Monday, July 14, 2014

With all this sickness going around...

I thought I would just add to it and do a big throw-up of pictures… so here are a few pics of the last few weeks and months here in Idaho with family & friends. It feels good to get these all posted. Just as it feels good after an actual thow-up. OK that's too much… just scroll.

finally able to ride the bike by herself! 
"helping" granny in the yard
baby legs...
off to see the new baby horse at Lynne's house
Lewisville=perfect place to walk/run/ride
Face painting at Texas Roadhouse
circus folk
good luck finding Stori in this photo 
methinks he has a crush on her

Forgot the kids swimming suits, so they stripped down to the most appropriate level and went for it. After this they ended up in 2 of my t-shirts that I found in the car! Parent of the Year right here
Kristie's 40th dinner at Cafe Rio 
ALL 7 siblings floated the river (with many many children as well)
Aren't cousins just the greatest?

Got there just in time to see them take the baby penguins for walks
matching with the zoo animals
she literally wanted to spend the whole time here
and when I took her away from the lion she cried. So Sylvie consoled her

the ONLY picture we took on the 4th of July
Mesa Falls with Nick and Joe. Stori has a special gift and can always tell who is who.
Rigby fireworks from the back of our car. Complete with Frosty's and popcorn
Porter Park with the Tracen and Melissa, Sylvie, Stori, Elouise, and Grover

I feel the love 
Creepiest photo EVER TAKEN!
Memorial Day in Star Valley

June biggity bug… 11

Thanks Ty for another cute nickname for our June Bug

the cutest sleeper in all the land! 
Mesa Falls
hers loves hers mama
warm river
"…and toss it in the oven…" 
That one time they fell asleep in the car and then stayed asleep while we transferred them to the stroller. Best Target shopping day ever!
the baby top knot of cuteness
Rigby Lake. This girl loved the water
a little jam sesh with the cousins 
the monkey!
She cannont be trusted
feeding the goats at the IF zoo

It is so hard for me to believe that our Sylvie girl will be ONE next month!! I remember feeling that way about Stori, but it seems like Stori felt a lot older… if that makes any sense. I think it's because SJ still isn't crawling and she is so petite. Or maybe it's because she is the second child and my first child makes her look even tinier? Who knows. 
But. this last month her personality has really started show, and oh boy is it a good personality at that!
--->She is still the little tender hearted love bug, but now she knows how to make people laugh, and will do it over and over. (covering her eyes with her hands for peek-a-boo, putting baskets on her head, doing the actions to Patty-cake, copying words/actions/sounds, etc.)
--->Like I said, she still isn't crawling! haha that cute stinker bug. She will get on her hands and knees, and rock back and forth, but then dives to her tummy and scoots/rolls/turns on her bum to get what she needs. Or if she is on a blanket and wants what is on the other side, she will just pull the blanket to her and grab it! stinker cheese. 
--->My guess is that she will walk before she crawls. She will pull herself up to furniture now and can stand just fine on her own. And when you hold her fingers she will walk to you. So it will be interesting to see when those milestones happen and which will come first.
--->She has the cutest little wave. It's just an open and close motion with her fingers. If she is being shy and I tell her to say hi to someone, she will hold her hand down to her side and wave from there. So dang cute.
---> Her vocabulary is getting a little bit bigger. She says "Dad." which I think is a funny one because most babies say Dadda or Daddy. Anyway, she also says banana, hi (when talking on a a phone or her hand as a pretend phone), Mom/momma, said "bike" a few times, says quack quack, and that's about it. She is a good copier of sounds though, and will always copy someone who coughs. Which has been a lot. lately since we have all been *sick.
--->FINALLY got some teeth. June 27 was her first tooth and then 4 days later she got her other front bottom tooth. 
--->Still an excellent sleeper. Takes 2 naps; 10-12:30 & 3-5:30. Sleeps from 7:45-8 or 8:30!
--->Has started to become picky with her food. She will eat almost anything if she is in the right mood, but now she knows what she really likes, and will shake her head no or slap the food out of your hand if she doesn't like it haha.
--->She has lost all water sippy privileges unless I assist her. She has started filling her mouth with water and then letting it slowly drip out of her mouth soaking her entire outfit. 
--->Has an intense love for Mickey Mouse, her monkey, and Stori's orange ball. She will give them the biggest and longest hugs and only let go just to go in for another round of loves. And I didn't realize that she like Mickey Mouse until I put it on my phone so I could fix Stori's hair one day… Stori moved it out of her sight and she screamed and yelled and reached for that phone so frantic. Now everything that has Minnie or Mickey on it she loves. (even gives loves to Stori's Minnie mouse place mat).

 We sure love our little 11 month old more than words can describe.

*Speaking of sick, I got the one day disease yesterday that has been floating around; throwing up and down. it's super pleasant. AND Dan went to the Dr. because he got the other pneumonia type disease that has been going through the family. So now he is on antibiotics and hopefully on the mend.