Wednesday, October 22, 2014

LSM: more fun

Checked another thing off the bucket list... We hiked to bridal veil falls as a family and the view/colors were amazing. It's just up Provo canyon and about 5 miles from our house. (Another plus of where we live).

And while Dan was busy writing a 14 page paper, we went with the Allred's to the BYU homecoming parade---where Stori got many hugs, high fives, and hand delivered candies from the parade folk. Both her and Sylvie LOVED it! And I developed some serious BYU pride!

Earlier in the week I got to babysit  Rai and Tracen and I decided to entertain all 4 kiddos at the 'yellow park.' Sounds kinda crazy, but it was actually easier to have them there! Stori and Tracen played and entertained each other for about 2.5 hrs. without one single fight. Pretty good for two 3 year olds.

Last week and this week Dan has been much busier with all this law school mumbo jumbo. We sure miss him while he's gone---and turns out he actually misses us too! ;)

But when he is home he sure makes his girls fall in love with him
this one is called, "Spider Sylvie" and if you ever hold her she will try to bend over backwards to kick her feet up to the ceiling so she can do this trick. She's so dang cute.

Oh and that picture reminds me that we finally tried a new restaurant!!! Thanks you thank thank you Allred's for Cubby's!! It was beyond delicious.

And after the fun weekend with the Allreds, both of my kids were tired enough to take long naps! Stori hasn't napped in weeks, so this was big!
she just needed a little bribing---she wore her princess punzel dress and slept in our bed 

Took this photo on the way home from our walk yesterday. These are our condo's and I think the trees are so beautiful right now.
and these 2 crazies hid under this little white table so that they could down an entire package of ritz crackers. haha the little sneaky snooks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mormon Row is great for family pictures...

… that is, if your family wants great family pictures….
you can count with one finger how many pictures all of us are looking at the camera…
but i love being the mom of 2 crazy cuckoo noggins.
And the wife of a handsome man who didn't get mad when I accidentally shaved off his side burns. :)
^that's the one and only ^

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

interview on biggity bug. stori version

I had Stori answer questions about Sylvie, the 14 month old, just to see how well she really does know her best little friend sister.

Me: Hi Stori, let's start with an easy question. What's Sylvie's favorite color?
Stori: Mom, can you just tell me. I don't know what it is. but maybe… blue?
M: favorite food?
S: Strawberries and bananas. (pretty good, but I would say mashed taters or spaghetti)
M: favorite toy?
S: Purple Monkey (yuppers)
M: favorite friend?
S: Lila and Tracen….wait...actually, ME!
M: What is she afraid of?
S: Crocodiles (She's spot on for this one. Sylvie cried the hardest I have ever seen when she accidentally clicked on an animal sound app and opened the crocodile one. It was so sad. Now I know why they call them crocodile tears ;) )
M: Where is Sylvie's favorite place to shop?
S: Macy's groceries (hmmm, doubt it)
M: How many teeth does Sylvie have?
S: 2. (technically she is getting her 3rd tooth but you can't see it, so we'll count that as correct)
M: Who is Sylvie's favorite princess?
S: Sleeping beauty (?)
M: What is her favorite TV show?
S: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. (right again)
M: Who is her favorite person ever?
S: Princess Punzel (I think the real answer is me. Mama's girl through and through)
M: How old do you think Syvlie is?
S: One
M: What color is her hair?
S: Red (she's good)
M: What's her favorite snack?
S: Cheerios (Wrongo! she hates those nowadays. I think it would be veggie straws)
M: Can she walk?
S: ya she can. And she can drink my milk. (Huh??? No. Sylvie only walks along furniture. and she never shares milk with sister. She hates cold milk. so frustrating on road trips)
M: ok Stori, this is the last question. What's your favorite thing about your sister?
S: we play tea-parties togevver. (And that's the truth. they could both do that for hours.)

Overall, I feel this interview pretty much describes our june bug. She's getting a little spicy in this stage of life, but I can still tell that she is a sweet little tender girl. She gives amazing loves and kisses, and is always up for playing with her big sister that loves her so.

 We are working on this girls "Cheese" face. It's slightly more scary than adorable. still adorable though right? :)

haha I think this is the scariest of the "cheese" faces
downing all the 'spassghetti'

here is purple monkey that stori said was her fave toy
I'm convinced she will crawl out of her crib any day now… she manages to climb to some pretty high places---(i'm aware that this stroller isn't high, but I love how she always climbs in here for Stori to push her)
tried 'lemolade' for the first time. She's a fan

this is our new bedtime routine. It puts both of them to sleep. I think it will be so fun for them to share a room soon! 

LOVE you biggity bug! And you too Stori Rosie girl. Methinks we got pretty dang lucky in the kid deptartment!

Monday, October 13, 2014

LSM: 2 weeks of good times goodness!

Last weekend I didn't get a chance to write because we were off having so much fun!
 It was general conference and we stayed home for the first weekend in a LONG time! We also got to hang out with some of our very best friends, the Allred's! They stayed with us on Saturday night and left Sunday morning. The guys went to a movie late Saturday and Alana and I talked until 1am. Stori and Tracen played and played and then cried and cried when Tracen had to leave. They love each other so much and it makes us love the Allred's even more! :)
On Sunday afternoon we crossed another thing off of our Provo bucket list; drive the Alpine loop! It was the perfect conference day activity---just ask everyone else in Provo that also decided to drive it! We still had a lot of fun looking at the beautiful mountains and colors despite all the people.
We got home and Stori rode her bike all the way to the park and we let them play for a while. It's so much easier having Dan at the park with me haha!

Totally jealous of my 3 yr olds hair!
Earlier that week we were able to hang out with the Forester girls and we took the kids to that same park where they played for hours and hours. Stori and Lila are still great friends that can make each other laugh really hard in between the fights haha!

Visiting Daddy at Law School! 
Last Monday we had uncle Jonny over for dinner for Monday night football, I made Halloween costumes, and got stuff ready for a baby shower we had for mutual on Wednesday. That whole week was just as busy as that Monday! But a good busy: it was dans fall break so we got to play a lot and he had to work a lot so that we could leave Thursday for Idaho! It was our annual Yellowstone trip that got turned Jackson hole trip! Out family, Megan's family, and mom all got to spend the night there and then explore Jackson! We hiked to Cascade Falls around Jenny lake! It was 5.2 miles and everyone did awesome!! Not a single kid complained! (And we even hiked during lunch time without food). We also: got family pictures taken, saw bison at Mormon row, saw plenty of deer, saw mom spill her soda twice in the car, heard stori laugh for 20 minutes because of said soda incident, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs (stori ate 3 hot dogs---must have been hungry after that hike she did) drove around oxbow, and then headed home through Wilson to see 2 big moose! We love family time and love our annual trip!
you know she's serious about driving when the binkers takes a back seat.
gathering rocks to throw. repeat.
Syvlie and Granny were doing this naturally, but when they stopped, Stori asked them to go back and pose so she could get a picture. She thought it was pretty cute I guess.  :) She's got the eye for photography.
half way point of our hike
Of course Sylvie fell asleep while Dan carried her… and the only time store got carried is when she got injured. She insisted on "hoppity scoppity" over every rock. Granny "helped" her cross a poison canyon that injured her rear end. And that's why Granny is holding her. :)
Not sure Sylvie really cared that much that she saw an amazing waterfall.
Tommy and Stori
Maizy found a rock shaped like Utah and she is pointing to Clarkston and Provo! :)
At the top of the hike. Waiting for our turn to get pictures taken.
awe. the whole group.

Thanks Meg for taking some family pics! I'll post the rest later.

And if you want to see some of dan's pictures from when he got up early on Saturday, just click HERE . All the pictures aren't done uploading yet because they are huge files, but there are 6 good ones on his blog for now! :)