Friday, August 28, 2015

1st day of school x's 2

This year, I had to send two of my babies off to school on the same day! SDR started his second year of Law School and Astoria started preschool. Most of the kids in her class are in it for the 2nd time, but I wasn't about to send her off when she was only 3. No way, no how!
She was so lucky to get into the MWF am class (found out the day before that she was next on the waiting list and the spot was ours if we wanted it). Turns out the class is with her BF Caprice! It made it easier for her (and for me) to go to school and not be sad!

^^also in her class was a girl name Lizzie. Her and stori would always be at the "yellow" park at the same time several times a week and would play Octonauts together! And we always seemed to end up at Story time at the library together too. It's weird actually---never made plans with, or even spoke to, her mom, so it was a fun surprise to see lizzie in her class.
We had a "back to school" dinner the night before. Dan, Ryan, Jon, and Stori were all the back-to-schoolers... And only 1 of those mentioned was excited about it. :)

^^both are looking a little nervous here ha!
Sylvie and I spent the entire preschool time (2.5 hrs) shopping. It is definitely weird (and easy) taking just one kid shopping! So easy that we did it on day 2 also ha! :)
I didn't shed any mom tears, but Sylvie did! She kept looking at Stori's car seat and asking "where she go?" Then I realized that this was their first time really being apart! I really missed her while she was gone... I'm only away from her at church during primary. I picked her up and heard all about preschool on the way home--she is really loving it, so I can't be too sad I guess.

Dan is already into a good schedule for law school. He has all his classes with Ryan or Jon, and doesn't have any class on Fridays. Right now actually, he is climbing mt. Timp with Ryan and Amanda! I think we will have a lot more time with him this year and that makes me excited! sorry Netflix... You won't get as much attention this year.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


We did a Yellowstone/Jacskon trip with Dans parents, grandma, sister and nephews in August. We didn't see very much wildlife, and it was a long day, but we still had a lot of fun. 

^^lunch break

For some reason this was our first time to Colter Bay in Jackson! The water is warm and it has a little beach even. There were several paddle boarders and swimmers, but since we didn't know what to expect, we didn't even pack swimming suits for the extremely hot day. Our kids did get in though.... Which meant a naked ride home! Haha and stori had to wear a diaper until her panties dried. Which wasn't long because I hung them out the window 😁  

Old faithful
Stori's bday present from granny faylene (well what we used her bday money to buy). Stori saw it at the old faithful gift shop and fell in love. She wears her Bambi purse everyday.
Until the fall Yellowstone/Jackson!


Sylvie's love language is Shoes. Hands down. She was in shoe heaven the whole summer because there were so many people there. She didn't really discriminate. Either; heels, cleats, flip flops, bum-high boots, you name it! Between my mom, Amanda, and myself we got a pretty good collection.
 Enjoy :)

Always a classic. Different shoes for each foot
Her personal favorite 

CFFR10 and a 30 yr old

Our family reunion & CFFR10, landed on my birthday weekend this year. And this year, our family fun run was 3 fold: half marathon, kids run after, and then the official run that evening. I technically ran the IF half twice in my 29th year, because it was on my bday last year, and the day before it this year! It's a fun race, and this time I beat my time because I ran with speed demon Megan! I think we finished in 1:55...?? I can't actually remember. Nothing spectacular, but it kicked my butt. It was so fun to do it with so many family members! I think there were 8 of us that did the half and 13 kid finishers! After the adults finished, the IF Half people put on a mile run for kids. Both of our girls ran the whole thing... Along with several cousins. I wasn't going to have sylvie do it, but once stori took off with Lexi and Clara, sylvie took off after them. So that meant I had to do the mile run with them! Bright red face and all! It was fun, and each kid got a medal! 
When we got home we did fun minute to win it games for our reunion! We also ate yummy food, lounged on the deck, and enjoyed the perfect weather lewisville offered us! That evening after the family run, we hung out by the fire or on the deck until everyone headed out to their tents to camp. We woke up the next morning and I had turned 30! We had every member of the family (except Jon and Taylor) there for family pictures! (And we had some very sore runners)! Then off to church where they noted that Faylene's family filled the whole church ha! Back home for more family fun, yummy food, and a homemade cake made by my lovely domestic husband! :) he actually made 3 desserts: cake, pie, and root beer floats. Plus Bridget made a double batch of brownies. It was a grand birthday with all my favorite people! 

Meg's got skilzz. 

 Future marathoners 

^not all the grandkids, I don't know who has the copy with all of them?

^minute to win it! 
^sylvie and aunt bridgie! (Formerly known as Mel according to June bug) :)
^^all of moms posterity minus 2...and Amanda is actually an adult, just looks like an infant next to me the giant, and her hubby! Haha!
^best part of this picture is Dan! Ya know when you feed little kids and you open your mouth when they go to take a bite without realizing it...? That's what he's doing here I think ha!
Could NOT get a bday fam picture! Too many cousins to go play with 

Ahhhh... Summer nights and this awesome family! Nothing better

^^Dr. S. Daniel Radford, professor of law and photography. These girls are learning from the best! 
never ending pictures of these 2 cuties!