Sunday, September 29, 2013

My interview with Miss Astoria Rose Radford, and life with 2 kids.

A little comparison of my two babes!!! 

Well I'm pretty bummed... I had to trim off about a minute of the interview video to get it to upload. You just missed a jumbled count to 20 and her showing us her right and left hand. oh well.
Gosh my Stori is so dang fun and I love her so dang much!
I also love Sylvie so dang much. and SDR too for that matter! Putting that all together= best life ever!
I thought I would have a harder time than I am adjusting to two kids, but so far it is absolutely wonderful. Stori has chilled out, Sylvie is a great sleeper and eater, Dan is a hard worker, and I'm just along for the ride. I don't get much sleep, but thankfully i don't have to go to work! Sylvie turned 6 weeks and slept from 9pm -7am then ate and went to bed until 9am. She has done that the last 3 days so  I'm hoping it's her new schedule.
The most tricky part of having 2 kids is finding motivation to get out. It's fun when Dan is able to help me, but otherwise i'm content to just stay at home. Overall, life with 2 kids isn't much different! We still eat out the same...never-and we still go on the same amount of! :) Well that's not true---we go on family dates to Broulims and such. And we have a lot of popcorn dinner and pizza dinner together. Quality time. I love it all. Even the changing of 40 diapers a day.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

S.J. @ 1 mo

I can not believe this little lady has been in our life for an entire month! she has been such a little angel girl and definitely much less drama than our spicy 2 year old. :) 
Let me update about this gal real quick-like.
*Rarely rarely rarely cries. Not even when big sis is giving her squeezes loves.
*eats 5 times/day: 9, 12, 3, 6, & 9. We lay her down at 9pm and she sleeps until 2:30 for a feeding, then goes back down until 5:30 for another feeding, then up for the day at 9 a.m. If I could just get rid of those 2 night time feedings, then we'd be smooth sailing! :)
*SUPER smiley in the mornings. I spend about 15 minutes talking baby talk to her cause she smiles so dang cute! She uses her whole body to smile, especially her forehead. Gosh it's cute!
*Poops a lot
*sleeps a lot
*cuddles with me the best during Stori's nap time. She starts up on my chest, and either wiggles her way up to snuggle under my chin, or wiggles down to lay on my belly (like where she was when she was in my tummy). It's the coziest thing in all the land.
*follows me with her eyes when I move. 
*loves bath time--especially getting her hair washed.
*hates her carseat. When we go for walks each morning, I have to make sure she is asleep first or else she cries about 5 minutes into it. but once she's in there and asleep, she's golden for a good 3 hours! :)
* loves her binky
*drinks from a bottle once a week
*fits in her newborn clothes now
*and gets A LOT of attention from her hair. She doesn't seem to mind all the attention though :)
chillin on a big girl bed at Meg's house
found her way down to my tummy
we call this the "shocked" look. 
We love her more each day!!! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

a great day for a blessing

September 8, 2013
Lewisville, Idaho

Despite the frantic morning before church, Dan did a great job with Sylvie's blessing! It really was beautiful. Sylvie was awake for the whole blessing and didn't even make a peep. Little angel girl.
When Dan finished, he showed off our little girl to the ward and there was a gasp throughout the congregation--over her hair I'm assuming. And/or her adorableness! :) 
The chorister came up to me after and said she was lucky enough to sit in front of everyone and watch their reactions after seeing her. haha... that red hair is quite the attention getter. 


 took 2 pictures to get everyone looking

showing off her bracelet that Maizy made for her. 
LOVE this onesie that was given to Sylvie. she wore it under her blessing dress
We didn't have a lot of family in town, but it was still great! Dan's parents came, his brother Jon, his Grandma, 2 cousins Ashley and Sarah, my Mom, Josh's family, Meg's family, Sherlene, Wade and Dorothy, and the Foresters! Mom and Meg did so much work for the luncheon and everything turned out just PERFECT!! It was perfect weather, perfect company, and perfect food. 
Sylvie wore the same dress that Stori wore. (the one I made in college). They look so much alike so it was good that they wore different bows in their hair! :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Astoria Rose (the big sis)

Stori Rose...

besides being the worlds greatest big sister, this girl is learning stuff left and right!
Including her lefts and rights! Haha. Dan taught her this while getting ready for bed one day and now when we ask her which way to turn on our walks, she will tell us either left or right. I find that very impressive because even Dan still has a hard time with this! :)
But here are some other things she is learning... 

**Talking: this is her specialty these days. She can quote whole movies, books, tv shows, and songs. Literally quote them!! If she hears a song once she can sing the whole song the next time she hears it. It blows my mind listening to her! At bed time when we sit on the big pillow to read books, she is the one reading them to me. I just start the first word and she does the rest (with a few missing words).
**Letters: She knows all her letters and their sounds. The craziest part is that she can SPELL her name! yup! "S.T.O.Rww.I." And if you ask her her name she says "Stordi Rose Radfuud." Her pronunciation is probably the cutest part of it. I'll get it recorded on my phone and put it on here. I tried recording her a couple of weeks ago with her saying that but she knew that's what I was doing so she made silly faces instead.
**Numbers: She has been able to count to 10 without missing a number since she was about 18 months old, but now she can get to 20! And when I ask her to count cars, or trees, or lights, or steps, etc she can count the right amount. 
**Colors: she knows all her colors. That's all. :)
**Manners: if she asks for something and it isn't very polite I say, "Try that a different way." and then she'll say, "Mommy, more fishies please?" or if she responds "no" to things, I ask her to say it nicer and she'll say "no thank you." When answering yes, she always says, "Of course!" I love that! She is great at please, thank you, and your welcome. My favorite is Your Welcome. She says it soooo cute. BUT, don't be confused...even though she is learning her manners, she is still SASSY SASSY McGee!!!

We have a lot of fun together and she is absolutely in love with "Sissy June!" she always asks to "Hold it?" :) She holds her for about 1 minute and during that time she is loving and kissing on her.

here are several videos of Astoria from this past summer before I had S.J. I just love her.

dancing to 80's music on the 4th of July

My "Hat" is my sipper

Thursday, September 5, 2013

a lot of newborn pictures...

So Dan (with the help from my mother and myself) took these newborn pictures of Sylvie June. I LOVE all of the pictures! He did such a great job I think! And I think he only edited 2 of the pictures (cropping out garbage).  P.S. these were all taken in my Mom's yard

The first ones are sibling pictures. I LOVE THESE 2 RED HEADS!

And now just Sylvie June

Haha and these next 3 crack me up! 
In the first one, you can really see how CRAZY her hair is! It just goes where it wants to go...

And my little drunk baby...

And I just like how this one you can see how tiny she is...

Now I have to choose which ones I want to print out... 
This could take me a while