Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'The Contract' that's hanging on my fridge

Let me preface this real quick; anyone that knows my SDR, knows that he LOVES his soda. He has a 44oz a day mon-sat and then a few cans on sunday. Pretty intense right?!

Well, sunday afternoon we were out at my mom's visiting with my family that was in town. Dan casually asked if I knew what he was going to do tomorrow.  I listed off several things I knew that he was going to do. Then lastly I said, "Drink a soda." 
he said, "NOPE! the opposite of that!" 
Come again? 
He told me he is going to give up soda until he reaches his goal weight! (which is 40lbs down the road)! 
Talk about commitment!
We sat at my mom's table and wrote up 'The Contract' right then and there with witnesses and official signatures. He was serious. He was nervous. I was excited! :)
When we got home he took the sodas out of the fridge and dumped them down the drain. 
The second day he suffered some caffeine withdrawal headaches but they are gone today. He has also commented on how much better he can breathe now. 
After he reaches his goal weight he said he will only drink soda moderately. That's a smart man I married! :) 
And he is such a good daddy too! Here's a pic from their first daddy-daughter date. They went to Arctic Circle.

And here is a picture of Dan playing with Stori and Max at the library today! Am I lucky or what?!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stori's celebrity crush.

there is NO doubt about it, she has a crush.

I have several movies just like that one. Yesterday, while I was working out with my friends (no babies) Dan was watching Tangled with Stori. He texted me and said
"So Stori was being fussy a little bit until Flynn Rider did the 'smolder' at which point she lit up, giggled, and blushed a little bit. So cute."
HAHa this girl is ONLY 18 MONTHS! (today actually)!! Happy 18 months our little boy-crazy sassy girl! Love you SOOO MUCH!

That reminds me, we have started this tradition where dan will go on a Daddy-Daughter date with Astoria every month on her birth date. (So the 17th). He is very excited and I think Stori will love spending time with just her daddy! Tonight they will just be getting ice cream together because he'll get off work late!  I'll be a little jealous, but then I'll remember that I'm now a SAHM and get to spend all my time with my favorite girl. I love my life!
she is saying "cheese." hahahahaha those lips!!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I really haven't the energy to update about our life the past few weeks. It was mainly spent sick. The Texas Christensens came for Christmas break, the Rigby Christensens came, and the Clarkston Petersons came. And one by one everyone started to come down with a sickness or 2. Some people got sick for a few hours, some for a day, and some (the lucky ones) got sick for 5 days. Ephraim and myself were included in the 5 day death disease.
The kind where you are throwing up (and down) every 30 minutes. 
The kind where you watch episodes of Downton Abby between pukes. 
The kind where you end up in the hospital getting fluids pumped in you because you are dehydrated and have the worst kidney pain in all the land. Dan and my mom really took care of me. They must love me. 
Somehow Stori never got sick, luckily. She just played with her cousins, her toys, and Tangled 24/7. She seriously loves her cousins! 

Some Holiday Highlights
-Les Miserables!!!!! Holy cow amazing. like cry-the-whole-way-through-amazing.
-The Hobbit. Really good. like love-it-but-fall-asleep-for 10min-cause-it's-a-late-showing-really good.
-Christmas eve nativity
-Family around all the time
-Cousin time for Stori
-Finally a White Christmas
-Yummy Holiday food
-NO WORK FOR ME!!! I finished the 19th and haven't looked back!
-Dan was in between jobs so we had 2 weeks of time together.
-Dan starts new job as PSR worker
-Shopping for good deals
-New movies for watching with popcorn
-Dan putting together his model plane I got him
-Watching Stori open presents that she instantly loved.
    -I have to share this story so I don't forget. When she saw that Santa had brought her a pink baby stroller, she RAN to it immediately. She pushed it across the room with so much joy. Stopped, abandoned the stroller, and then ran to give me a huge hug. Then when the hug was over, she ran back to her stroller and continued to play with it. It was the sweetest thing.
-Ringing in the New Year sick but in love. Got a kiss from my SDR and my Stori at midnight
Well, I'm sure there are many more highlights, but like I said. I haven't the energy yet. 

 The twin cousins playing and Clara's turn to be sick.
The stroller