Tuesday, February 26, 2013

our "High School" date.

The guys job: to plan the date.
The girls job: to get all dolled up.
A few days before, we searched pinterest for makeup tutorials and then the 3 girls ran to the store to pick out some bright red lipstick and fake eyelashes. We ended up spending over an hour in the store! haha. I also had them dye my hair red for the big Valentines date!
When the day finally came, all the girls went to Haily's apartment to get ready so that the guys could all come pick us up together---ya know, like a high school date! Haily ended up fixing all of our hair, which was great because it took us forever to decide on makeup! :)
We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and on the way there we saw 3 deer, 3 dead deer, and a moose! It was like yellowstone on HWY 20!
After 2 hours at dinner we all headed to ROSS to walk off some of our calories and to get bow-ties. At one point we all hid from Drew and once he spotted us he decided to scare Alicia by grabbing her bum through the clothes....turns out it was Haily's bum haha! anywayyyyy....
We headed back to Rexburg to see "Warm Bodies." The guys really like it, but Alicia and I only watched about half of it. We don't love zombies eating brains, but we kind of like funny inner monologues. After the movie we played arcade games just like high schoolers and then returned home to relieve our babysitters! Thanks mother for watching Stori for a looooong time! We had a blast!
getting ready
with our lipstick on!

boys will be boys...well, at least SDR.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thanks SDR.

I am so glad that SDR has a job that allows me to stay home with Stori Rose! He works pretty late most nights and I miss him a lot when I only get to see him a few hours before bedtime, but at least I do get to see him. 
Staying home with Stori has been better than I imagined it to be. I thought I might miss work a little bit after I quit in December. Turns out I miss it absolutely NOT AT ALL! Seriously not at all. It feels good to see patients in Walmart and they come up to say hi, or when patients tell me I was their favorite assistant; but that isn't anything compared to the joy I feel when Stori gives me 100 kisses in a row or grabs my hand to show me something she thinks is the greatest invention in the world. She is my little shadow. She knows where everything in the house is because I can't take a step without her following it. As annoying as it might sound, I absolutely love it. I lover her singing "clean up" when she decides she's done coloring. I love her radar hearing and hawk eyes for airplanes. I love her pretend play and dance moves. I love her dare-devil tricks. I love that she puts all of her toys, clothes, and shoes exactly where they belong. I love her little folded arms and half-closed eyes during prayers. I love when she snuggles with each and everyone of her babies and makes sure she kisses all of them. I love when she laughs at me and with me. I love that she loves tomatoes, pickles, peas, cottage cheese, and yogurt more than cookies or cakes. I love her little talking voice and all the words she learns each day. I love when she grabs a book and sits cross-legged on the floor to read it. I love that she kisses the pictures of Jesus, Lorenzo Snow, Temples, Rapunzel, and all the baby stori's before she goes to sleep. I actually love everything. I am glad I don't have to miss any of that because of work. So, thanks SDR. You do lot's around the house and we appreciate ya! :)

best purchase of the week! and quite possibly the happiest I've seen Dan.
lot's of love
her new love for popcorn is getting out of hand. :)
We sure love ice cream and playing on toys with friends. 
I hope I'll be able to love baby Rad 2 as much as I love my tiny sassy human and my giant size sassy human. 
P.S. Stori didn't watch T.V. once this week! and even more exciting, she got rid of her binky! Wahoo! Such a big girl!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

the long post about our thoughts before becoming pregnant.

{November 3, 2012}This will  be posted in several several months (hopefully not too many though). I want to just keep a little reminder of the the story before having a baby. (jen did something like this and I loved it)!
 For the longest time I was quite anti-getting-pregnant-soon, because I wanted to have one more summer with Stori as our only child, and one more summer of running half marathons. The plan was to get pregnant September of '13. That way I would be able to spend good quality time with SDR & Stori. Plus I would have a May baby and would have all summer to walk/run and lose some baby weight.
BUT, as I was making all these plans in my noggin, I realized how dang selfish that was. There will be many half marathons to run. Why did I care if I had a May baby or not? A baby is a blessing that is denied to many and here I am saying it can wait.
Well one day my brain just switched. I told SDR I was ready whenever he was. He said he'd pray about it. (This was the beginning of November). Well one week later I told SDR we needed to go pick up my BC because I was out. He mumbled indistinctly. I ask him to repeat what he said. Quietly he said, "maybe I don't want you to get anymore BC?" Boy was I thrilled!!! I don't know how long it will take to get pregnant because it just sorta happened last time, but I will be happy no matter when it is! Even if it's right during running season! :)

{December 6, 2012} Well these past 2 weeks I have actually 'felt pregnant' if that makes any sense. I feel like my body has started the process of making a baby. How bizarre that sounds! But I have been a little more tired, more restless, more hungry. I am craving anything mexican or sour. Which is really weird because IF, and I mean IF, I am pregnant, I wouldn't think I would experience cravings until way later on. Ya, I am pretty sure it is me just getting my hopes up! I guess we'll find out in a week! :) Test scheduled for 12-15-12.

{December 12, 2012}
We couldn't wait until the 15th for the test. I already knew what the result would be and just needed to prove it to SDR. :) I was right!!!  IT WAS POSITIVE!!! I knew my crazy body was actually making a baby!! We are so so so so so excited!! We aren't going to announce it for quite a long time though-well, for as long as I'm not showing i suppose! :) Baby Rad 2 due August 20, 2013!!!! I am feeling a lot of lower stomach pressure, like the little elves tinkering away to make a baby. I am still craving Mexican food and Salt and vinegar chips! I am still running 4 miles a day and hope I can do that for a few months still. I am really restless at night and can't sleep in. And so it begins... :)
p.s. Megan texted me to see if I was pregnant today. HOW DOES SHE ALWAYS KNOW? :) she called me on the very day when I took the preg test with Stori too. She's good.

{January 4, 2013}
Well, I have been sick the past 3 weeks. Part of it is pregnancy, but most of it is the flu. Not a good combination. Over the holidays I had to go to the hospital for some fluids. That part my family knows. :) But the other part is that they had to do an emergency ultra-sound to make sure the baby was okay because I didn't eat for 5 days and was dehydrated. But baby looks GREAT! (not twins-phew). we saw the heartbeat and learned that I'm measuring 4 days farther than we thought. Right now I am 8 weeks and experiencing aversions to all the foods I was sick with those 5 days. And, like last time, smells!! Dan has been amazing and has cleaned the house every single day, and has made every meal. One thing I didn't have to worry about with the first pregnancy, was changing diapers. So dan has been changing all the poopy diapers so I don't go ralph! he is seriously amazing!

{February 21, 2013}
I publish this post today finally! It feels good for people to finally know because I was afraid SDR was going to spill the beans on accident. Like at Christmastime he says "With this baby we should go to EIRMC instead." In front of all my family. I kicked him and he hid his head in shame haha. But, so far this pregnancy has actually been better than the last. My weird smell aversion only lasted a week and last time it was til week 26 or something. I love almost every food and crave ice cream every hour of every day. Playing vball is great as long as I drink a lot of water throughout the games. Not bad headaches like last time, and no morning sickness. I love being pregnant! I am anxious to find out the gender so that we can start thinking of names. It's hard to find a good name to match Astoria Rose! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Secret Story to our Sweet Stori

Dear Stori,
We have some exciting news to share with you! You are going to be a....

Oh but Stori, don't be sad! We will still love you sooooooo much!!!!!!

There, that is much better! You will be such an amazing older sister! 
The end.