Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh the places we will go...

Things we want, and need, to do this summer.

In no particular order:

  1. Go to SLC for a temple trip
  2. Wander over to Montana and visit my sister Megan-get a tick
  3. Travel to Northern Idaho for the very 1st Radford Family Reunion
  4. Climb Tablerock
  5. Climb Mt. Borah
  6. Climb the South Teton (Dan only)
  7. Hike Darby with the fam
  8. Camp on a regular basis
  9. Mt. Biking
  10. Lava Hot Springs
  11. Star Valley for Memorial Day
  12. Ririe Reservoir
  13. Take a trip for our 1 year anniversary
  14. Run a race/triathlon
  15. Work work work
  16. Wait for Dan to get done with homework so we can do all these things
  17. Take pictures of the Tetons in Spring and Summer by that dang cute barn
  19. Floating
  20. Fishing
  21. Playmill
  22. Hike the Butte with Steven Daniel for old times sake...wink wink

This post is unfinished because there are more things for our list that we can't think of right now, but we are excited for a full fun summer!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pie-is it really that difficult?

I once made a pie. it was fine. Then I made another pie. it was salty. I tried had no salt.I made another one.horrible. You could say I struggle making Steven Daniels favorite dessert.
So what part of my brain told me I should make one for Dan's family? Sorry the pie crust was so doughy-hope we can still be friends. Atleast the fajitas were edible.
These were my little pie helpers holding up their own mini pie-that one actually tasted good. Unless they were lying to me to be nice. That's probably it.
This is the pie I thought was going to be yummy.
This is me, still thinking that the pie was going to be good...perhaps one day I'll figure it out. *Hint* cook the pie all the way through before serving.
Atleast we had great company! Love you guys!
p.s. I love these pictures of Dan's parents!

Canyon de Verde

30 seconds in a cold pool
5 minutes in a hot pool
2 hours in a warmish pool
7 belly flops
4 chips for making lips
10 cheesy fingers
1 handsome little boy's birthday
1 fun weekend at Green Canyon with the Fam. Happy B-day Iko and Lexi!


Valentines this year was splended indeed,
we bought things for us we didn't really need.
He picked out his and I picked out mine,
bargain shoppers we are and Roadhouse we did dine.
A hat, a watch and earings for me
a tie, cologne, and a giant bunch of grapes for he.
Love is terrific, it"s enchanting even,
and I wouldn't want to share it with anyone but Steven.