Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saying goodbye to Desi

One of my BEST FRIENDS was killed in a car accident today. I talked to her last night. I saw her on monday. I'm holding a check written and signed from her. I've texted her for the past 2 weeks discussing a Christmas present for her boyfriend. I got a picture from her last night. And now she's gone. 

Desiree Anne Bramwell. I've known you literally since I was born and we have been friends ever since then! I have so many wonderful memories of you. I could write novels of all the funny things we've done together. I don't remember a weekend that you, me, haley, and shannon didn't spend together when we were young... haha I remember the time Haley body slammed you while you two were wrestling. I remember when you stayed at my house and we were playing with my nieces and emmy threw up in my mouth! You laughed all night long! But that was pretty much how you always were...laughing. You were such a happy person and I don't know one person that didn't like you. Really really! I was so lucky to get to hang out with you a few times these last 2 weeks! We loved taking pictures of you and that cute little girl Tayler. You could tell that she loved you so much. Dan and I love to reminisce about the High School days when you and him went on a date and you forgot your money for the food and the pictures. He always said that you were one of his favorite people. I agree with him. When we would go out with our friends for lunch, it always seemed like you me and cha would go off and have our own conversations and laugh the whole time! I seriously have so many wonderful memories with you, (especially at girls camp). I'm so glad you got to see my little daughter and tell me how much you want children of your own. I loved seeing you so happy this last weekend. I hate that you will never get to take that carriage ride on Temple Square. I will miss you so much and I you have no idea how much I want to talk to you again. Thank you for 26 years of great friendship. I love you pheasant!!!

Here's the link to the accident info. I still can't believe it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Steak feast

It was a Sunday in September and we decided we needed to end the summer with a Steak Feast with some of our favorite people. You know I LOVE Fall and Christmas, but these pictures make me desperately want some nice Summer weather. 

The guys grilled while us girls made buckeyes and prepared ourselves to watch "Top Gun"

Told them to "act natural" for the picture.... haha. And I just noticed all these guys match! For cute!!

Wow, lots of pictures of Amber! haha
 I swear Haily and I were there too. 

It was such a fun day! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

on december 1st...

*Stori Rose rolled from her back to her front today! SDR was selling his plasma when it happened so he was pretty bummed that he missed it.

*Right after she rolled over she grunted and grunted and then.... well, let's just say SDR wasn't sad that he missed that.

*This is a video of Stori Rose laughing the hardest I've seen her laugh before. haha. this is my favorite! (She's naked because what happened after she rolled over....ya, going once a week doesn't make for very fun diaper changes)!