Monday, March 30, 2015

Kissing 3 year old

I got my first kiss when I was 19 (or 20?) Astoria Rose got her first kiss at the ripe old age of 3!!! 
She has always been my little cozy, lovey-dovey, smoochy, cuddly girl that is always telling me she loves me; so it makes sense that she is so "cozy" with a little boy in her primary class. Her teachers say they hold hands when they walk to class and when one of them gets hurt, the other always makes sure they feel better. Which is cute and adorable. BUT then this Sunday they said they had to separate them cause the little boy smooched her! (Gasp)! The teachers were laughing so hard when they told us.
So we sat her down after church yesterday and discussed how she should behave in church, and what is appropriate. Not sure if it will make a difference, because she definitely has a crush; we were making 7 layer dip tonight and when she saw me open the olives she said, "hey mom, those are olives, like OLIVER!!!" All while blushing and smiling. Oh me oh my what are we going to do with her?

On a better note, I took stori on a date Saturday night, and after we left the Disney store she grabbed me to hug my leg and said that was the best day ever and was so happy to have a good mommy! Aweeee that cute little boy-kissing-dang-cute-baby girl.

I'm loving their new spring dresses stori and I got on our date for Easter.

Ward Easter egg hunt with friends Caprice and hazel.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some of March n such

 We have stupid door knobs that make us think our door isn't locked from the inside, but is Iocked from the outside. 
So last Sunday this happened:
Played outside for hours
stori needed to go potty 
Discovered we were Locked out 
Stori pees by a tree
Landlord drives 40 miles to let us in
Feeling stupid 
Glad it was warm, and finally back into our place at about 9pm.
Dan tried every opening to our house, but no luck.

^^entertaininf ourselves while waiting to get in to our apt.

The rest of the week was a lot of fun. Lots of playing with friends: forester girls, amber & ezra, Tracen, Melissa and their kids, running and playing with the Pfaffroths (Heidi, Chris, and baby hazel),  and a bonfire with Jon and Jocelyn, and Ryan and Amanda.( some law school friends). I feel like we are some lucky lucky Radfords to have such great friends in our lives.

^^the bonfire crew. We found a spot out in Spanish fork that reminds us so much of idaho and so of course we LOVED it. We will probably do a lot more bonfires in the future. Our kids were great during it. We opened the hatch to our car, brought some pizza, and let them go at it haha! Real good parents right here.
^^the crazy faces we make when Tracen and Melissa show up! Haha
^^stori took these pics for us! It was such a fun day getting to see Ambs and meet little ezra! Then continue to play with the forester girls.
^^playing all day and washing all dirt off in a bath.

Let's hope March continues to be amazing and full of fun memories!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sylvie June Radford 19

This little cutie has been in nursery for one whole month and has finally gone to the class for the whole time! Hopefully it's not just a fluke.
She is still loving her sister more than about anything, and I love that they can't walk too far without hugging each other. Stori makes sure that she has someone to play with always, and when she introduces herself to other friends, she also tells them her little sister's name.
Sylvie is still a sweet, sensitive little bug. She still has tantrums, but they don't last long and she is always quick to hug me or stori afterwards.
Favorite meals; breakfast-oatmeal and toast. Lunch-cottage cheese and yogurt. Dinner-granny spaghetti or 7 layer dip
Snacks-pirates booty, goldfish, apples.
Sleeps from 8-9ish with the new time change. Naps from 1-3.
Talks in the sweetest little voice. Favorite thing she says is, 'thdank yoooh.'
She can copy most things we say, but here are some words she says on her own.
Love you
Uh-book-book (book)
nigh nigh. nigh nigh temple, jesus, etc.
uh oh drop it
got it
go? (as in where'd they go?)
there it is
uh huh
thank you
no thank you
and she signs "please" still.
None of these are super easy to understand, but I know all of them and love her CUTE voice!
She is always waving and saying hi to people, even strangers, and especially at church. Has a new little buddy hazel, and they love to hold hands and go down slides together. She is also becoming best buds with Nora forester and I love seeing them play together
I realize this is a long and boring post to anyone but me, but I don't want to forget any of these adorable traits of my 19 month old. I love these tiny humans of mine.

Story time with friend hazel each week^^

^^visiting with dad on St. Patty's day

St. Patty's day dinner.... Green salads and silly faces

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend with some Rigby folk

Last weekend we were lucky enough to get to play with the Rigby Christensen's! Josh came from Vegas and Amanda and kids came from Rigby. It was pretty much a solid party for 2.5 days! We watched big hero 6, grabbed some hot and fresh Krispie kernes, went running, played at the park, hiked the Y, ate at red robin, shopped at target until they kicked us out, played dress up, more big hero 6, and a whole lot of cuteness between the cousins! It really was so much fun! And again, I love where we live!!!

^^painting another picture to take to daddy's law school 

^^stori literally cried when her cousins left!

Our first Y hike of the year 

Our kids were completely wiped out from playing, staying up late, and getting up early that they actually fell asleep hiking! Yes, MY kids fell asleep somewhere other than their own beds! And stori sleeping on dans shoulders was too perfect! Poor Danny boy, haha!

The Christensen kids did great hiking---Radford kids not so much. Unless you count sleeping-then they excelled at sleep hiking

Love family time so much! And this weather ain't to shabby 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Having fun!

Besides Dan and I getting sick, this last week has been a lot of fun! I started donating plasma again and am making pretty good money---I'm saving up for Stori's preschool and for a new pair of pants! These running pants get worn way too many times a week. So even though plasma doesn't sound fun, the reason for it is!
The weather has been in the high 60's and low 70's this week so we have been riding bikes, running outside, story time, play dates, taking 2-a-day park trips, playing with new friend baby hazel and her mom Heidi (They are in our ward and live right next to us), and finishing off the weekend with celebrating Alicia's birthday on Friday. I watched their kids (my kids played with their kids) while they went to some hot springs. Then we went to dinner at a downtown Provo restaurant. Then we came back to our place for ice cream and laughing while the kids played. Saturday night we went on a long bike ride to the lake, back to the yellow park to play, home for some quick food and then over to Heidi and hazels house for some s'mores!
These last 2 weeks have been so fun! We also  can't wait to head to idaho for Easter. Speaking of Easter... Kind of... But this week I realized that I actually like spring! I don't know if it's Provo, or just the year 2015 in general, but there are blossoms on all the trees, and NO brown snow or ugly bare trees! Plus 70* weather! So thanks Mother Nature 2015. My family and I sure appreciate it! 

^^^see, it really is time for me to get some new pants!
^^ I asked them who was going to win the road rally... Apparently 2 winners

I might be the only human who loves it when the time changes. When I see that the clock says 9:00 when my kids wake up, I can already tell it's going to be a good day!
The 1,2,3,4 (age) group!

^^the very stressful tea party. Real water was involved and everywhere we turned we were stepping in puddles.
A little downtown action! It was a lot of fun, and I sure love where we live!!

There's the evidence of spring we saw on one of our evening runs..