being manly--- fixed this "Old Faithful" situation that happened as I was brushing my teeth before church. It was a dramatic experience for me because my face was right in the line of fire as the sink handle decided to break. But Dan saved my life (with maybe a few curse words thrown in).

There is pretty much a wait list for these swings at Porter Park, so when 2 of them opened up, we decided to make the most of it. 2 kids per swing.  They loved it!
Happy Fathers Day 2014. And wish us luck surviving Law School.

Monday, June 16, 2014

My June Bug in June.

10 months ALREADY!! Only 2 months until she's one?! only 8 months until she goes to nursery?
My tiny baby is growing up too fast… Actually, she's just aging too fast, not growing! haha she is only in the 6th percentile for weight and she's in the 60% for height. Just bought her some size 3 month shorts, but in certain outfits she wears 9 month clothes.
here is a picture for reference. This adorable little Eloise on the right is our great friends little girl. She is 2 months younger than Sylvie! :)

+She is really good at crawling---PSYCH! haha she still can't. And as much as I want her to, I know this is way easier. I am hoping she won't crawl until she passes the 'put everything in my mouth' stage. I hate crawling for that reason alone. But, she is a fantastic roller and is great at scooting in circles!
+She is also fantastic at sleeping! I think that has something to do with her not crawling---she takes (2) 2-3 hour naps during the day, and then sleeps the night away.

+And oh my heck is she just the sweetest!? She is really into giving loves and will just hug you and lay on your shoulder and make you feel like a million bucks.

+She will say, "Nana." for banana. (She's still obsessed with food).
+STILL ZERO TEETH! ten months and not a single tooth. But she has learned to scream this week, so maybe a tooth is in her future. (but is there anything cuter than a huge toothless grin? i think not)
+Excellent at scrunching her nose! and still laughs the hardest at Stori Rose.
+Becoming harder to entertain in the bike trailer on our morning runs and evening bike rides.
+Peekaboo is all the rage. and I guess so is Mickey Mouse. I handed Stori my phone to watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it came out of Sylvie's view and she started screaming until she could see it again! Isn't she a little young to be interested in TV? I guess it's hard to resist that cute little Mickey though. :)

This little girl is such a mama's girl. I LOVE IT! She will definitely go to other people, but goes more hesitantly if she has the option of having me hold her. If Dan is holding her, she will very easily go to other people. She gets startled very easily though, so if your attempt to make her laugh is to scare her, be prepared for the most adorable crocodile tears ever! But don't worry, just take her outside and she'll be all smiles again!