Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!

You would have been 61 yesterday!
We celebrated by eating you're famous chili and playing games as a family.
You are missed by so many people. Especially me.
Love you papa. Happy Birthday

It's a Wonderful Life indeed

Christmas, for us, began early this year,
fake christmas eve was full of family cheer.

we shared our talents and ate much food,
played games and certainly dressed for the mood.

Yes ugly Christmas sweaters this year again,
but who cares when you're spending it with friends.

we sang and played and danced oh my,
and Christmas pudding was made with just one try.

Josh found the almond and didn't even cheat,
and it was his first time winning, so i guess that is neat

we wished all the family could be with us near,
but truly felt the spirit of christmas was hear.


Haha they're so serious

Real Christmas 09 was oh so fun,
I didn't expect it to have so much Sun.

The white thing called snow is very pretty
but doesn't exist in the land of Tri-city(s).

4 of us traveled by car to get there,
with lincoln and me in the back with no warm air.

Jon and Dan drank lots and lots of pop,
which meant we made several rest area stops.

we got there late and hugged our fam,
but kristen was sick, that poor little lamb.

I made all the girls some aprons to wear,
but didn't make them for boys 'cause they wouldn't care.

We feasted all day and movies all night,
we put up the tree and it was a beautiful sight.

Christmas morning was fun and early it came,
it was my first christmas away but it still felt the same.

Loving spouse,siblings, nephews, father and mother
oh and in the morning we talked with Aaron, dan's brother.

St. nick did visit and we opened some fun,
not a single one of our lovely presents was dumb!
Took a walk by the river with camera in hand,
many pictures of Washington, and they were all grand.

Played many games with family close by,
I lost at Apples to apples and it did make me cry.

In the mornings dan and I ran to work out,
and saw the houses he lived in and loved, no doubt.

At night we saw the lights of the season,
But we know that presents and santa aren't the reason.

I had a husband this year to share in this fun,
and I'm happy my family doesn't make him want to run.

2009 brought me a new family to care for
the Radfords are tops. love them. I do truly adore!

I'm grateful for family and feelings so warm,
and glad to celebrate the day our savior was born.

Merry Christmas.
2009 sure didn't let me down! love to all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

Well I surprisingly have several exciting things to post about.
In order of importance:
#1 Our Christmas tree is officially up and decorated! All 3 ½ feet of it.
#2 Finally got to put up all my Christmas decorations that I have been collecting for the last 9 years of my life. I have never seen so many decorations in such a small space!
#3 We live in a house with 4 Christmas trees!
(Switching gears from all things Christmas).
#4 I am officially employed… Dr. Elison, my previous orthodontist of only 9 months, has hired me to be the chair side assistant. I turned down their first offer to be the Treatment Coordinator, but a week later they called back and demanded I be on their staff. I think it’s the red hair.
#5 My full time job means working Monday through Thursday...Gives me all of Friday to sew!!
#6 Good news: I am finally getting over this week long sickness. Bad news: Steven Daniel just got it.
#7 Ate Thai food for the first time together last night. Great food. Got home and had 3 pieces of pizza. Thai people=skinny. Americans=not so much.
#8 Thanksgiving. 4. Days. Away.
#9 Shopping. 5. Days. Away.
#10 All my family will be here for Thanksgiving weekend except Bridget and her family. Lame!
P.S. Happy Birthday today to Jonathon Radford!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Life is good

Life really couldn't get any better!
Right now Dan is painting, I'm on the computer, and together we are watching "while you were sleeping" in our room that is totally decorated for Christmas!
Simple. Relaxing. Perfect. I've never been happier. Totally love Steven Daniel and I really don't think life could get any better this! I'm one lucky gal.

Monday, November 2, 2009 got some 'splainin ta do

Happy Halloween!
Well technically this was our second Halloween, but it was our first married Halloween and actually our very first holiday we've shared as a married couple.
We went to this cute Big Red Barn place to pick out the best pumpkin in Idaho. Steven Daniel is clearly WAY excited about it! :)

We chose a two-faced design for our pumpkin...Dan is the scary and I'm the scared.

Ok we're kind of lame, but Daniel and I aren't really the "Halloween party" type. (You know the kind where you don't know anyone and all the girls are wearing hooker costumes claiming to be dressed up -ya, not our style. ) We just wanted to spend it at home eating pizza and hanging out with family. BUT, that didn't stop us from dressing up. I have always loved the show "I Love Lucy" and have always wanted to dress up like her for a Halloween. Well this year I actually had a Ricky to dress up with so we went all out. It's kind of hard to look like Ricky Ricardo unless you're Cuban, but we parted hair and put a suit on my handsome husband. We went to Rigby and Idaho Falls to deliver goodies to friends and family and then we got Pizza Hut pizza.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay in the car while I go in and order the pizza?"
-Steven Daniel Radford
Hahaha who would be ashamed to go into a restaurant with such a hot lookin Lucy for a wife?! :)

My mom and I made the goodies that Steven Daniel and I took around. I wish we would have taken a picture of them because they were SO CUTE!! Took a whole day of baking and we didn't even finish all the treats we wanted to. Next year.

p.s. how cute are the Christensen kids?! (Would have taken pictures with the others we took treats to but they de-costumed themselves way too quick).

Even though we had a blast, we took down our Halloween decorations faster than you can say "52 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!" We are burning out cinnamon spice candle and I may or may not have put up a nativity set in our bedroom.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009


To catch up on "us", here are some pictures of our ever so exciting lives together. These are just a few of our "Firsts" since we've been dating/married. We started dating June of 2008, and were married August 1st, 2009. There, I think that covers it! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I either need....

a job
a life
something new to sew
something yummy to bake
or learn to blog...

I guess I'll start from the bottom up