Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Get the most out of your college career." A tutorial.

July 23, 2009
Melanie Christensen {soon to be Radford} graduates BYU-I
December 14th, 2012
Steven Daniel Radford graduates BYU-I

I'm here to tell you how to maximize you're experience at college.
As the wife:
  1. Start school the very moment you graduate High School (summer 2003).
  2. Randomly take 3 credits for 2 semesters so that you can keep putting off growing up.
  3. Live at college year round
  4. Take 5 years to get a Bachelors 
  5. This final one is the KEY! You must (MUST) find your future husband your VERY LAST semester. And not only that, it must be his VERY FIRST semester. See how this works? 
As the husband: 
  1. Meet your future wife her last semester. Instant Sugar Mama!
  2. Switch major 5 times.
  3. Take 18 credits worth of classes that don't contribute to graduation. 
  4. Avoid fast grad like you would avoid botulism.
  5. Have a baby during finals week.
After a total of 9 years at BYU-Idaho, we know how it's done.

Here are a only 2 pictures of my handsome hubby on his graduation day! He forgot his camera so my phone will do until his dad emails us the other pics!
We are so sad to be done with BYU-I. Like really sad. I'm not so sure that we can handle this grown-up-real-life stuff.

These next 2 pics are of sick store rose. She woke up with some AWESOME bed hair! She also laid on that big pillow with her babies for 2 days watching Christmas movies. It was so sad but so fun to cuddle with her.

Next 2 pictures are completely random and completely cute!

Dan also graduated from orthodontics this week! After only 14 months! I had the privilege of taking them off. And I'm glad I won't find random elastics throughout our house! YAY!
Congrats on all your achievements SDR! Love you!
P.S we finished Harry Potter and Dan has a job interview on tuesday!!!!