Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dans dads day 2015

Dan is officially done with his first law school externship, and to my surprise, he actually misses it! He worked with such a good group of guys and made some good connections! He is still considering a second externship for the summer, but I think he's leaning towards finding a job instead. (Or my vote would be neither and just hang out with me for all of July---how fun right)?
This guy of ours is pretty fun, and we love all the time we are getting with him! Especially all the cleaning and cooking he does around the house! Makes up for his obsessive gun disorder! ;)
Speaking of guns, for Father's Day I got him an antique revolver tie-tack, and the BluRay, American Sniper... A very gun-related present! 
But like I was saying, this man is so great, and so hard working! 
For Father's Day, he grilled steaks and burgers for everyone, and then baked his own cherry pie! Haha.... He didn't mind! :) 
And since being done with his externship, he has cleaned out my moms garage, and her SHED! It took him a whole day just for the shed, and he decided he would way rather deal with spiders than mice... I'll leave out the specifics! 
It sure is a fun life with him in our lives! Love you SDR!
Oh, and we got to go on a Father's Day date to see Jurassic World, (and we even splurged and got popcorn)! It was soooo much fun, and the movie was perfect! And as a side note, i may be addicted to the Jurassic park blizzard at DQ! 

This pic isn't from Father's Day, but just a cute pic of Dan on his annual friend camp out 

Father's Day with his red heads, and the same door from last year! This is a first for our Mother's Day/Father's Day front door pics.

^^on our way to the movie theatre! This would be dans 11th time seeing a 'Jurassic' movie in theaters. Saw the first one 5x's as a child, then saw it for the 6th time when it was re-released while in college, saw Jurassic park 2 twice, the 3rd one just once, and Jurassic world twice now (he went with my bro and nephews after we went). I bet that number goes up by the time this summer is done. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Little helpers

Chores: plant, water, rake, empty dishwasher, clear dishes from table, clean up toys, read books, stack books, play outside, play nice together, give all the kisses in the world, and love me forever! 
They've agreed to all of the above! 

THE Porter Park!

2 weeks ago we decided to surprise our kids by taking them to Porter Park---oh the look on Stori's face was priceless!! 
It was so fun to go back, and Dan and I both decided that rexburg could easily be put on our list of places to live! It has such a unique community feel to it and it has an amazing Porter park! :)
I didn't pack swimming suits because it wasn't super warm, but both the girls played at the splash park for almost 2 hrs! Sylvie went nakey and Stori went half nakey.... Because of that, the only "shirt" we had to put on her after the water was Sylvies jean jacket haha! It was pretty fantastic!
Sylvie cried and cried when we took her off the carousel... Wish I could just let them ride it all the live long day!

^^sylvies first time playing independently at Porter park! 
^^not sure what she is doing here, but it's kinda cute!
^^flynn Ryder tower!

^^such an accurate picture of what her face looked like the whole time there!
^^headed to the horsies and splash park

^^90's Stori

Fast forward 2 weeks...
Went back to Porter park to play with the Hendy's, and we didn't complain about that! ;) had lunch at the park and then off to play! 

Only played about about 30 minutes in the water this time---too windy! Such a shame cause I actually packed their swimming suits...
Porter park---thanks for making some happy Radfords!

Little bit creepy, and a little bit cute

I have so much blogging to do, but I just really wanted to post this before I forgot.

This super creepy bday card Stori made for my mom....haha! She did write and illustrate it all by herself, so I guess that's kinda cute! :)

And this pic is creepy because of how much they love their pepperoni pizza, but also kind of cute. :)
 Took this picture to send to daddy in an attempt to make him jealous! (We haven't had pizza in over a month and it is easily his favorite food) He was off camping with some friends so it just seemed right to make him feel jealous!