Friday, March 30, 2012

Our first week as "cool" folk

Well. We did it. We finally joined the cool kids and got ourselves some iphones. Turns out that the data fee for a crappy phone is just as much as for a nice iphone. So we jumped on board, just like my mom and sisters jump to touch ceilings.... meaning it was a struggle. We took weeks to decide. Left the store several times, talked and stalked people with them, and even had 2 days where we pretended to have them to see how we felt. And let me tell ya, it felt good! Plus we got them for way cheap cause Best Buy price-matched! Ya baby! Enjoy a few pics of our first week with our new toys. 
having some buyers remorse on the way home
Thinking "if my parents can afford iphones, then why don't I get to go to Disneyland?"
Lovin her minions
running 4 miles every night is soooo exhausting

happy to see mother on her lunch break
my finished (cheap looking) Spring wreath. If it were on sale at Real Deals I would pay no more that $3. Good thing it only cause $2.50 to make

And that's all I've got to say about that.

What do I see in them?

Like father like daughter. And I love it.

May 2010 
July 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

ocho factos

Fact 1. 
In 16 weeks my little Astoria Rose will be one year old. After 8 months, we still love this girl so dang much.

Fact 2.
Toys are all the rage.

Fact 3.
Astoria luckily skipped that "going completely bald" stage and is now working on grown up hair.

Fact 4.
Stori is a non-conformist. Everyone else has teeth, walks, and talks so therefore she chooses not to.

Fact 5.
Dadda and Daddy seem to be her "words" of choice. (I think she says Momma while I'm at work but her daddy denies it).

Fact 6.
Do the math. Small Bumbo as high chair + thighs the size of China = time to buy a real high chair. 

Fact 7. 
The time change had no affect on this little red head. Still sleeps 8pm-7:30 am.

Fact 8.
Her favorite trick is when Momma says "turn off the light for momma." She then turns off her bedroom light and celebrates. 

Now enjoy some 8 month pics. Green socks for St. Patty's day. Which, by the way, we spent at Cafe Rio. Because the salads are green duh.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

a not-so-surprisingly-sad day

It's so much easier living in denial, thinking that your baby is always going to stay a baby.
But then the cold hard facts hit ya. Hit ya real hard.
You see, we put away all the clothes that only fit babies...not big girls. 
I held up each and every single tiny article of clothing up to my Stori Rose. Remembering when she came home from the hospital, when she went to Gringos for the first time, when we celebrated my birthday, Dan's birthday, her first road trip, her first tummy time, etc. 
I remember what she wore on all of these occasions and tried really hard to picture a teeny tiny Astoria Rose. Which was only done by looking back through my pictures. Which I did. Right after we closed the lid to her clothes. {insert mommy tears}

She was pretty sad about it too! 

She is learning so many things. How to say Daddy, how to turn off lights.... how to do the splits,

and how to survive if we only had a box to live in.... and to eat.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spider, Scream, Stori, Sleep, Sun, Sweet

 I did it. I killed a
*SPIDER!!! that stupid stinkin spider was crawling on the ceiling above us and I was forced to keep my eye on it until it was time for Stori's nap. I lay her down and come back to watch the spider that is now on the wall. (I was planning to wait for SDR to come home and kill it). After 1.5 hrs and several phone calls for back up, i decide to attack. Turns out that it's a jumping spider and just as i strike it jumps to the couch! that's were i
*SCREAM. then i scream again. Now i have to hide in Stori's room until she wakes up. Thank goodness that the jumping spider jumped from the couch to the window or else we would be forced to move and leave the couch behind. Long story short, i killed it with dan's shoe. The things I do to protect my sweet daughter
*Stori. She has been such a happy girl now that her sickness is gone. She is ALMOST crawling, I suspect tomorrow she'll grow out of the army crawl and advance to the real thing. She pulls herself up to a standing position now and will stand for so long without help. She also turns off the light in her bedroom and gets so excited. Today Astoria decided that she was really tired and needed to
*Sleep.  I decided that I didn't want to wrap her up because her daddy said she can't be a little burrito baby when she's 30 so we need to start now. Well I laid her down, put her blanky by her, placed the bink, and left. 2 hours later we had a well rested, unwrapped Stori who was ready to go outside in the
*Sun. We went on a long relaxing walk and even got hot. She giggled every time I went fast. We can't wait for Spring or Summer. We'll take either. When we returned home I took a few pics of my
*Sweet Stori Sweet Stuffs in the Sunshine before another sleep.

Love her. 
Can't wait for SDR to get off work for the weekend. 
Love him.

Monday, March 5, 2012

the perfect day

There's something about the sun that makes me want to be productive.
Today was one of those sunny days! And thank goodness cause I actually accomplished something on my day off!

We started the day with peek-a-boo and a nice warm bath listening to Lady Antebellum Pandora.

Then it was craft time while the sweet-stuffs took a 2 hour nap. This craft I found on pinterest! I found the egg wreath at Target for $2 and the wicker wreath at the dollar store....for $1. I just spray painted the wreath and a few of the eggs. I made the "easter" banner out of left over scrapbook paper and the soon-to-be carrots out of an old skirt. I'm excited to see if it turns out like it does in my head. wreath+easter.jpg

Anyway, then onto our sunny walk. Oh how Stori loves our walks. I thought it was delightful too. I definitely need me some summer right about now!

When we got home from our walk Stori took another nap. Which was perfect for blogging and eating while SDR was home for lunch. That is always the highlight of our day!

I suspect the rest of the day will also be productive cause SDR gets off work at 5, then we go work out followed by dinner and root beer floats. Don't tell amber I'm having a root beer float, cause she's my mentor and is suppose to monitor my dessert intake.

Happy Sunny Monday

Thursday, March 1, 2012

oh running...

i hate you.
you hate me.
so why not get together?
lets say, oh, may and june. then july. then august?

To prepare for our hott dates I will have to gather the goods.
 New shoes imgres.jpg and a smooth rideimgres.jpg

But running, what will you get for me?
Anything at all? hmm...
Training for a half marathon sounds about as fun as washing my eyes with toothpaste.
But I like to focus on the positive things.
Like running off enough calories to consume a few Twix ice cream bars and a burger with fries.
I guess that will be my gift from running.