Thursday, November 29, 2012

Interview with A.R.R.

A few questions I have been meaning to ask my 16 month old.

Mom-Well hello sweet Stori Rose. First question- What's your favorite food?
Astoria- Tomatoes. Just slice them up and I'll the whole thing.
M-Hmm... that's disgusting. Anyway, What's your favorite movie?
A- That's an easy one Mom, it's Tangled. Give me a harder question.
M-Ok, what's 7x9?
M-That's what I thought. So do you have a favorite picture?
A- Now that is a hard question. I can't decide. I LOVE pictures of Jesus but I also love pictures of Temples too. I point them out right when I walk into nursery.
M- Awe, that's very sweet. So what is your favorite part of this holiday season?
A-The Christmas trees and ALL the Christmas lights inside and outside. I have to point each one out and say "WOW." You guys think it's adorable.
M-It's true, we take you to see the lights every night cause it's so cute! What's something you're ashamed of?
A-I wave to inanimate objects. I do. I even say 'hi,' bye,' and 'nigh nigh' to them.
M-That IS a little weird Stori, but you're forgiven. Sooo, do you have any secrets?
A-I secretly wish I was on 'So You Think You Can Dance." I have some sweet moves! and I have a crush on Maximus.
M-You're secret is safe with me. Are there any animals that you are afraid of? Bears or Lions or anything?
M-Oh yes, they can be very terrifying! On a happier note, what's your favorite toy?
A-Anything I can push. In nursery they let me push a baby stroller around the whole time! I think I'll ask Santa Claus for one!!!
M-Well I hope you have been a good girl then! Is there anything you have done to make it to the 'Naughty List?"
A-I'm not very good at sharing yet, I tore all the pages out of G-ma's book, I poop in the tub, I scream, I always want to go outside even if you say 'no,' and roll everywhere when you change my diaper.
M-sheesh, that's a pretty long list! Anything worthy of the "Nice List?"
A-oh yes yes yes! I say my prayers; before I eat, before I go to sleep, and anytime I get bored. I say please when I want something, I know all my animal sounds, I wrap up my baby and take care of her, I let you take me running in the freezing morning, I sleep 12 hours at night, I take 2 long naps, I give kisses, I read my books, I sit in the cart while shopping, I clean up my toys when you ask me to, and I don't touch the Christmas Tree!
Mom-WOW Stori, you are such an amazing daughter! I definitely think you'll make it on the "Nice List" this year! And thanks for taking time to answer these questions. You're a real gem!
Astoria-you're most welcome mother! Now let me play with the computer!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well, I have neglected this blog because my family has started a blog that we update every Sunday. It's much easier to do that one for some reason.... but let me catch up here just a wee bit.

The day before Halloween our ward had a party and we all had a lot of fun! I seriously have such a fun ward, and any time we get together with them is guaranteed to be a party! We played minute to win it games. I had to get 4 oreos in my mouth from my forehead without using my hands. I took 2nd.
Dan entered a pie eating contest and also took 2nd. (he was just glad to get pie).
Astoria was the Statue of Liberty, I was a NY tourist taking pictures of the Statue of Liberty, and Dan was a NY yankee fan who also took pictures of Lady Liberty. pretty fitting I think. :)

The actual day of Halloween, I went to work dressed up like Robin. Dan went to school, and Stori Rose got to hang out with grandma and play in the leaves. We went to dinner with the Thompsons and then watched Ghostbusters with popcorn. I fell asleep for how lame that movie was!

The Saturday after Halloween, the 3 of us ran a 10k in Logan. It was a lot of fun to run with Meg and Daph also! The best part of the day was Hobby Lobby, crafting, eating yummy food at Megs, and hanging out with my fun family. I win the award for best family!
Phew, kinda caught up now...

Classic Stori kiss-WIDE OPEN

craft after the 10k
The "Dan's" on our, almost daily, walks
I curled Stori's hair for church to try to hide her black eye.