Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TOU half marathon

On August 25, 2012 the Radfords, the Hendricks, the Petersons (Meg and Joel), and 2,500 other people ran the Top of Utah Half Marathon. 

The Petersons and the Hendricks were the perrrrfect candidates to run because they actually trained for this thing. 
The Radfords, on the other hand, trained somewhere between 4-7 times. A few 3 mile runs and one long 11 miler on the coast. It was that long run that gave us the confidence to actually run this half marathon. That, and the sweet good luck card my niece Maizy Faye made for me! Love her!! 
I actually loved running this. Like really loved it. And I have no idea why, because I don't even like running! I think it was the beautiful canyon, the cute towns, the fans, the friends, the family, the shirt, and the medal. Dan didn't love it as much as I did, but he did say "We really need to do that again next year!" I'll take it! I would love him to run the Turkey Trot Half Marathon in Tri-cities THIS year with me, but he is still on the fence about it. This one I might actually train for! :)
Final time for both of us 2:24
Not a terrific time, but we beat our goal of 2:30.
Next goal is 2:15

Monday, August 27, 2012

what we have done in the last two weeks will shock you.

well, it probably won't, but i'm going to blog about it anyway.

  • I cut my hair on a monday and then again on a friday
  • Drove to Portland: hiked with the Dursts, swam with the Dursts, watched bridget shatter her wrist with the Dursts, and just enjoyed being with the Dursts.
  • Ate Chipotle twice
  • Took pics of Astoria in Astoria, Oregon. Climbed the lighthouse.
  • Went to Costco
  • Went with all the Radfords to the OREGON COAST: stayed in an amazing beach house. Ran in the mornings. Ran 11 miles to train for our half. Aaron got hit by an RV while riding his bike by Oswald West. RV didn't stop. Aaron lives. Went to Cannon Beach, Oswald West, Seaside, Rockaway beach, Ecola Beach. Bonfire on the beach. Dinner at Mo's. Tillamook Ice cream on the boardwalk. Tillamook Ice cream every day. Burried dan in the sand. Stori ate sand and loved it. Thought about hiking. Shopped in seaside and outlet malls. Bought Stori sunglasses. Watched Sunsets on the beach. Bought best friend bracelets. Spent quality time with a fun family. 
  • Drove to Kennewick: snuck into Costco for fro yo. Went swimming with Nicoles family. Met Michaels girlyfriend. Went to yokes. Went to an estate sale. Sold gun to Dan's dad. Watched movies. Ate yummy fruit, ice cream, and food. Enjoyed relaxing with the fam.
  • Drove to Idaho and had a VHS night with the Thompsons. Movie of choice-The Kid. refreshments courtesy of SDR and his amazing popcorn skills.
We also ran a half marathon, but i'll save that excitement for next time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

anniversaries are cool..

Married 3 years on August 1st. Best 3 years of my life!
Dan brought me these flowers at work... ya, I think I love him.

We both had to work that day, so we didn't celebrate. And have yet to celebreate-but one of these days we'll go out to dinner and call that good! :)
Being married is cool, but having a family of 3 is better than I could ever imagine it to be. (I have no comment as to why Stori's hand is down my dress....)

Side note- We fit into our wedding clothes MUCH better this year than last year! lets hope next year we can look as good as the day we got married! :)

Love you SDR. Thanks for marrying me, you rock at life!
And now, for a good laugh, the annual dress up!


and the next 3 are from this year.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lagoon bloopers

remember the time that the Radfords and the Thompsons were out walking around Porter Park, and
 the boys made fun of some slack-liners and then ended up helping them?

remember how we decided to leave for Lagoon at 7:30pm and all ride in one car?
well I remember!
and It was a BLAST!
here are some bloopers that had us laughing the whole way home! The quality isn't great because they are from my phone and I zoomed in on the pictures a lot for a greater effect!
 {please find the picture of dan and haily where Haily has only one tooth... find it and laugh for days. Also find a drunk Stori who had just taken a fall on the pavement. then continue to laugh.}

sure, we took some great pictures too, but these are waaay more fun!