Friday, August 29, 2014

My ONE year old… the biggity bug

A LONG, LONG, LOOOOONG time ago, my little baby turned one. Her birthday (August 14) was also the same week that we packed up and moved to Utah. I feel bad that I haven't had a chance to update until now. (Also, Dan has had the computer with him at Law School, so there's another excuse)!

Anywhooo. Here are her one year old stats!
-17lbs (5%) and height is 48% While we were at the Dr. for her one year check up, the nurse asked if she could be the model for their practice! haha. And then after the Dr. left he told the nurse just outside of the door (thinking I couldn't hear him) "I know I can't say this to them, but that is the cutest baby we have in our entire clinic right now!" :) Ya, we think she's a cutie too!

She is doing some really fun things, and I love this stage so much!
* she says (and sometimes signs) "more." also says: no, yes, dad, momma, banana, meow, and will copy almost all sounds we make.
* when you ask her where Sylvie is, she takes her little pointer finger and points to herself all proud
* walks around furniture but isn't walking yet. I think we still have a while before that happens. (but when it does happen, she will start running, I'm sure of it).
* she is obsessed with animals and kind of goes crazy trying to get them.
* she is still tender hearted, content, and sensitive--- BUT she knows just what she wants and makes sure she tells us. she also gets quite jealous when I'm holding Stori. She pretty much crawls over her to get to me.
* she ditched the bear crawl.
*still just those 2 bottom teeth! :)
* as far as nursing goes---->she pretty much weaned herself. Every time I tried to feed her she just looked up at me and laughed. Apparently that is her way of telling me that we're done! I nursed Stori until 14 months, so I was expecting the same. 12 months isn't bad.
* still taking 2 naps (when we are home and she has a crib) & sleeps from about 7:30-8 at night.
* loves being outdoors; playing in the dirt, picking up rocks, eating grass/bark, and walking around assisted. Loves playing at the playground with big sis (slide and swings).
* opposite of big sis Stori in the food department. Doesn't love tomatoes, but does love cake!
* she could play for hours with the same few toys. We now have an extra room that has all the toys in it, and she is very content in there until she gets hungry.
* TOTAL mommy's girl
* greets her sister after waking up with big huge hugs. I ask her, "should we go find Stori" and she starts kicking her legs, nodding her head, and saying "YA!"
*but don't' be fooled----if Stori takes a toy out of her hand, she will let it be heard that she is not happy about it!
*Finally likes baths again. She got scarred from when she had a double ear infection.
*She makes it impossible to change her diaper---we have to distract her the entire time!
*Overall she is just the dang cutest one year old! So glad she is our cute little munchkin pie!

We did a mermaid theme because she has red hair and the cutest little mermaid outfit. I didn't do much, because we were in the middle of packing!
***Note-these are all just iPhone pics because Dan is at Law School all the live long day and I don't know how to access pictures from the hard drive… :( I'll have him help me this Sunday and get the good pics up.

It's REALLY hard to find red headed dolls… so this one had to do.
the best bed hair in ALL THE LAND!

Stori took a real liking to Sylvie's present

she loves her granny! 
and her cousins 
Stori is getting good at taking pics on my phone!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I turned 29

And ran a a half marathon.

My awesome support crew! Love these amazing humans that made my birthday amazing!

Then went to lunch at Johny Carinos with my spouse! without kids! Then off to ROSS for some light shopping.

And when we got home all my cute nieces and nephews decorated the house with streamers, homemade signs everywhere, and balloons! It was such a fun little surprise.

Finished the evening with a candle in a giant glass of root beer float! It was a splendid day indeed.

Update on our Adventure to the 801

So Dan was able to apply for some more loans and we found out this week that he qualified for them! That pretty much made my day! Not the fact that we have to take out loans, but the part where I get to stay at home with my girls. Once we found out about our loans, we headed down to Utah and toured about 5 apartments/townhomes/houses. We actually loved 3 of them so it was hard to narrow it down. We decided to call and put our deposit down on a town home in Provo but could never get ahold of the landlord! So we took it as a sign to not live there and moved on to our next option. An apartment in Orem. Right when we got off the phone with that place, the townhome people called us back and told us it was ours haha. Oh sheesh.
So we headed back to Idaho at 1 in the morning and felt relieved to have found a place.
WELL…. we were suppose to meet with that apartment manager on the next monday, so on Sunday I had this impression to check out the reviews on the place. Turns out they were all AWFUL! So we felt bad about bailing on the nice guy we bought the contract from, so Dan called to talk to him about what we read on the reviews. He said it was all true and that he understood that we didn't want to live there. How nice is he?!
So we went down on tuesday and toured some (8) places that we also fell in LOVE with!! this little blue town home sure caught our eye and we were determined to hate everything else we looked at. Which was the case until we came upon a 3 bed 2 bath Condo. It was love at first sight---which is weird because at first sight it looks like a crummy run-down old neighborhood. But I saw the true beauty; close to 2 little parks, 2 churches, D.I., grocery store within walking distance, cheap theatre, close to campus, and the list just getting better and better. We toured the place 2 hours earlier than our appointment because I was so excited. We did one walk-through, went down to talk about it, walked right back up there and signed a one year lease!!! I am sooo excited. Like I said, 3 bed, 2 bath. Master bedroom has its own bathroom and walk in closet. Guest bath comes with washer and dryer. Cable and google fiber internet included in the price. And 2 walk out balconies. I sure hope we love it as much as I love the idea of it. We will find out on the 17th! AHHH! that is soooo soon!!
This is at Macey's---our new grocery store in Provo that is within walking distance. AND 32 cent ice cream cones. Sylvie was determined to get a bite!
at the Airplane museum before Dan's haircut… and it was 99* 
At Cabelas! This was her favorite stop on our adventure!