Thursday, May 29, 2014

Best friend twins.

Nothing really in this post but a bunch of pictures of 2 best friends that happen to be sisters. Life is good at the Radford my Mom's home.

S.J.'s bed head is actually more of an all day thing
These 2 fellas were dressed the same from head to toe. So I had them hold the 2 girls also dressed the same.

Posing by Papa's grave.

Yogurt picnic

They love each other, and I love them. "So much. Best Friends. Forever. aaaand Eva."

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

9 months of Syvlie

Not much has changed with this sweet little bug… still lazy, still no teeth, still eating anything and everything, still sweet as cherry pie, still loves mommy the most, still thinks Stori is a paid comedian, still shy/reserved, still tender hearted, still sticks her tongue out all the day long (just like Stori did), and still entertains herself by emptying and refilling a basket of fake fruit, or doing an animal puzzle.

Things that have changed for my 9 month old.
+ clicks her tongue super loud. Especially when hungry (or if we click our tongue first, she will copy it)
+ her new favorite foods are; avocados, yogurt, cottage cheese, real human oatmeal, and pancakes (made with baby food…)
+ copies most of the sounds we tell her to do.
+ shakes her head no if she doesn't want a certain food or if she is done eating
+ she has started feeding herself with a little spoon. I usually put the food on there, but then she does the rest. I can't believe how big it makes her look! I can't even imagine how big she would look if she actually crawled or walked! :) Getting close though---maybe that will be in her 10 month info…maybe...

and if it isn't obvious, we still love her guts!

the tongue...

morning cuddles even though both of them are little sickies.

taller than the Grand Teton… unofficially… We get her 9month stats friday after her Dr. apt.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mothers Day year 3

This was my 3rd official Mothers Day, and our 3rd door picture… a different door each year so far, and next year will be yet another door.

Being a Mom is by far the best job I have ever had! I have some very sweet employees that make me feel like the most important Boss ever. The snuggles and "cozies" and kisses I receive are excellent pay. This last year I was lucky enough to get a raise on my pay when Sylvie June Bug joined our team. Both are excellent workers, but they sure don't hold back on their personal days...
Some days are redundant, tiresome, or messy. Some days we only eat goldfish and popcorn. Some days we pick up the same mess over and over. Some days we spend being sick and lazy. But I wouldn't change careers for anything.
 I keep seeing this quote float around the internet, "The days are long, but the years are short." It really makes me put more effort into the 5th tea party of the day. And who could say no to the cutest little voice asking me to play Candyland. It really is a good life!
Dan hung out with the kids last week while I went and worked with my Mom at the Caramel Tree. When I got home each time he just expressed to me what a tough job it is to be a Mom. It was a great thing to hear him say. And that brings me to my next point. MY MOM!
By far the hardest working person I know! She puts in so many hours at work and still manages to visit her kids and grandkids, and make it to all their special events. She is sweet enough to let us live with her and pretty much take over her house. She is the best!
Dan treated me well this year and I got 4 boxes of pop tarts, Klondike bars (since I have never had one), a Garmin GPS watch for running, and handmade cards from him and from the kids. All the essentials.
Love him. Love them.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I almost don't believe that we are actually going to such an amazing Law School! Of all the places that we could have chosen to live, this was definitely our first choice! Each night and morning (and throughout the day) we were praying to go to this school.

When Dan found out that he had an interview with BYU, we almost cried with tears of joy! We didn't think he had a chance after getting rejected from U of U, (because BYU is ranked a lot higher) but Dan still had the impression that we would get in. They said we would know within a few days. So we headed up to Washington to spend time with family, and possibly go to Moscow if we got denied from BYU....
Then when we didn't find out after "a few days" if we were in, we prepared ourselves that northern Idaho was going to be our home. So off to Moscow we went; touring the campus and the housing. Trying to picture where the kids and I would hang out during the day. We thought it was pretty, but couldn't really picture ourselves there.
Then yesterday, one week to the day of the interview, Dan got the best email ever! He had been accepted to the school in our new favorite city! Close to family, friends, warmer weather, temples, etc.
Oh it's going to be one heck of a fun adventure!
Cheers to 801.
Lookin all snazzy for his BYU interview. I cut 3 inches off his hair the night before to make him Honor Code worthy!