Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Q: Has a baby ever been as cute as this one?
A: Well perhaps, but I’ve personally never seen one. :)
So let’s learn a little bit about Astoria ROse. The one month old.

*This lil’ lady loves being held. Especially by mom while watching chick flicks.
*She has so many people that love her, so she never has to worry about being put down. Grandma Faylene makes certain of that.
*She can't go anywhere without getting compliments on her amazing red hair. {She is often asked, “where did you get that hair color from?” to which I think- really, did you not see her mom… you know, the one with red hair?}
*If you butter her up and tell her how cute she is, she will give you the most adorable smile you've ever seen.
*She really loves being awake in the morning. That’s when she smiles the most. I never thought I'd be a morning person, but it's happening people.
*Awake before the sun no matter how much sleep we have. It’s a good thing she’s cute or else I would be upset about no sleep.
*Still doesn't really cry-not that she would really have a chance to cry though.
*She now weighs 9lbs. And just one month ago she was 6lb 9oz. Atta girl! Eating is her specialty. She’s even been a pro with the bottle and sometimes tries to get milk off her dad!
*She can smack her tongue ridiculously loud, and has done that since birth.
*She holds her head up like a champ and will stand if you balance her.
*Loves going on walks with mom and dad.
*She has the cutest little bum that sticks up in the air.
*Her dad thinks she’s the cutest thing in the world when she sucks on her orange binky.
*Finally fits into her newborn clothes and still has skis for feet.
*Loves a nice warm bath.
*Hates when the AC turns on and loves all her blankets.
*Hates that her mom has to go back to work, but glad dad and grandma will get to watch her.
*Gives us the “Gunther” look when trying to focus.
*And of course, makes us the happiest we’ve ever been.
“If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up!”
        Name the movie.
The "Gunther" look

1st Fair trip: Cache County
Loves her daddy (but not as much as me)
First Church experience: Hazels blessing
First walk around the greenbelt
Lovin on Grandma and Grandpa Radford
Nice warm bath
We couldn't ask for a better, sweeter, prettier baby.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

oh how productive

........him. not me.
SDR woke up,
read his scripts,
worked out,
burped and sang to Astoria Rose,
changed 3 diapers,
did the dishes,
donated his plasma,
made lunch,
and is now at the Temple.
ya, pretty productive right?
All while I slept,
fed Astoria Rose,
held Astoria Rose,
thought about showering,
thought about working out,
fed, burped, and held Astoria Rose,
and now I'm off to make pizza for
 dinner/movie night with the Hendy's.
Ya, this is the life.
If only I didn't have to go back to work in a few weeks.

Also, my sweet baby has baby acne. *We have tried Proactive and we are contemplating putting her on birth control to see if it will clear up.... she's still the "Cutest ol' gal on the block!"

* don't think I'm #1 crappiest mom. proactive and birth control are all jokes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anniversary The Great

12 poopy diapers
1 (2) hour nap
Breakfast at noon
PJ's all day
Spit up on shirt
Spit up on pants
Cafe Rio
Red Box
Small child 
And 3 happy Radfords
To you this may not seem glamorous, but to the 2 of us, this was a terrific way to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.
Now if you remember, we like to put on our wedding clothes each year to make sure that we can still fit into them. When I found out that I was due just 1 week before our anniversary, I immediately thought about having to squish into my dress. I think I should get a bye this year.

August 1, 2009

August 1, 2010

August 1, 2011
Let's not talk about whether or not I zipped up the dress... let's just talk about the fact that I got the dress ON! (Atleast the shoes still fit)! 

But I had a great excuse this year for not fitting into my dress. What is Dan's excuse? haha jokes. no but seriously. 
I love love love my handsome husband and so very very glad that I decided to marry him. Even though I thought I was too little. It has been the best 2 years and so excited for billions more. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

newborn pics

Astoria Rose, 4 days old. 
Lots of pictures (but it's okay cause she's so cute). SDR did a GREAT job taking these!

Hazel in the bottom shelf, Astoria with the binky. 2 hungry girls for sure! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the hair...

We LOVE this little squirt and LOVE all her hair! Our cute lil orangutan!

My 26th birthday on the 26th. I had the best birthday gift anyone could ask for!

B-day consisted of: French Toast and scrambled eggs breakfast made by SDR, 2 hour nap with Astoria Rose, Gringos with mom, SDR, and Stori, fried ice cream, sugar cookie cake, Adjustment Bureau, bike basket, painting of Christ, Lake House, and a b-day song from the Hendy's with scotcharoos. Seriously, life is grand!