Thursday, March 10, 2016

Radfords visit Radfords. and a little depressing note.

Dan's parents and Marisa came and stayed at our place for 5 days. They came for a family wedding, to go to the Temple open house, and to enjoy some good political discussions ;)

The weather was so nice the whole time they were here (about 75*), so we were able to enjoy some time outside. We even went and found a family grave at the Provo cemetery; Titus Billings. 

(I have a lot of pictures, but I have zero desire to put them in order). 
Sylvie did NOT want to get out of the car after she fell asleep. I think Stori was enjoying it. ha

Dan is so lucky to have such beautiful girls in his life.
On Saturday we went to the Dinosaur mall and played for several hours, toured the Al Rounds art gallery, toured the Beehive house, and then spent the rest of the day walking around the temple. Seriously beautiful weather.

We hit up the Provo bakery for some yummy breakfast goods on Saturday. We only live one block away and this was only our second visit. Their glazed croissants are just too good to describe.

This face made me think of aunt Bridget when paired with that hair. My sister had the best 80's hair when she was in high school. 
a little ice cream break at McDonalds while we waited for daddy to get off work. Stori was  so tired that morning that she asked to go back to bed---when she woke up, she was DEVASTATED when I told her she slept through preschool. she kept asking to call her teacher to ask if she could still come.

this girl can just read and read and read. Her preschool teachers say she is one of the best readers in class, and says that not only is she an excellent reader, but that she can comprehend what she reads. So glad, because I didn't enjoy reading at all when I was a kid.

I WON MY FIRST giveaway!!! Well, I won TWO!! Free date night to one of the best restaurants in Downtown Provo. then free Ice cream from the best new ice cream shop in downtown. I am SO EXCITED! 
229 unread text messages----must be political candidate season. 

Sylvie and Stori slept in our room while family was in town. I loved cuddling with my babies.

Speaking of cuddling my babies....

Almost 2 weeks ago now, I found out that sweet little Halle Merrill (who is only 2) suddenly passed away in a horrible snow accident with her sister. My mom works for her dad, and they are family friends from Lewisville. Since hearing the news, I have literally been sick to my stomach and had a constant head ache. I won't go into detail of the way she died, because I don't feel like putting mascara on again today (it is the saddest thing you will ever hear). She is the exact same age as little June bug and was such a beautiful little girl. I haven't been able to put my little girls down since. 
I think I am creating a bad sleeping schedule for Sylvie because I hold her in my arms until she falls asleep. I just keep thinking of how Chris and Cindy don't get to hold their baby girl, and I feel kind of guilty for getting to hold mine. Life is so short. 
Well I don't want this to turn into a sad post, so i'll end with this:
the princess workout. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

oops, I did it again.

I was doing SOOO good with updating my little journal blog. But here I am, almost 3 weeks without an update. So here I go again. 

.Some short visits.

3 weeks ago, my mama, sisters fam, and brothers fam came to good ol' provo for some fun. On friday night we went swimming at the rec center, then off to In n Out for din din. That is where Sylvie had her first ever potty accident. Of course. We were all fresh out of the swimming pool, so I didn't have any sylvie clothes as backup. I did however, have a jacket that i was wearing under my coat. So that pink jacket became her outfit, and I went on with only my coat to cover me haha. 
That next morning we walked to the open house of the Provo City Center Temple. It was unreal with beauty. Insane amount of people, but so worth it. Stori still talks about going inside the temple and how she can't wait until she is 12 to go back. 
After the temple, we came back to my place and ate some homemade Cafe Rio. The weather was about 70* so the kids played outside in our tiny tiny backyard. It felt so nice to have windows open and have sunshine pouring in.
Family left that afternoon, and Dan and I went for a bike rides with the kids. We took a detour to Macey's for some yummy 'eye-keen-cones.' 
The weekend went by fast, but so fun to spend it with family!
Sadly, I literally only took 2 pictures that weekend.
^this bike ride picture, and the one of june bug and myself waiting in line at the temple. So sad

the next weekend we got to see some of our favorite friends! We only got to see the Allreds for about 2 hours, but it was just nice. Stori and Tracen picked up right where they left off. 4 year olds are so nice...they can just entertain themselves. They got out all the craft stuff, put it on the kitchen table, and just started crafting away. It was nice to watch. :)
 Taking pictures of these 4 was kind of tricky haha. Look how handsome those little boys look!
Stori wanted to draw Tracen a picture of them at Porter Park. Maybe they will take their kids there one day! ;)

the craft table. Love it.

Come back soon, family and friends!


miss independent is good at making her own lunches, finding snacks for her and her sister, and making it all as dangerous as possible.

library shenanigans again. It's definitely a highlight of our week. Especially when our double stroller turns into a 5 man stroller. We spend almost 2 1/2  hours reading, story-iming, pretend sleeping, and riding elevators.

For share time at preschool, the letter was K, so Stori wanted to take her papa Kent book. I was nervous that she was going to give the kids a lesson on heaven, but luckily she just told them that she loves to read this book. :)
 These two park pictures were from several weeks ago---the first real warmish day that we spent outside. We rode our bikes to the park, and played for 4 hours in the 60* weather. The hats and jackets didn't last long.

And i'm just going to throw in this picture that Stori's preschool teacher took on Hat Day. These 3 are such good friends. Stori is lucky to have found such good ones everywhere we go. 

These kids of mine love makeup. It's not uncommon for them to wear red lipstick to the library, nor is it uncommon for them to draw in their own eye brows. Clearly they've mastered it already.

  daddy is always a jungle gym.

and always so fun!