Friday, May 29, 2015

Dear 40 year old me,

I just finished the book, What Alice Forgot, (yes, I actually put down the Netflix remote) and it talks about her losing 10 years worth of her memory. The last thing she remembers is being pregnant with her first baby, and happily married. After she passes out and wakes up, she finds out that she has 3 kids, and a husband she is divorcing. Depressing right?
It is such a good book though and really makes you think about life, and how horrible it would be to forget all the small yet wonderful day to day things. 
So here are a few things right now, in my boring yet exciting life, that i don't want to forget when I turn 40:

Stori's first "bad word." On our way home from Jackson she was looking for her Flynn Rider doll. I found it and jokingly said, "hey who's this guy I just found?" Stori replies with, "that's Flynn rider ya IDIOT!" Haha she said it so sassy but not mean at all! She said she heard it at the grocery store that day. She felt really bad that she said it and hopefully she doesn't start picking up on words Dan or I say! ;)

I would hate to forget her very personal and unique prayers.... Thank thee for the holy ghost, that's actually a nice ghost, the corn in my taco soup, Jesus, the neverbeast, for Sylvie to be normal like me and grow up listening to me while I listen to mama, thank thee for Porter park & carousel, for Thomas s monson, for kwazzi the cat, for temples and my hair to grow like punzels all the way to the ground from my special tower for friends to climb but not to be ouchie, thank thee for mommy to be a princess, and colorful marshmallows...etc she is very specific with them and  glad she realizes all her blessings! :)
I love how much she loves her sister, and family. She is queen of saying I love you, and giving out hugs and kisses. She has the cutest voice I've ever heard, and loves to talk all day about anything! 

I don't want to forget how Sylvie is developing her own spicy, yet so darn sweet personality. Says the sweetest things, but also mastered the cutest "no, no, no," and "mine." She's polite and is great at saying, "mama, more, please." And "thank youuu." Her eye lashes are so long they practically reach above her eye brows!
 She has known her letters and their sounds since about 19 months. She points them out on shirts, shows, books, etc.
 Loves horsies and pop tarts more than anyone I know. Hates all forms of veggies right now. (Unless she dips them in ranch). She is NOT a morning person while she's teething, but IS a night person and is so ticklish right under her chin. She's a poser, a dancer, a singer, a bike lover, moms shadow, and a fun daughter who can just play and play and play! 

I don't want to forget That Dan is stressing about the future and how he can provide for us, despite my efforts to convince him that I don't want to be rich. He's a smart law student, a great dad who plays with his kids, a great husband who rubs my feet nightly, a best friend that I love spending every spare minute with, and overall one of the very best people I know!

I sure hope I don't forget this perfectly imperfect life we have going on right's kind of the best!

^^we have only had one day where the hammock was dry, but I know it will bring us daily happiness in the future!

^^made a hailman during one of the worst hail storms my eyes have ever seen!

Memorial Day in Wyoming

^^Signal mountain
^^always cuddling

Monday, May 18, 2015

First week in Idaho

Well sheesh, it's great to be in Idaho! We realized that we missed Idaho while still living in Provo, but once we got here, we realized just how MUCH we love it here. We go running and don't have to run past any cars--Ever-- Just horses and cows and farmland! Plus the water can't be beat! It has rained almost every day we have been here, but the kids are so entertained by my moms toys that they haven't noticed we haven't been to a park yet. But believe you me, stori hasn't forgot about them; we here about Porter Park and the carousel several times a day, "after Memorial Day the horsies will be awake for us to ride and Porter park will be just so great won't it mama. Oh I love Porter park!" I agree with her, Porter park is truly amazing and full of the best memories!

The first day we got to Idaho, I went straight to rexburg to watch my cute niece, Grace open her mission call to Guadalajara, Mexico! She goes to the mtc in Mexico on September 30th!! 

The kids are also loving all this time with Granny! They are so excited to see her when she gets home from work and are constantly following her around when she is home!

Dan had his first day of his Externship on May 13th. He was so nervous! Now that he is a week and a half into it, he feels much more confident and is working on a lot of research for cases. He really liked going to a hearing they had, and says the firm is really great about not overworking everyone. The hours are mon-fri 9-5! It's great! I hope he can get a job with this same schedule when he graduates!

My mom and I took Stori to see Cinderella at the movie theater! It was a lot of fun and we all loved the movie and popcorn! :)

We got together with Josh's family while he was in town and hit up the best food ever---Texas roadhouse! The kids had fun with their cousins while we were waiting to be seated! 

On my moms day off last week, we decided to embrace Sylvies curls and curled her hair after bath time! She looked so cute! Wish I knew how to fix curly hair better! 

Somehow I didn't get a single picture of my mom on her bday!!! We left home at about 11am and shopped until about 6. The kids were exhausted, but did pretty great considering. We had cafe rio for lunch, and had dessert at chick-fil-a... Frosted lemonade and a fresh peach shake! Oh gosh I'm already ready to go back for more! When we shopped all we could shop, we went home and had cherry pie and ice cream. A great day with granny faylene as she turned 66! :)
Idaho, you really are a gem and can't wait for those horsies to finally wake up! :)
^^future missionary!
^^pretend sleepers
^^ Maudie and Bear... One of stori's favorite books!
^^first day on the (volunteer) job!
The curls and miss SJ

^^movie theatre!

^^watching the new tinker bell movie after breakfast and before bath time.
^^Stori and daddy completed this puzzle together instead of a bedtime story.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Last weekend in Provo

We had so many visitors once Dan got out of school, and we packed as much as we could into our last weeks in Provo.

Dan's family came and we ventured to: the bean museum, cafe rio, bridal veil falls, sundance, red rock restaurant for prestons graduation, and to fairview Utah to visit cathy's dads headstone. It was her first time going to visit it since he was buried in 1996. We toured the town and found dans great grandpas house. And it was for sale! :) it's in a beautiful small town and it was a fun little adventure!
We also had a yummy breakfast, lunch, and dinner made by SDR for Mother's Day. His family came to church with us and we got to see Stori sing a primary song. (Which was mainly just her chompin on her gum--her new favorite snack). It was a fun week and we loved having Dan play with us all day err day!

While his family went to the graduation, we took our kids to the Hogle Zoo. We got there right as it stopped raining, so there was hardly anyone there! Score!

This lion walked right up to Stori, smashed his face against the glass and then yawned a HUGE yawn. She wasn't scared until she looked right down his throat! 

It was 80+ degrees and we loved it... For the most part! We also had 3 days of rain and also loved that! (Mainly because we had an excuse not to run ha).

^^mothers day 2015. The door picture continues! And another new door to boot! I love being a mom so much, and love being the wife to the amazing SDR, and love being the daughter of the greatest mom out there! I am tremendously blessed! 
Our ward put together these questions that all the primary kids answered! I was lucky that nothing incriminating got in there! ;)
Now we are in Idaho and starting this new adventure for the summer! It's gonna be a good one! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

More visitors=more fun

We have had a busy/packed week and a half since Dan finished school. Actually, we have only had one day together just us, but we are LOVING all our visitors and friend time. This last weekend Meg and her family came and stayed the night. we packed as much as we could into that time: swimming at the Rec center, pizza, Payson Temple open house, playground cousin time, hiking around tibblefork with a picnic, Joel and Dan's bike ride (rode their bikes 33 miles home around the alpine loop from tibblefork with a 10 mile climb at the beginning---Dan didn't see that coming), 2 hr DI trip, In n Out dinner, and a little shopping after. We loved every minute with them! (Especially Stori! She is such a cousin-aholic)!

^^this picture may look the same as the one below, BUT in this one, Sylvie is eating a SNAIL SHELL!! We didn't realize it until she started spitting out all the little shards right after the picture! Blehhhh!

^^don't mind their glares---we had a blast!

Our next visitors arrive in 2 days (for 4 days), and then off to Idaho! Yay!
^^Sylvie discovering the finer things in life; Strawberry shake from In n Out.