Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eyes: crossed, black, and 3D

Sometimes I get home from work and look like this...
Well work on Thursday was pretty dang crappy and I may have mentioned that to Steven Daniel more than a few times! :)

So when he came home from work he gave me these...
(He has a black eye from throwing a tennis ball at work with his manager! haha)

We saw Avatar Saturday night in 3D

And LOVED it! (Fans of the 3D glasses too).

We've had a lot of fun using up our Christmas present from Josh and Amanda-gift cards to Edwards theatre and Texas Roadhouse. Speaking of Texas Roadhouse, I cut all my hair off. Confused as to why that reminded me? Well I had a hard time deciding if I should cut it or continue to grow it out. I asked my husband for advice and he said he liked both-LAME! I needed a REAL answer. I hassled him until he finally gave me an answer. "You look great with both. Long hair is like Texas Roadouse and short hair is like Red Robin. Both are really good but you can't always eat roadhouse, you have to mix it up sometimes!"

And so I cut it.

I am now Red Robin....

Friday, January 15, 2010


when is LOVE an understatement?

ANSWER: When I realize it's 5 o'clock on a Thursday and done with work for a full 3 days!
ANSWER: When neither of us work and we get to take spontaneous trips to nearby places.
ANSWER: When I get to play volleyball every Monday night with some of my best friends.
ANSWER: When I get to hang out with my cute nieces and nephews. (#1 aunt).
ANSWER: When I can go shopping with my Mom and sis n law. bargain shoppers
ANSWER: When my husband compares me to Texas Roadhouse and Red Robin!
ANSWER: When we get to go to the Temple and then enjoy half price dinner!

and when I get to eat strawberry frosted pop tarts...

he has his own business card! how cute! :)