Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 lovely months

my favorite little red head is 2 months old. Can you believe it? I sure can't.
And I still can't believe how much I love this little Stori Rose.

   here are a few things about this beautiful 2 month old

-she has been sleeping through the night for the past 3 weeks; goes to bed at 11:30 and wakes up at 6:30 to eat, then goes back to bed til 9:30. 2 days ago she didn't wake up til 8!

-doesn't love tummy time even though she's great at it!

-is talkin up a storm. "Coo's" and "Uhgoos" say it all

-hair is still red and still sticks straight up.

-eyes still haven't changed color

-loves that daddy has started singing Christmas songs to her

-swings her arms and can hold onto objects

-stands while just holding onto her tiny hands.

-smiles all day long (except when we mention tummy time)

-giggles every once in a while. Seriously cute!

-she no longer crosses her eyes (the gunther).

-weighs 11 lbs

-she moved up a size in diapers-not sure she was quite ready, but we ran out of newborn ones.

-she's starting to drool lots. hope that doesn't mean teeth soon! :)

-still a crowd stopper. Even had a lady come up to me and tell me that she was gonna steal her. All I said to the creepy lady was, "No, um... I like her".

-loves hanging out with grandma all day on Wednesdays cause she just eats and sleeps all the live long day.

-misses mommy all day tues and wed while she's at poopy work.

-She loves to be held facing out-she wants to be looking at everyone and see whats going on.

-she got her shots yesterday...saddest thing I've ever ever seen! She cried for about 1 minute and then fell right asleep. The nurses were surprised at how well she did. She pretty much just slept the day away. Whimpering while she slept, which just broke my lil heart! She decided that she needed some comfort food for dinner-which meant I had to eat that comfort food for lunch. She chose Thai food. I finally gave in and went out to eat with my dear friend Charlsee. Anything for my baby! :)

 Newborns are so addicting! Now I see why the Duggars have 19 and counting! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

sad, terrible, and all things opposite of good...

I have about one hour and 24 minutes left of being a stay at home mom. {insert cries from mom and baby}
Wish me luck on my first day back at work. I will need it!

Would you want to leave this???

Friday, September 9, 2011

birthday tribute

....27 amazing things about my amazing 27 year old....
  1. You always take me to the best Mavericks to get me my frozen yogurt. Or drive to every single one til we find the right flavors.
  2. When we met on campus, you called me Morgan. I thought you were so cute... and delusional. Even though we met on campus, we somehow have pictures of us together in High School. 4 dance pictures, seminary graduation friends group pictures, and you are even standing right by me in our high school graduation pictures. We were M.F.E.O. (sleepless in seattle acronym).
  3. You never stink. Even when you are sweaty. How is that possible? seriously, how?
  4. You sure makes beautiful babies. That is a fact. 
  5. You deep clean the apt atleast once a week, and do all the regular cleaning for everyday: make bed, dishes, sweep, garbages, change diapers, laundry, etc.
  6. You loves your little girl almost as much as i do.
  7. While dating, you danced with me at the butte until your car battery died. We'll save the rest of that story for later.... haha. You also danced with me during an entire 70's love song infomercial. Even with your fam watchin. Loved it!
  8. Only been arrested once.
  9. You tell me I still look pretty without makeup on. (Yes, I have questioned your eyesight for a long time now)!
  10. Your singing. You may sing Johny Cash, Charlie Pride, and other depressing oldies, but stori just loves it. Or maybe she doesn't, cause you always put her to sleep while singin those to her. :)
  11. You are sensitive. In a good way! Not like you cry all the time sensitive, but the kind of sensitive where you can sense when someone has their feelings hurt and will do anything to make them smile. You are real good at that SDR!
  12. You Find humor in almost everything. And you can take being made fun of. Which is fun for me! 
  13. You are a Big ditz... I could write a book on all the funny things you do and say. ex: salmon. 
  14. You love spending time with family.
  15. You love me more than soda. You even put a really really stamp on it.
  16. You are so easily scared. I LOVE it! I scare you atleast once a day. I hid in the bathroom after work one day cause I knew you thought I was still at work. Well you walked in and started eating. 15 minutes later you walked down the dark hallway, and BAM. hahahaha the best scream and body contortion I have ever witnessed in me life! priceless.
  17. You are a baby wrapping can wrap up Astoria for bed better than anyone else.
  18. You always put Astoria and me first. You make me breakfast, lunch, and always help with dinner. 
  19. You work so hard in school! And you're almost done babe!!!
  20. You work hard in plasma! :)
  21. You give great blessings. You gave me a blessing right before we went to the hospital to have Astoria and it made me feel so at ease and I knew everything was going to go well. 
  22. Your laugh out loud Adam Pontepee laugh. By yourself even haha. so cute.
  23. You can quote every line from seinfeld, office, modern family, arrested development, etc. It really comes in handy.
  24. Your testimony! I learn so much from you. You help your scripture retarded wife figure things out and can almost always answer my Gospel questions.
  25. You win the prize for loving peanut butter more than anyone else. Ever.
  26. You take grand pictures. like ridiculously grand pictures that will probably make you rich some day! I make fun of you sometimes for getting carried away with your camera, but you always make the pictures worth it!
  27. And finally, you write me sweet notes like this...
Hey sweetie! Just wanted to tell you publicly that you are doing a great job with Astoria and you are the best Mom she could ever hope for! I really love you and I am so grateful for you! See ya around the apartment!

I love you so much, and love that you love me so much! 
Hope you have enjoyed a few things that I love about you.
happy 27th birthday Estevan. You are the BEST!!!!

Astoria wanted me to tell you that she loves you too!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

blessing day

Astoria Rose got blessed...

...and found her hand.

Her daddy did a really great job with the blessing. He sounded like an experienced father blessing his 8th child. It was really beautiful and put a lot of pressure on us as parents to make sure that we are good examples to her and teach her all that we can. Grandpa Radford noticed that SDR was bouncing her really high during the blessing, and as soon as SDR sat down with her, she threw up ALL over her dress. haha. We love this sweet little girl, throw up and all!
showin off her bracelet we made.

I made this blessing dress. No big deal. :) I made it in college before I ever had Astoria, and glad I decided to have her blessed in it. It was either this or the dress I was blessed in. Both good options.
With cousin Hazel in their blessing dresses
Happiest parents in all the land I tell ya! 
With Grandma Faylene
And some of SDR's family
August 28th was a lovely day, and we are so glad that our sweet baby girl is officially Astoria Rose Radford (not victoria like the bishop had announced).

P.S. she also learned how to sign "I love you" and outgrew her premie/newborn clothes.
the "I love you" sign