Friday, October 23, 2015

Back in the groove

Pictures from our first month back in Provo: Play dates, swimming, daily walks, park trips, crazy faces, races, painting, drawing, library story times, dance class for Stori (she's a HUGE FAN), star fall computer learning, lounging, waterfall searching, rock throwing, bike riding, temple finding Utah living, and Utah loving! This is such a great place for us! 

Dan turns 31

Dan is always in the first week of school for his birthday. Since we have been married, he has knkh NOT gone to school on his bday once... Because it was a Sunday! He's so great! Never complains about that or the fact that he never gets good presents. One day when we have more than $7! ;)
The kids were VERY excited to paint him a picture for him to hang up in his study desk at school. And he is very gracious and makes them feel like a million bucks by his reactiont!

Stori and sylvie also decorated our driveway for him!

^^dropping off their masterpieces to daddy!
And this picture was just to she his cute he is with our kids! When I'm at plasma or volleyball, he takes that chance to take them swimming. We sure love this 31 yr old! :)

Hiking in the mountains of Utah

The hike to Stewart falls. About 4 miles round trip---such a beautiful and shaded trail. The kids did great once we started our scavenger hunt to distract them from the hiking! :)

^^Y hike with Amanda! This baby sure made me sweat!

^^dan hiked timp and convicted Ryan and Amanda to hike it with him! I was home watching the children since it would have been too long for them to hike. One of these days I'll get a babysitter 
^^ the kids decided to hike up the face of bridal veil falls. They got most of the way up before we forced them to stop. They were loving it, and it was fun to see them passionate about hiking 

Grotto falls! One of my favorite trails in one of my favorite places. This is up Payson Canyon---a place we could definitely live by!

Cascade springs! Super easy but short cool! Only about 1.5 round trip

Another favorite trail! This one was a hike to the giant Escalante Cross. The cross just happens to have the most beatiful view ever!

This sad little orphalin hanging with her buddy Ry Ry up Provo canyon 

We are having such a great time going on new adventures each week! Provo pretty much rocks!