Monday, August 23, 2010

beach, burns, bears, and blueberries

Say what? A 10 DAY VACATION?!?!?! Yes please!
We drove all day Friday and crashed with the Radfords in Kennewick, WA. Played a lil' phase 10, ate some delectable cherry ice cream, and laughed a whole lot at the horrible Skip card! :)
Saturday mornin we drove to downtown Portland where we stayed for our 1 year anniversary!! On our way there we stopped and hiked to the top of Multnoma Falls-muy packed with tourists.
We loved the hotel we stayed in and had a blast in the pool acting like teenagers. We ate some superb food and shopped our little hearts out in Ikea! Oh and don't forget the popcorn and movie! :)

We went to the "Saturday Morning Market" in downtown Portland and totally met Jimmy Hendricks-the proof down below! haha. We also bought some sweeeet twinner Nepal hats there! To say that we drove A LOT around Portland would be an understatement! We eventually found our way to Chipotle, the Zoo, Japanese Gardens, and the many places we didn't even have in mind but thoroughly enjoyed! :) Crappy camera=less pictures in Portland, but we were lucky enough to stay with my sister Bridget and her kids for 4 nights! Love them! We watched a lot of Shark Week on Discovery channel haha! Hit up the outlet mall and goodwill in Woodland, ran in the mornings, visited the Temple, P.F. changs, ate more ice cream, got lost a million times, watched movies, played with kids, relaxed, and slept in! ahhhh perfect!
We went to Champoeeg Park and rode our bikes-yikes thats's a creepy picture. We loved picking blueberries at a local farm-7lb's for $5 and all you can eat while you pick!
Thursday finally came-HELLO OCEANSIDE! Cute family picture eh? :)

We had our beach house in Oceanside but spent most of our time at Cannon Beach. Did I mention that I love being a Radford?! Cause I do! :)
The beach was absolutely perfect! We didn't have any schedules or appointments so we had a few relaxing days of enjoying each other. We got to shop in the cute little towns, and took several trips to Tillamook for even more ice cream!

We literally loved every minute of this's pretty clear to see why!

Playing in the sand and games of Homerun Derby. Sandwiches and fruit for lunch!
Quick trip to Seaside for some dinner and souveniers-oh hey, there are our twinner Nepal hats!
Dan and I got up early Saturday morning to walk on the beach together. We found a whole heap of stuff...please don't report us, we didn't know it was illegal to catch starfish-we didn't keep them so don't worry! :)
We loved loved loved our beach house! Spent a lot of time in the hot tub until I got sunburned-those two don't mix too well! The house was ginormous and cozy, so it was even fun just watching movies together. We spent so much time together as a family, It was perfect. And this is one of my favorite pictures of these crazy kids on a pretty hike!
Taking care of jo/nick and enjoying the deck.
This is how I enjoyed my last night on the beach....a sunburned invalid. Thanks Cathy for taking care of me and my swollen sorry legs! :)

This is the only picture we have of the beach house. We were very sad to leave it and the people inside. Oh and very sad to have to drive 15 hours to get home for work on Monday morning!
We are all counting down the days until we can get together again on the beach! Next year I'll wear sunscreen! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is us

It's official. August 1, 2010, I woke up next to Steven Daniel Radford for the 365th time. (Minus a few work campouts and volleyball tournaments). I still can't believe that we found each other and that everything has worked out, but I'm so glad it did. So terribly glad!

I still remember the very first words he spoke to me that June, 24th on BYU-I campus. "Hey Morgan!" Ouch! My name is clearly NOT Morgan. Despite that minor mistake I still managed to say "hi" back and secretly think how cute he was and that I needed to talk to him. Well, we managed to "randomly" keep running into each other in the same spot of the library everyday. (1st floor by the water fountain). I only avoided him twice in the library because I didn't get ready those days-don't judge, this was my future eternal companion I was trying to impress!

Our first date was June 28th, 2008 to the Butte for a bon fire. I remember 7 main things about that night; dropped off by my mom at the high school, another girl tried to hold his hand, "Hot Rod" quotes, scary radio shows, jumping over fires, not wanting to leave the date, and getting an immediate text from Daniel telling me that he had a lot of fun and we should hang out again really soon! Talk about butterflies! :) 2nd date he met my family at our CFFR3 on the 4th of July. My family knew right then that he must be special because I NEVER took guys home, especially for a family reunion! (Secretly held hands at fireworks and on our walk...)

First kiss was a month later at the high school. We danced on the football field and I told him that dancing wouldn't work cause I wasn't going to kiss him for a long time. I guess I lied! (he never asked really really)! :)

L-O-V-E. About that...he knew waaaaay before I did that he loved me. (must have been the RM mentality or something) He told me the time that we hiked the Butte at night and watched "Signs." I said thank you or something equally lame. Then his car battery died and we had to have my mom come get us haha awkward! Anyway, back to love. I kept using the excuse that I was too little to get married and that I was having fun just dating him! I only wanted to say "I love you" to ONE person, so I needed to be 'for sure for sure' before I said it. Well November 11th, 2008 I got enough guts to say those 3 words. To be honest, I actually knew sooner than that. It was a warm day in late September, we went to his parents house for Sunday dinner and looked at family pictures all night. Thats the day I knew. I knew I was going to be spending holidays and Sunday dinners with his family and I loved it. I started to feel physically ill after we had to say goodnight each night. I couldn't wait to stop saying goodbye!

Yes dating was a lot of fun, but I started to get reeeaaally anxious to get engaged! 2 days before he proposed I asked him if he was even ready to get married-which was actually the night that he asked my brother Josh for permission to marry me. haha he had the ring the whole time the little sneak! So on March 25, 2009 we were finally engaged. Oh how I loved that day! :) It was a Wednesday and it snowed! Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then a typical walk around the Green Belt to work off some rolls. We went to this spot that we joked about getting engaged at one day. We had a couple laughs and he then hands me a cherry cordial like usual. I open it and start to eat. Dan pulls me away from the river and says "you dropped something." I say "no I didn't." He says "yes you did." (this goes on for a while). As he reaches down to get what fell, BAM he's on one knee! I'll spare you the lovey-dovey-gushy words, but there were definitely some tears from two happy lil' love birds! :) Good thing he pulled me away from the river because I would have lost a very important, very beautiful ring! I couldn't wait to shout it out to everyone that I was going to be "Mrs. Steven Daniel Radford!"We set the date for August 1st, 2009 and immediately started planning.

2 days after he popped the question, me, my mom, Aleisa, Bridget, Megan, Jen, Kristie, Cathy, and Marisa shopped and found the wedding dress of my dreams. (And I did happen to snag another proposal from a Jamaican guy who took my picture at Margines! haha). I actually LOVED planning my wedding and getting things ready. My mom was a champ with the girls dresses, the yard, and pretty much EVERYTHING for the reception and Temple! Things got hectic though because I graduated, turned 24, recieved my endowment, and got married all within 6 days of each other. Good thing I have an amazing family!!!

The day before we got married I met Dan at his apartment to go to James and Sadie's wedding. One thing he failed to mention to me before I got there was that he was deathly ill and throwing up. We still went to the sealing but immediately after we went to my Mom's house where he slept/threw up the entire day. He got a blessing from his Dad and brothers and woke up August 1st healthy and well. Our sealing was beautiful and we were so blessed with such support! I really missed my Dad that day!!!

Next thing I knew we were outside and people are cheering for us! FOR US?!!? we were really married? What an amazing feeling to know that I was sealed to my best friend and that I no longer needed to say 'goodbye' to him! Our luncheon was at our church and the Radfords worked wonders! Off to pictures and finalizing decorations. The weather was PERFECT for our outside reception at my Mom's house. It literally was just one big party with everyone I loved. Kids jumping on the trampoline, swinging on swings and hammocks, Michael playing and singing, friends reuniting and staying all evening, and laughing as I introduced my "husband." Steven Daniel surprised me and sang "Let my love open the door" while I kept falling in love! :) The day was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better groom! LOVE you Estevan!!!

Dan gave his highlights, so here are some of mine:
  • getting married
  • honeymoon to vegas
  • celebrating every monthaversary
  • dancing almost every night
  • getting sung to on a daily basis
  • watching movies with giant bowl of popcorn
  • starting random new traditions
  • traveling-any road trip with S.D.R is a blast!
  • racing up the stairs
  • Sunday bike rides
  • waking up every morning next to someone so handsome
  • picking apples
  • running together
  • falling in love with animated movies together
  • Dan popping my back every day
  • back scratches
  • making lunches for each other
  • feet pictures
  • spending time with each of our families
  • figuring out how perfect we are for each other
  • monthly temple trips together
  • evening prayer time
  • kisses goodnight
  • finding love notes
  • staying up too late and laughing til I cry
  • hiking and camping
  • fishing
  • picture taking escapades
  • Dan dying my hair and putting up with my hair questions :)
  • D.I. treasure hunts
  • Trying to get Dan to quit soda
  • frozen yogurt trips
  • family reunions
  • waking up early to walk on the beach
  • decorating for Christmas in October
  • waking up together on Christmas morning
  • "winner takes all" competitions
  • decorating together
  • Salt Lake trip to see the lights and friends
  • sharing tears
  • buying our car
  • both turning 25
  • board games
  • moose blankets
  • making dinner together
  • making pies for all occasions
  • weekly dates
  • matching p.j.'s
  • starting our disney movie collection
  • cleaning together with music
  • CFFR's together
  • celebrating new jobs
  • celebrating end of semesters
  • laughing at each others lame jokes
  • dressing up like Ricky and Lucy Ricardo for Halloween
  • Thanksgiving with my entire family
  • becoming favorite aunt and uncle
  • jet skiing in Lake Mead
  • seeing Phantom of the Opera
  • listening to every musical we both had memorized from childhood
  • teaching primary together
  • beach housing it up
  • setting goals
  • star gaizing
  • seeing another 2 semesters done for Dan
  • and spending every spare moment with each other! I hope year two is as great as year 1!!

August 1, 2009 August 1, 2010-still fits! :)

One year of enchantment. By Steven Daniel Radford

I'm sure that all of you are wondering what I am doing posting on this blog since I have never posted before! The fact of the matter is that Mel and I have been married for more than one whole year now and I feel a need to share with our few followers how awesome it has been! It has been a year of enchanment full of wonderful surprises and fun times! Here are a few of my highlights from the past year.
Vegas honeymoon!
Yellowstone trip along with countless trips to Jackson!
My bear sighting!
1st Christmas together with my fam!
Trip to the Coast!
Star Valley memorial day weekend!
Mel trying to shoot skeet!
Mel trying to keep me from buying guns!
Putting on 40 lbs! (me not her)
Lots of temple trips!
Hiking Darby!
Being asked a hundred times a week whether or not Mel's hair is as long as the girl's on the tv!
Taking lots of pictures with the new camera Mel let me get!
Trying to get mel to go mounting biking!
Having a beautiful wife who I am completely in love with!
Happy Anniversary Mel/Mels schmels/tootsie wootsie pop/sweet pea.