Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I turned 29

And ran a a half marathon.

My awesome support crew! Love these amazing humans that made my birthday amazing!

Then went to lunch at Johny Carinos with my spouse! without kids! Then off to ROSS for some light shopping.

And when we got home all my cute nieces and nephews decorated the house with streamers, homemade signs everywhere, and balloons! It was such a fun little surprise.

Finished the evening with a candle in a giant glass of root beer float! It was a splendid day indeed.

Update on our Adventure to the 801

So Dan was able to apply for some more loans and we found out this week that he qualified for them! That pretty much made my day! Not the fact that we have to take out loans, but the part where I get to stay at home with my girls. Once we found out about our loans, we headed down to Utah and toured about 5 apartments/townhomes/houses. We actually loved 3 of them so it was hard to narrow it down. We decided to call and put our deposit down on a town home in Provo but could never get ahold of the landlord! So we took it as a sign to not live there and moved on to our next option. An apartment in Orem. Right when we got off the phone with that place, the townhome people called us back and told us it was ours haha. Oh sheesh.
So we headed back to Idaho at 1 in the morning and felt relieved to have found a place.
WELL…. we were suppose to meet with that apartment manager on the next monday, so on Sunday I had this impression to check out the reviews on the place. Turns out they were all AWFUL! So we felt bad about bailing on the nice guy we bought the contract from, so Dan called to talk to him about what we read on the reviews. He said it was all true and that he understood that we didn't want to live there. How nice is he?!
So we went down on tuesday and toured some (8) places that we also fell in LOVE with!! this little blue town home sure caught our eye and we were determined to hate everything else we looked at. Which was the case until we came upon a 3 bed 2 bath Condo. It was love at first sight---which is weird because at first sight it looks like a crummy run-down old neighborhood. But I saw the true beauty; close to 2 little parks, 2 churches, D.I., grocery store within walking distance, cheap theatre, close to campus, and the list just getting better and better. We toured the place 2 hours earlier than our appointment because I was so excited. We did one walk-through, went down to talk about it, walked right back up there and signed a one year lease!!! I am sooo excited. Like I said, 3 bed, 2 bath. Master bedroom has its own bathroom and walk in closet. Guest bath comes with washer and dryer. Cable and google fiber internet included in the price. And 2 walk out balconies. I sure hope we love it as much as I love the idea of it. We will find out on the 17th! AHHH! that is soooo soon!!
This is at Macey's---our new grocery store in Provo that is within walking distance. AND 32 cent ice cream cones. Sylvie was determined to get a bite!
at the Airplane museum before Dan's haircut… and it was 99* 
At Cabelas! This was her favorite stop on our adventure!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


SOO…. I had this written BEFORE she turned 3 so that I could post in on her actual birthday… here we are, a week later----BUT, we have been filling our days to the brim with fun adventures, so I will allow my lazy self some slack.

There is no denying that we LOVE this little girl!! She brings the perfect amount of sass to our family! We took video of us interviewing her, so I will post that when I can figure out how to do it. She is just the darn cutest little 3 year old I ever did see!
Here are the top 10 things we love about Stori Rose

#1 She is always up for a good cuddle
#2 She loves her Syvlie June bug and is very protective of her.
#3 She's spunky, she's spicey, she's crazy, and she's just flat out fun!
#4 She sings all the live long day!
#5 She plays the game, "What's that one show" and we have to guess what movie she's quoting.
#6 She is an amazing sleeper! Still sleeps in her crib! (until maybe now-she got a big girl princess bed for her bday)
#7 She's a smart little red head with a memory that shocks us daily.
#8 She is very particular about her clothes, and always has been! She will dress as a princess as often as she can.
#9 She is always debating which parent is the favorite---but you can guess which one she is most consistent with, right? ME!
#10 Dan loves that she is always asking him to build stuff with her. Tall towers, big castles, and the millennium falcon seem to be her favorites.
#11 BONUS--- She loves shopping at ROSS, DI, TJ's, and Target. I think we'll have some amazing mother/daughter shopping trips in our future! Right now it's mainly just about the toys and dresses.

Interview questions: (like I said, I will post all of her answers when I figure out how to)
What's your name?
How old are you?
When's your birthday?
When's Sylvie's birthday?
What do you want to do on your birthday?
Favorite color?
Favorite toy?
What's your favorite animal?
How many brothers and sisters do you want?
What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
What's your favorite thing to do with Mommy?
What is your favorite food?
Favorite movie?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Favorite book?
Who is your favorite person in the whole world?
Who is your best friend?
Favorite snack?
What do you learn about in Nursery?
What is your favorite outfit?
Favorite song?
Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Born BDAY!

1st BDAY

nope, this is NOT Sylvie…looks exactly like her though 
2nd BDAY!

3rd BDAY!
Started the day out right with some splash pad/playground action!

 just a bunch of gingers

snacking on some popcorn. A favorite of hers
Pony rides. A request I have been hearing about for the last year. She LOVED every minute of it! Almost as much as Sylvie did! ;)

crying because she had to get off the horse...

nervous tongue! 

Found this adorable bed on a garage sale page, and now this little princess has finally graduated from her crib! It was a huge success!

ya, pepperoni pizza for dinner for sure!
Since my little sweet stuffs doesn't like sweet stuffs (cakes, cookies, candy, etc) I made her cake out of the one sweet she kinda likes. Colored marshmallows! Also a huge hit!

We sure love this munchkin pie!! 

P.S. Stori was stung by a hornet 3 times on her left hand the day after her birthday. It was pretty devastating. She still talks about "that time I tried to grab that bee and it really hurt me. It wants to go home to his family and hurt me."