Tuesday, August 28, 2018

kid yoga

The kids sure love to do kid yoga, and I sure love taking pictures of them doing kid yoga. They are actually pretty good! well, not so much the one in the middle. Just always one step behind. haha

I will still giber her an A for effort. and extra credit for being extra cuteness. I sure think all these girls are adorable. I'm gonna keep them forever!!

Willard Bay

Dan's boss reserved this super cool beach at Willard Bay for all of us to come swim for family night. It had slides, trampolines, swings, rope courses, "rock climbing," and warm water for all to enjoy. Like, really warm.

not sure why this picture of dan cropped like this with a black bar, but zero desire to change it.
Stori on the rock wall. She would hike all the way up and then jump off. She loved every part of this and didn't come to the beach until it was dark and we were ready to drive home.

Sylvie also loved it, but usually enjoyed being wherever I was. i got in the water for about an hour, then spent the rest of the time talking with dan's boss's family.
Georgia hated the life jacket this time, but LOVED being in her floaty. She stayed in there for so long.
It was such a FUN NIGHT! It was actually the second monday in a row that his bosses had rented out swimming places for us to swim. no complaints here.

back from idaho

It was a bit of a slow transition when we got back from our month long stay in Idaho. We enjoyed sleeping in our own beds and being back in the mountains, but we definitely missed family pretty bad. I was now the main entertainment for them instead of solid cousins.
We went to Downtown for our favorite street tacos and wandering around the town.

hahahaha. She just fits in this backpack so well. It made back to school shopping pretty entertaining.
practicing our jump rope skills in the morning before it gets too hot.

LEGO's are the greatest invention ever. The girls build them and then play with them over and over again. They pretty much just live on our kitchen table so that the girls can play with them whenever they want (which is most of the day).
night night walks to see the horses, and stopping on the way to draw some pretty flowers that you see.

I won't name any names, but when someone poops during their nap, we get cozy on my bed and take some selfies.

This little lady is always reading. love her.
And this girl is always finding new ways to make Georgia laugh. this one was pretty entertaining.
saying "cheese" while destroying that greek yogurt. 
Still missing our family, but loving our little family time together.

Palisades Reservoir Minion

As part of our Julydaho minion, we spent a day at Palisades. We kayaked, boated, cliff jumped, and talked with our favorite people. It was such a FUN DAY!!  It's also one of my favorite memories from when I was a kid. Now I'm doing it with my favorite human and our 3 girls.

We've concluded that there is nothing cuter in this world, then a little baby in a life jacket.

SEE!!!! SO CUTE!!!!

Dan wasn't sure he wanted to wake board because we had our half marathon in the morning.. he did it anyway. He regretted it.

This place was SO FUN! Dan and Corey found it while kayaking around the lake, and we eventually shuttled people over there to play in the cove while people took turns jumping off the cliff. It took some longer to jump than others.

Unfortunately Dan and I had to take off early to go get our packs for our race, and make spaghetti for the whole family. The others that stayed got to take a long boat ride and do lots of knee boarding, tubing, and cruising around the lake. I just love this family and all the mini reunions we are able to have during the summer.