Friday, July 17, 2015

Dan and his projects.

Since finishing his externship, Dan has been a busy little boy! he doesn't like to just sit and relax. (lucky for my mom haha)
He wanted to do some nice things for my mom since she has been so good to us and letting us live here while doing our externship. He cleaned out her garage; cleared everything out, mopped the floor, and organized it. Then the next day he decided to tackle the shed. He found too many mice for my mom, or my taste, so we sat by and just watched! ;) It took him so long, but it looks so amazing!
Next day he decided he wanted to make my mom a permanent fire pit. It was originally going to be a simple little hole with the fire pit she already has, but turned into a gorgeous new built in stone one! IT looks amazing! It only took a few hours of digging and stacking and it was done. It was done so quick that Dan decided to take that shovel out toward the pine trees and start digging a hole for the trampoline! haha, see--can't just sit and relax! 2 days of digging for Dan and Tyler (and some dedicated kids) and that trampoline was buried in the ground making it the perfect addition to my moms yard! The kids play on it so much more now, and the parents are much more relaxed knowing the kids won't fall off and break any bones!
We are currently working on a Teepee for Stori's birthday...this is my kind of project! It's going to be fun working together on it!
Next---a vertical barn-wood WELCOME sign, to stand by our front door.

My little 4 year old

It's never enough to have just one birthday party for Stori! This year we had a twin bday party on Hazels birthday 7-11, then we ignored Stori's actual bday (7-17), and did a party for her on 7-18 so we could have a few cousins to party with. I bought stuff to do a Halloween craft with the cousins, because she loves Halloween so very much! I love this little girl so much! We love asking her to pray for us because we always get the most random things she's thankful for and we are almost always crying we are laughing so hard! She has turned into a sweet little girl and is really good at making new friends wherever she goes!

What's your name? Stori Rose Radford
How old are you? 4! I used to be a little tiny 4, but now it's a big 4! (After the twin bday party she would only hold up her four fingers halfway because it wasn't her official bday yet).
Favorite color? green and pink and blue
Favorite toy? all of them. All of my fun toys are really just fun
What's your favorite animal? horsies
What's your babies name? Baby sunset
How many brothers and sisters do you want? I want ten more
What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy? All of the things
What's your favorite thing to do with Mommy? do games with you and like do puzzles with you
What is your favorite food? all of them. actually, just a little bit of them. Actually pepperoni pizza, corn on the cob and grapes.
Favorite movie? Brave
What do you want to be when you grow up? a Doctor and go to a doctor school to learn how to be a doctor for kids.
Favorite book? my bunny book at home and even my halloween books here (granny's house)
Who is your best friend? you are. and all of my friends. 
Favorite snack? Turkey and cheese, bacon, goldfish, all of them. (i'm sensing a theme)
What do you learn about in Primary? Songs about Jesus and the Holy Ghost 
Favorite holiday? Boo for you Halloween

Princess Dance Camp

Since we came to Idaho middle of May, we missed signing Stori up for any sort of summer activity! I wanted her to do t-ball, soccer, or dance since she is so outgoing and active, but sadly I was too late! So when I heard about my friend "Miss Lindsey's" dance camp, I jumped on it fast! I called Kristie and we got Hazel signed up too! These 2 twin cousins are as cute as they get!
The camp was 3 days, 1 hour each day, with a performance the last day. The kids picked up the moves pretty fast and I loved watching their grinning faces. They LOVED it! After rehearsal and before the performance, they got to have a Princess Tea Party! Miss Lindsey let Sylvie have a cupcake because she was so sad when Stori went in there without her.
Hazel got a little shy when it came time to perform, but we got some good pictures/videos of her earlier.
Stori on the other hand, loved all that attention. She danced with her whole heart and body! Not sure if she did any of the moves correct, but she definitely moved the whole time haha!
I think we'll try and find a dance class for her in Provo!

Monday, July 13, 2015

It's been a little too hot for us around here.

(Written in May) This summer has been SO HOT! right when we first got here, we spent a lot of time inside because it rained for a week straight. Then it went immediately from rain to 100*! We spent time at the library, or outside in the little swimming pool. (For 3 days in a row, Stori and Sylvie spent 5 straight hours out playing in the pool). then cousins came and we spent more time out in the pool. We put a little play house/slide into that pool and they love it.

On the night that Corey and his family got to Idaho, we took a little traditional walk around Lewisville. We went to the Post Office and then headed to the "big gun," at the library. While we were there, we decided to go pet the horses. Turns out that petting them turned into riding them haha! The kids loved it!

Texas Roadhouse was a must-eat location for Ty and Jen while in Idaho. We decided to go on a Monday night so that the kids could get their faces painted.
Stori went first and requested something princess-y. When she was done, the lady made her sparkly and put a jewel between her eyes. Sylvie got up on the stool, pushed her hair out of her eyes, and sat so still while the lady painted hers. When she finished, she looked in the mirror and pointed right between her eyes. We all starting laughing so hard because she realized she didn't have a jewel there and wanted to be like her big sis! Max and Levi got Thor and a TMNT. Sadly the lady didn't give Ryder a chance to get his face done.
Speaking of Ryder, him and Sylvie are best little buddies! What Ryder does she! Even the craziest of stunts! They will occasionally have a disagreement, but always resolve it within a few minutes! They literally play for hours just the two of them. It's adorable!
Some fun games at the library 

Granny spaghetti is a hit with all
Some lewisville walks we go and feed the horses---but sometimes we actually ride them! :)

And now let's see Ryder and his shadow

Some more lewisville walkage