Saturday, April 9, 2011

Muy Pregs

I am not very good a taking belly pictures lately…. I think it’s because I am always wearing gross scrubs and have my hair slicked back from working all day. 

Preg updates
-Hair: It wasn’t until I went to Montana to visit my sister that I realized my hair hasn’t been falling out. It is also getting really fine and hard to fix.  So I am at war with myself…To Cut or Not to CUT????
-Fat: It’s getting very difficult to feel pretty. I am at the in-between stage with clothes. Too small for maternity clothes, but busting the seams in my regulars.
-Cheap entertainment: “Did you see that?” “OH OH did you feel that? That was a big one huh?” These sayings are an hourly occurrence. I LOVE feeling Baby Rad move and I ALWAYS want SDR to feel. It’s the best when I’m lying on my back and we watch this lil girl squirm, roll, and punch every surface of my belly.
-Sleep: I am just now, at 26 weeks, starting to feel a little fatigued and uncomfortable. Still nothing to really complain about yet-I’m certain it will get MUCH worse.
-Breathing: When I eat too much, I swear Baby Rad is all the way in my rib cage and it literally hurts to breath. I know there has to be an easy solution… oh ya, don’t overeat!!!
-Food: Cereal is my best friend. No matter what meal I have, I always have cereal for dessert. Sometimes Cereal IS the meal and I still have sugar puffs for dessert.
-Shopping: Things have REALLY changed. I was at the usuals: ROSS, TJ MAXX, and Target, and found myself in the baby section the whole time. Before being pregs, I would have rather consumed moldy milk and rotten cheese than go shopping in the baby section. I was traumatized as a child.
-Work out: I am still walking for about 45 minutes each night and it still feels great, but I have to drink more water and need a longer cool-down.
-Love: I love life, my family, my baby, my super hot spouse, my slippers, my bed, movies, popcorn, blog stalking, cereal, baby hats from my sis, my treadmill, no monthly visitor, ice cream, fabric, skirts, baby sun dresses, fingernail polish, earrings, Pandora, fat clothes, road trips, mountains, great friends, conference, DVR, blue skies, going for walks/bird excursions, and makeup. To name a few.
Life is grand! Just grand!