Friday, June 10, 2011

too little

I am probably the worst pregnant lady ever.
It's still weird to say that I'm pregnant. People actually ask me when I'm due. ME.
Being pregnant is just something that Moms do. That my friends do. That my sisters do. 

I feel too little to be the pregnant one. To be the one raising a small human being. 
To be the one getting up in the middle of the night, the one to change diapers, the one to buy baby toys and clothes, to clean up the spit-up and drool. 
To be the one that makes the rules. The one who picks out what baby wears, what they will or won't play with. 
The one to make the nap schedule, to take them to their Dr. appointments. 
The one to baby proof the house, read stories, buy diapers, sing primary songs, feed. 
The one to teach crawling, walking, talking, reading, crafting. 
The one to teach them scripture stories, right and wrong, how not to hit, how to be polite, how to do the chores, ride a bike, play volleyball. 
To teach them how to shop at D.I., estate sales, and ROSS dress for less. 
The one that get's them ready for dates, dancing, and their wedding. 
To be the one they call Mom. 

That is a lot of responsibility.... and I feel too little.
Good thing I have an amazing husband to be the other responsible party.
Good thing for my amazing mom, sisters, and friends. Hopefully I can be like them one day!!!

But all that can wait a month or so.... right now I need some help with some pregnant lady/baby vocabulary...

-What exactly does it mean to "pack your bags" for the hospital? Is there something special that goes in this bag besides a toothbrush?
-When that time comes and I'm like, "holy crap, my water just broke", what do I do? Do I go to the ER or to some special baby having station? And why don't I know this answer?
-And how do I tell people (Dr's and nurses) that I want an epidural? Do I do that when I go in when I'm in labor, or is that something that I need to schedule?
 Holy Schmoley I know nothing. Being pregnant is easy. I take care of this baby without even knowing it. Once it's outside of my belly I'm lost. Wish me luck. 39ish days left.

P.S. SDR has been wanting to take preg pics of me for a while, so we spent a saturday and did just that.

32 week pictures (currently 34 weeks though)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We have to move....

...just found a spider. We don't do spiders.
(but we'll have to wait to pack until the NBA finals are over).