Thursday, July 26, 2012

oh rosie girl

Turning one is quite the accomplishment, and requires 2 parties!
We had a twin cousin birthday celebration at grandma faylenes on the Sunday before your bday. You refused to take a nap that day but were surprisingly happy!
 I can't believe the twin cousins are one! Look how they've grown...

Opening presents! Loved putting her jammers on as a scarf/hat.

She just realized that it was her party and that she could indeed cry if she wants to!

An airplane went by

Then on your actual birthday, July 17th, we had friends over. You chose your favorite dinner-chicken and stuffing casserole. You were not overly excited about your cake, but the ice cream was a hit! Instead of going to the Splash park as planned, we all just went outside and I gave you a giant bowl of water to splash around in! (man does that sound white trash or what)?!

Now for the info:
You weigh 19lbs and 30.5 inches tall. {30% weight 88% height)
You say dog, airplane, hi, bye, dadda, daddy, momma, meow, no, ya and will copy words. I said to you "Say hi to grace" and BAM. you said, "Hi grace!" so cute!
You took 8 steps when walking to daddy on his lunch break. And you were pretty dang excited about it.
You took your first trip to Lagoon with friends-which also happened to be your first time breaking the law (more on this to come! Ha)!
You still dance to everything
You look soooo cute when you eat your string cheese! like SOO cute!
You sleep from about 8-8 each night with 2 long naps during the day. slowly transitioning you to the one nap a day thing.
You had your first pony tail
You love to give me kisses and lay on my shoulder for "loves"
You are so calm if you have a cracker in your hand. Pinky up of course!
You wave hi and bye and have perfected the "high-five"
You love your mother more than anyone!
You love birds and dogs and kitties, and fake laughing and walks and crackers and drinks and cottage cheese and yogurt and most of the human food you try.

Happy birthday baby girl. One sure is fun!

P.S. It's my birthday today and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have my Stori, my SDR, and my family! This is a good life! I would say celebrating your birthday is more fun than celebrating my own!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A poem for our ONE year old.

On July 17th, this very same day,
You decided to bust out, all ready to play!
We walked for miles and miles to help you out
I guess it worked, cause 12 hours later, your mother did shout!
We gave you your name, Astoria Rose
We were pleased to see your tiny (not witch) nose!
We loved you so much, especially the hair.
Others wanted to hold you, but it was hard to share!!
You never cried, but boy did you pee.
You were the cutest little thing, we ever did see!

Now that you’re older, we love you even more!
And thanks for loving us, even though we are poor.
You sure are a spicy little thing full of sass,
and you eat everything you see, including our grass.
We pray for you daily, to choose the right,
And each day that you do so, we are filled with delight
You speak languages we don’t understand,
And you dance so dang vigorously to any ol’ band!
We love to watch you learn and grow,
But time goes so fast, so please just take it slow!
Your first birthday is fun and very exciting,
And I hope you love this poem we are currently writing.
To end it we just really want to say,
We love you more than anything, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

You are the best daughter two parents could ever ask for! Thanks for making us so happy. We are so immensely blessed to have you in our lives and love our callings as parents!
many more pictures to come! We had a fantastic day! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

CFFR7 and the Sick Summer

I think this summer should officially be dubbed the "Sick Summer." We can not catch a break with all the sicknesses going on! First it was Hand-foot-mouth disease for all the little munchkins (and me) and now another throw-up-dead-to-the-world sickness. Since it is my family reunion, these sicknesses just keep making the rounds.... I got it the 3rd and 4th (along with many others) and now SDR and Stori have it for the weekend! But that doesn't stop us from partying all week long! 

A little of what we did:
attempted to hike Darby, but ended up going to Cave Falls and Mesa Falls.
BBQ for Coles Bday
Water balloon volleyball
Campouts in mom's "forrest"
hammock swinging
porch sitting
draw something playing
endless eating
throwing up
7th annual CFFR fun run and 5k
picture taking
lack of sleeping
lot's of cooking
Dutch oven
Late night talking
firework watching
Ross shopping
and lot's of family bonding! Man how we love this holiday!

Some of the runners
Crossing the finish line

The whole family (and the neighbor kid) I think 46?

Some grandkids

VERY FIRST Toney pails
Cave Falls

All the Red heads

Stori stayed awake and alert for all the fireworks!
 CFFR7 was a success!!!