Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frankie kicks SDR

YAY!! Finally dan has felt Frankie move! I have been feeling the kicks since 14 weeks, but today Stori, Dan, and myself all sat on the couch and felt the little kicks. We actually got to see Frankie move too! It was a little bizarre cause I don't remember being able to see Stori kick this soon. But all in all, it was great entertainment for the evening.
PLUS, SDR got home from work early and we were able to go walk around the temple and eat a healthy dinner at a normal hour! I could get used to days like these.
(it also doesn't hurt to have a raspberry cheesecake shake).
She loved showing us "mononi," or what most humans call angel Moroni. And I just noticed I actually missed getting Moroni in the picture. Eh, ya win some, ya lose some. Dan has some cute ones on his camera, but that is just way too much work at the moment.

Friday, March 22, 2013

sheesh louis! 20 months!?

cutest people I know leaving for their date
spending time with 'papa' and playing at the park.
making forts and how she watches 'gascar' 
just a little bit crazy
In 4 short months I'll have a 2 year old, and one month later, a newborn!
Oh I am getting so anxious to find out if Baby Rad 2 is a boy or a girl!!!! We find out April 3rd and I will be almost 21 weeks!
Dan thinks and hopes for a boy.
I think it's a boy but think it would be so nice to have another little girl. Stori and Baby Rad 2 will both be born in summer and will be the right season for reusing clothes, shoes, everything, so that would be so nice/cheap! :)
Dan has also named Baby Rad 2 'Frankie.' No, it's not it's real name, just every time I ask dan to say the first baby name he thinks of, it's always Frankie. haha just go with it! {it kinda sounds better than "it."}
I can feel Frankie kick so much and love it. and all the kicking makes me want ice cream.
I can't wait until I show a little more so I don't feel super fat. That doesn't make sense, but it does.

Stori Rose is 20 months old, and still my little shadow.
  • We play hide and seek for about 3 hours out of our day!
  • We make forts to play with our toys (or our cousins). 
  • Climbing on things is her talent. 
    • She will climb up our tall kitchen chairs to get to the table, then uses the table to get in her high chair. seems a lot easier for me just to put her in, but now I just supervise. She also pushes her princess chair to the window to stand in the window sill and look for bikes, cars, trucks, buses, temple, moroni, snow, doggies, sun, birds, or anything else she sees.
  • Clean up is actually one of her favorite games
    • she gathers our shoes and puts them in our closet, puts away her coat, cleans up her kitchen, throws away diapers or any garbage, puts all her babies in the rocking chair, puts her puzzles away, puts all her bath toys in their correct buckets, puts blankets in the ottoman, and does all of this while singing the "clean up" song. So CUTE!
  • Madagascar {gascar} is the new Tangled. She sings the "afro" song, and also the creepy "la la laaa" song that Mort sings. haha. And of course, dances to them. 
  • She pretty much doesn't like her daddy. 
    • I mean, she loves him, but just associates him with going to sleep because he doesn't get home until her bedtime. She loves him when he takes her on dates to the movies though. Her first movie at a theatre was "Rise of the Guardians." Dan said she sat on his lap and watched the whole thing while eating an entire thing of popcorn. haha it was her 20 month daddy-daughter date.
  • She is great at recognizing emotions. 
    • If something scares her she comes and hugs me and says, "ooooh scareyyyy." Usually it's something in a movie or a really loud airplane. We play the sad/happy game. She does frowny face and says "ohhh, sad," then immediately laughs and screams "HAPPY!" reminds me of a game I used to play with Megan because after 2 rounds of sad/happy we are both laughing so hard! Meg and I used to fake laugh and then stop. Fake laugh, stop. And pretty soon we were laughing so hard we couldn't do the "stop" part.
  • She can 'read' her bunny book all the way through. 
    • It's an I Spy book, so she literally tells me everything she sees and matches it up. My favorite parts are: the spooky spider (because she runs her hands on our backs like a spider), the sleeping mouse (she pretend sleeps), the winter page because she says, 'brrr cold' and hugs herself and shakes, when she sees the sun (she covers her eyes and says "ohhh bright"), and when she finds baby birds (she does a high pitch "OOOOHHHH TUTE!!!! and scrunches her face because the cuteness is too much for her)! 
  • When she sees any yellow car she yells for "Shasha" and "Lila." Our friends the Foresters drive a yellow car.
  • Her cutest saying is "where are youuuu? OP, there ya'are!"
  • She says goodbye to her potty when we leaves the bathroom.
  • Sleeps from 8-8 during the night and naps from 1-3:30. {with blankets as pillows}
  • She is still a picky eater. My goal is to get her to eat chocolate before she turns 2.
    • loves quasadillas with ham and cheese, peas, bananas, apples, nectarines, veggie straws, soup, any casserole, ice cream, pickles, oatmeal, waffles, yogurt, cottage cheese, pizza, potatoes, and of course, tomatoes.
Well, that is a pretty good update on Stori and 'Frankie'. Next, I will share the time I may or may not have broken my wrist and I will also put up a preg picture. Cause that's what I do.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What we do so we don't go crazy, a 19 month old, and a preg lady

Right now I am 16 weeks along and loving every minute of this growing belly. I get kind of stressed that I am growing and getting big already, but then I remember that it's because of a tiny human that is also growing and getting bigger.
So it's good news.
What's not good news, is the amount of ice cream I consume in a week... "the baby wants it" isn't a good enough excuse anymore. I actually blame my ice cream addiction on the weather. There isn't much to do when it's cold, snowy, and windy, and a few of my great friends have started getting together every day to prevent us mothers from going nuts. Some of those get-togethers include going to Arctic Circle to let the kiddies play on the toys. I have no self control when put in a restaurant with 35 different flavors of shakes. none.
play area at A.C.
Luckily my friends also motivate me to work out. I play vball on monday nights and when I'm done playing I head over to the icenter to run. We also run a few nights after we put the littles to bed. I run so much better when I'm with someone and we can talk the entire time. I think we will start running with our kids outside again this week once the snow melts, but for now I will enjoy the time with just us girls. :)
All of us mom's also love going to the Craze, the Library, to each others houses, grocery stores, and our most recent trip was on campus. We took the kids (Nixon, Maddox, Lila, Nora, and Stori) up to see the animals in the Benson. They loveeeed it! We also took them to the green house to see the parrots, fish, and flowers. Then went to the track in the icenter to let them run around and then look at pictures of Jesus. It was a perfect double date for the twins and the red-heads! :)

Stori and I color a lot throughout the day. I have included 2 pictures of Stori's version of fishies. She get's so excited when she draws the fish and dots the little eye. She shouts "FISHHH" and then i decipher where the fish is on the paper. I love that girl.
The picture on the left is with regular markers, and the picture on the right is an app on my phone that she just draws with her fingers.
Stori is 19 months now and is talking a lot. Her Nursery leaders tell me that she knows all the songs they sing and is very obedient. She is great at cleaning up and knowing where everything in our house goes. If I ask her to do something she listens and does it or says "hand" and grabs my hand to help her. Her creative imaginary play is amazing, and her babies are so loved and are always wrapped in their specific blankies. They also have a bed (the rocking chair) where they go "nigh nigh" a lot. She is great about sharing her pretend food and drinks with everyone, is very interested in the potty, turns her blankets into pillows while sleeping, loves picnics in our living room, randomly shouts "Go" when on top of something high and then dives off even if no one is there to catch her, loves popcorn, sings and plays ring around the roses by herself, loves swimming but not if dad's there, still a unique eater, counts to 10 but 4,5,7,8,9 all sound the same, and loves to give the baby in my tummy kisses. I LOVE HER and her sweet/sassy little attitude!