Tuesday, June 29, 2010


  • done seeing patients at 4:00
  • 96* temps
  • family galore at mi casa
  • cute hubby who "loves me more than wolves love eating rabbits"
  • porch sitting 'til sunset
  • delish food for snarfing
  • cute kids for tickling
  • hubby who finished homework at work so we can chill all night
  • only 2 more days of working before I go to UTAH for CFFRness
  • an all around lovely day
It's days like today that make me realize that I CAN and WILL get through this awful haircut...

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like June 25th

"Badoobeedo dum dum. dumdeeduhm. badoobeedo dum dum dumdeedum.
I'm...dum dum...Dreaming...dum dum...of a White... dum dum...Christmas."
-Steven Daniel Radford

Sunday, June 13, 2010

red ROBIN hood

Date: Friday June 11, 2010
Place: Red Robin
Second Place: Robin Hood
Invited: Steven Daniel
Reason for date: I have a crush on you
R.S.V.P. You better go or else
Name of Date: "RED ROBIN HOOD"

For 5 weeks in a row, Steven Daniel suggested going to "Robin Hood" for our date. For 5 weeks in a row I gave other suggestions that were much cheaper. On the 6th week I finally decided I would get tickets for the movie and take my handsome husband out on a fun date. I decided to name the date, "RED ROBIN HOOD." brilliant eh? I have had a few bad experiences at Red Robin lately so I was hesitant to eat there, but I HAD to because I had already named our date and it would just be wrong to call it "TEXAS ROADIN HOOD."

So we ate. we watched. we loved what we ate. we loved what we watched. I highly recommend taking a RED ROBIN HOOD date with the one you love! (And try the new honey mustard grilled chicken sandwich. mmm).

Friday, June 11, 2010

943 pictures

3 days in Star Valley, Wyoming over Memorial Day weekend
....Let me recap our trip....
  • Pictures taken: 943-Yes, Daniel did take 943 pictures in just 3 days!! 100 pictures of Miles, 200 of birds, 600 of were of "Letters" for me, and 43 of trees.(I love watching Steven Daniel take pictures cause he's so darn cute)!
  • drove our new KIA
  • saw 4 bald eagels
  • saw 0 moose
  • not a singel bear encounter
  • within walking distance of a Maverick. Maverick=frozen yogurt and soda....LOTs of Fro yo and soda!!!
  • visited my dads grave. Remembered what a great Father, Grandfather, husband and friend he was/is.
  • stayed in my uncles cute little cabins
  • floated the river with my uncle elwin on his river boat
  • had a fish-fry from all the fish my uncle caught.
  • fed by aunt Suzanne. oh so tastey
  • hung out with family-ALWAYS a blast!
  • drove lots and lots of miles looking at the beautiful mountains
  • still saw no moose-why must they hide from me???
  • -kissed a boy on the Wyoming line. (we kiss on every state border we cross-yes we're dorks).
  • watched the office
  • had muy delicioso homemade breakfast every morning. thanks uncle kirk/aunt dannette
  • frolfed
  • talked about going running
  • didn't go running
  • we collected pictures of nature that spell out "DAN and MEL RADFORD" it was a blast and I think it turned out really well. Look at the very top of the page and you'll see "RADFORD."
  • and on our way home we stopped for some wonderful square ice cream!