Friday, February 17, 2012

7 things blog

In honor of Stori Rose turning 7  months I have compiled a few lists.
7 things you might not know about Mel:

1. I use shampoo as; body wash, face wash, shaving cream, soap, and of course to clean my hair.
2. Never been to California. Ever. When I do I plan on going to the Ellen Degenerous show.
3. Made my husband get braces because, well, cause they were free I suppose. SDR calls me the "tooth nazi" cause I am always examining his teeth.
4. I believe that cereal can be an entire meal. For example: 2 bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats for dinner and 2 bowls of Cocoa Pebbles for dessert.  My max bowl amount in one day is 27. Don't judge. It was college. It was Cocoa Roos.
5. Shaving my legs is optional. My leg hairs are as fine as Jude Law, as thin as Keira Knightley, and as blonde as Gweneth Paltrow.
6. I am afraid of spiders, elevators, roller coasters, the dark, and afraid that Maverick will stop making frozen yogurt.
7. Being married and a mom apparently hasn’t changed me at all. In the words of my niece Daphne, “ You know, I thought that once you got married you would be mature or something. Nope. Then I thought for sure when you had your baby that you would change and be mature. Still nope!” haha ouch. I’ll have you know that I have stopped burning pooh on people’s doorsteps AND I pay bills. Way mature.

Steven Daniel:
1. He doesn’t snore, never stinks, never burps, and rarely toots.
2. Peanut butter and cheese go on everything. 
3. When he was telling me about a sad part in Forrest Gump, tears began to form. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!
4. He prefers college football over NFL. But he prefers NBA over college basketball
5. If you speak to him, it would be wise to do so in Office, Seinfeld, or Lord of the Rings quotes.
6. He learned how to take amazing pictures from YouTube videos. And his pictures really are amazing! He also knows more about guns than people that work at actual gun stores.
7.  He ends up wearing my deodorant more than half the time cause he never remembers to get his.

our Stori Sweet Stuffs:
1. LOVES to give kisses. If your not careful she could make your cheeks raw from all that slobbery love. Usually she holds on to your hair with both hands and shakes her head until she finally reaches your face.
2. She loves her sippy cup. It is by far the cutest thing to watch her drink out of it. Oh and she eats fruits at breakfast and veggies at dinner.  
3. Her and Amber go back and forth doing fake coughs. She also copies me when I do raspberry sounds or roll my tongue.
4. She finally loves her dolly! She giggles and flaps her arms when she sees her. (That poor doll also gets kisses from the Sto Ro).
5. She loves when her daddy scares her!
6. Still a little burrito baby. No matter how tight we wrap her up for sleep, this little Houdini manages to get at least one arm out.
7. She always tells me that I’m her best friend. Sometimes she says that to her dad, but only so he doesn’t feel bad.

Both of us love you SOOOO MUCHHHHHHH Stori Rose. You should know that we always fight to hold you and have to take turns at church because we both want you with us. You are loved. Happy 7 months {and happy 23rd to FAE

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This is sickly stori rose

 This picture just breaks my heart. 

I had to work while Dan took her to the Dr. and I was stressed out the whole time! No mother should have to work while their little baby is sick with a 101.1 fever and horse voice. 

I finally got the call from Dan and he said that she had the dr. said that her throat looked horrible and that she had early symptoms of Strep Throat. He put her on antibiotics and children's Tylenol.

I would rather have my leg hairs pulled out one by one than to have to watch this sweet baby go through this. I was so worried about her fever sky-rocketing during that night that Dan volunteered to sleep on the couch so that Stori could sleep in the bed with me. "Sleep" was from about 5am-7:40am. 
Here's to hoping these antibiotics kick in soon!

In other news, we got a $400 tax return for having stori rose last year! 
In even other news, $340 of it got lost yesterday. 
Welp,  that's all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

what we love

Happy Love day tomorrow! (and happy birthday Sherlene) 
We'll be spending it at home with some Original Thai & Cherry Pie.

here are a few of our loves

Stori Rose loves BABY FOOD

                                        She went from this------->

<--------- to this

and this ------>

in just a week!
Dan and I love....
Stori Rose and taking pictures of Stori Rose

FOX news
Up all Night
Modern Family
Working out
BBQ wraps with Jo Jo's
Taco Tuesday
Cherry Pie
Frozen Yogurt
Taking pictures
Weekends together
Mitt Romney
Family time
Temple Trips
and Date nights
2 weekends ago SDR and I went to our first movie since the day I went into labor.
We went to the cheap theatre with Ambs & KDH, Hails & Daniel, and Britt & Dustin.
We saw one of our new FAVORITE movies"We Bought a Zoo." 
and I HIGHLY recommend you go see it. Like tonight!
Be prepared to cry. both happy and sad. mostly happy.
Then it was off to Kiwi Loco for some cake batter Fro Yo. 
Does a date night get any better. I think not. 
And Stori liked it too cause she got to hang out with her Grandmother.

Monday, February 6, 2012

lovin that

tall & small snowman.

It seems like every day we find something new that makes her just laugh and laugh. 

she Loves being on her daddy's shoulders. 
even though it gives me anxiety! Love those two crazies!

p.s I actually know the real words, but stori rose only likes the "tall" and "small" sound

well......... cut me hair

yep. don't read my older post about me not cutting my hair until my next baby... 
cause i cut it...
and i'm def not having a baby. 
just found my dream haircut on pinterest and HAD to have it! 
some REALLY awkward pics of the result. 

aaron said I look like a real- estate agent! haha I should have noticed this before I went to church lookin like this!

I don't regret cuttin me hair at all, so i'm glad SDR finally told me that he wants me to have short hair.