Sunday, September 21, 2014

This girl

is 13 months old now and STILL has only her 2 bottom teeth and STILL isn't walking. 
But ya know what? We love her despite her flaws! haha jokes! We love every bit of her and only consider the lack of teeth and walking to be adorable; keeping her a baby for longer! 
And speaking of longer, look how long her hair is getting. Right out of the bath it is past her shoulders, but one minute later, it's curled up around her neck.

loves me...

her favorite book to read. and read, and read, and read... 
just a little picture of us in our shades on a sunny walk to the park
Hats are required for tea parties

She seems to be a little annoyed that I am interrupting her reading time, but I just LOVE how she points to herself. 

A lot of these are from Idaho, but they are ones I never go to post because they were on Dan's camera. And they are too cute to just let slide by.

Love this little lady! We'll definitely keep her

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Law School Monday: school and food. food??

Cripes! We are just going to pretend this was written yesterday. And since we are pretending, let's just imagine that I have something interesting to post.

Food isn't always interesting, but with us, it is always a struggle.
I should rephrase that---we struggle with trying NEW places to eat.
For example: we have walked into Zupas 5 different times and end up convincing ourselves that we want Cafe Rio, or In-n-Out, or Chic-fil-A. (food we know is good). The same goes for Cubby's, JDawgs, Smashburger, Noodles & Co, and JCW.
We have heard great things about all these places, have stepped foot in almost all of them, yet eaten in none of them. So the next time we want to eat out, we are MAKING ourselves try one of these.
Speaking of restaurants, I just saw that Orem is getting a Chipotle!!!!

We eat out about once a week, and it's usually to celebrate Dan finishing another week of Law School. I am so surprised at how much he is loving school. Each day when I ask him, it seems to be better than the day before. He is genuinely loving the classes and from what I hear from his brother, he always makes great comments. I guess he had a professor grill him on a certain case and he handled it great. All that reading/studying is paying off. The most stressful part of it all, I think, is that your whole grade is based on just ONE test at the end of the semester. I sure hope he's a good test taker!

Now back to food real quick, we have been having dan's brothers come over for Sunday dinner each week that we are in town and it has been so fun. 4 of the 5 boys live right here in Utah, and this last week Aaron was here too, and it's great that my girls are really getting to know them. Sylvie met uncle Preston for the first time this last weekend at his wedding in Layton, and he claimed she was the cutest baby he had ever seen. :) It's fun being close to family on both sides. This Provo place really is the perfect spot for us to be. So glad he got accepted here. Dan told me he randomly stops studying and looks around and thinks, "I am so lucky to be going to school here." We are very lucky indeed. We are LOVING every moment.
Stori is an excellent sister with encouraging words. "Keep trying!" and "When you're feeling frustrated, take a step back and ask for help." haha cuties.

Spending our days and nights at this perfect park.
just waiting for daddy to get home in their Little Mermaid dresses.
when these two are good---they are very good.
and when they are sad, they are very sad. I don't know 2 kids who hate the car more than these 2.
my cute little niece made this for us while we were in Idaho, and I loved it so much I framed it. She is such a cute little artist.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SDR 3.0 and an impromptu adventure

My handsome little 30 year old was studying away on his very special birthday. I tried to make his bday special by going on a zip-line trip up at Kelly Canyon, while we were in Idaho. I had everything planned and even had a babysitter (which doesn't really ever happen). However, something came up and we weren't able to go. Total bummer! I had good intentions at least. (But I might as well have said, "Hey, I planned us a 10 day trip to Paris! Oh shoot, forgot to get our passports! Oh well, it's the thought that counts)!
But Dan claims he doesn't care. He just said he wants to spend it with us. Boring! Maybe for your 40th we'll do something grand!

So on his birthday
HE: woke up to french toast and fruit, spent 9 hours at school, came home to a very decorated house (all hand-made by Stori and me), then we went out…
US: made daddy breakfast, decorated the house, went to Target for hours to try and find a present that would make up for our failed present, (we left with only shorts!) then we went back home and waited not-so-patiently for daddy to come home. Stori usually sits by the screen door on our patio so she can see him when he rides home.
WE: all of us went to eat at Cafe Rio (dan's pick) and then we decided to go take a drive to Squaw Peak overlook to watch the sunset. On our way there the kids started to get really tired and grumpy so we decided just to drive up to the start of the Y hike because it would be much faster. You can still see all of the valley and it is very beautiful. When we got out to take a look, Stori decided she wanted to take a little walk. (So much for wanting to get the kids home quicker). We kept asking her when she wanted to turn around, but she was determined to keep climbing. By the time we got to the 4th (of 10) switchbacks, we decided to commit to hiking all the way to the Y. Dan and I switched off carrying Sylvie (because we didn't' bring a carrier, hiking clothes, or water). Stori climbed almost all of it by herself. We carried her when it got really steep right before the Y and because it was also dark. On the way down we sang the whole time to distract our tired, cold, hungry kids. They were amazing and didn't ever cry or whine! Stori held my phone with the flashlight on, while holding my hand. Sylvie held daddy's phone with the flashlight on while he held her. The kids crashed in their beds the second we got home! It was such a fun adventure that we weren't even prepared for! We absolutely love where we live! And dan was very happy to get his mind off of Law School! Not a bad birthday after all!

We love our hard working SDR!
-when he isn't at school, he is playing with his kids and changing diapers. He even helps with the cooking and the cleaning.
-he spends hours at IKEA with me!
-he looks so cute riding his bike to school everyday, and is kind enough to leave the car with us.
-2 words, Popcorn King.
-3 words, I LOVE YOU

Happy birthday Steven Daniel! 30 never looked so good!

birthday breakfast. everything about this picture is crazy and i LOVE it

Puddle jumping
at Target shopping for daddy…. we got a few too many $1 items 
notice how cute Stori wrote her name on the very end. oh, and notice that cute poser!
those are his new shorts.
obviously Stori took this pic on our way out the door.
same faces….haha
on our way to dinner
the parking lot of the 'Y'

start of the trail

we lost Sylvie's bow somewhere on the trail…. if you couldn't tell.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Law School Monday: lonely or pathetic

It's nothing new to us that Dan is gone during the day. He's always worked and gone to school during that time, and we have found many a thing to entertain ourselves while he's away.
Since law school has started, that part has definitely stayed the same. Dan gets home at 6 for dinner and to spend time with family. We usually eat, then head over to the park via run, bike, or walk. (Our kids only approve of the walking version we have found). We play until dark and then Dan heads back to the law school for further reading and studying and such.
This is the part that is all new to me! The only time when Dan would be gone at night was when he was out shooting or having guys night. Which was very rare because we love having the evening together to eat popcorn and ice cream :)
Well now that my partner is gone during that time, I have found that rather than being lonely, I'm just down right pathetic.
Not the pathetic where I sit and cry myself to sleep because I miss him so much, but the kind of pathetic where I park myself on the couch with my bowl of cereal and 'Netflix' the night away.
I fear that it is similar to drinking. By the time Dan gets home at 11:00 I realize I have no recollection of what happened the last few hours. Truly, truly pathetic!
Luckily, a professor on campus told him that he will get to the point where he will be able to get everything done at 6 pm and have the evenings and all of the weekends together! Doesn't that sound nice? I think so.
You know what also sounds nice? Going home to Idaho for the weekend. Sadly, the reason we went home wasn't ideal, but it was still nice to be back in the land of 2 lane roads! (More on that later)

As for now, my cute sidekicks that entertain me hourly...
don't mind her. nothing new here
or here. same ol' same ol'

future dress-up star in the making. She is learning from the best

my little circus star----no legs and no body. just that cute head and arms! :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Law School Monday: the big move

Now that I have a computer all to myself, I have decided to update this little blog of mine at least once a week; so I don't forget what it's like being in this unique/fun adventure! I think I'll call it 'Law School Monday." Where, I obviously, update my blog on Mondays. So even though today is a holiday, Dan is off to do law school things. He's such a committed student and I am glad. I hope it pays off. 
As my first installment of 'Law School Monday,' I'll start at the beginning. 
.our big move.

We loaded up our possessions and said goodbye to family and to Lewisville

Got to our new place and immediately started playing with friends! (didn't get a pic with Natalie or with Alana. lame).

Stori took this pic…you will see a lot of her work here on my blog :)
We spend a lot of time lounging while I organize

And while Dan does Law School things

law school BBQ
Law School dinner with Steve Young. Dan shook his hand as he was walking in the bathroom and Steve was walking out. Also saw Quinton L. Cook at the bathrooms! Who knew that would be the place to be
We play a few games while I still organize

another shot by Stori
And when organizing is done, we start decorating the house

Still working on decorating the other rooms… and decorating for FALL!!!!
So far we love this little condo of ours