Wednesday, March 14, 2018

in the house

Astoria Rose created this beautiful masterpiece. I purchased it for 25 cents, and it hangs up in our living room. I love it soooo much. The colors she chose, the shapes of the flowers, the uniform height, and the overeall feel of the piece brings me such happiness. She was so excited when I told her it was going on our living room wall. She instantly created "astoria's art museum," and will put up the open sign when one of her pieces is complete and ready to sell. As i write this, I'm reminded of a picture I have of Stori in Jackson, WY. She is in front of the store, "Astoria. Fine Art." I'll have to show her that.

I LOVE this nightly scene. Playing cards with dad. I will join them if Georgia is asleep, but i'm usually on the ground playing with her. They are so cute to watch though.

We FINALLY started decorating our walls. I' didn't take an after photo, dang it! But dan was so great, and hung up all these photos. They are all candid shots of our family that we printed and framed. We want to add more this weekend. All the other walls are now officially decorated as well. It feels so much more homey to me.

This is our new car....... for the moment. haha. Dan isn't completely certain he is going to keep it, but for now it gets him to work, and does so with great gas mileage. But we are kinda thinking we want a regular sedan so that we can use that to take some family trips without putting a ton of miles on the van, and to drive something a bit cheaper. But who knows. 

And this little picture of princess mom mom, by sylvie. 


Valentines day is also Sylvie's half birthday! She said she was more excited about that, than Valentines day. She is happy to be 4 1/2 even if it included zero celebrating. haha. I did make her kitty nose a heart instead of just a regular kitty nose, and she thought that was great.

chasing hearts
and eating all the beans.... and tables.

Sylvie made these valentines for Dan, me (that's us on our wedding day), Stori, and Georgia. I love these drawings almost as much as I love my cute valentines. 

school walks

Majestic Mountaineers. What a cool school mascot. can't wait to actually explore the mountains here.
We walk to pick up Stori from School everyday, and i'm pretty sure it is the highlight of Georgias day. The second she sees her fluffy bunny suit, she starts squeezing and laughing. She knows it means a walk outside is coming!

We get to pet horses on our way home, and the girls love walking "the secret pathway" home. All it is, is a little drainage pipe that goes across a pretty little stream. But they take that path while I walk on the sidewalk haha. they like to think they are independent, and don't need me i guess.
They kinda still love that little girl a little bit.

^^this pic makes me laugh for how straight up Georgia is sitting. haha

^^tight-rope walking.
a couple of weeks ago, Stori got to dress up like one of her favorite characters from a book... She chose Fancy Nancy. which is hilarious to me, because you can't even tell she is dressed up. She has 2 skirts and a dress on, 3 necklaces, 4 sparkly hair pieces, and a little red lipstick. Honestly, this is how she dresses daily. But she loved it, and told me she looked felt just like Fancy Nancy all day. soooo WIN!

evenings outside.

We found the coolest park a couple of evenings ago. It is right by Smith and Edwards, and the highlight was the kids zipline (that dan and I also got to enjoy). the weather has been great these last 2 weeks, so we have been outside every single day until bedtime. It's  kinda tricky because 65* weather feels super hot, right up until it doesn't haha. If the sun goes behind a cloud, or a tiny breeze picks up, then it feels pretty chilly. So i have to keep Georgias bunny suit ready. 
We went to get some street tacos in downtown Ogden on monday night for FHE, and once the sun started to go down, we realized that it still isn't quite spring yet. It was so fun to walk to streets of downtown Ogden and see where the show "Everwood" was filmed. (my current hulu show). (My mom and I have this thought...the same guy who did Everwood, also does Riverdale---so we are thinking that he probably lived in Riverdale for the 5 years of filming Everwood, so he used the name of that city to name his new TV show. Just a thought).  I also discovered that Dumb and Dumber, Sandlot, and Fletch were also filmed here. I guess we walk among the stars here in Harrisville. ;)

 Swinging with mama... Loved it!!

I'm only 70% positive that dan ins't using the bathroom on this spinning ride.

^^dan really enjoys parks. haha

you should see our sidewalk and driveway. As of right now, there isn't an inch not covered in glorious artwork. I really love it! It's suppose to rain today though, so we may need to create more tomorrow.

my statues at the old police station in downtown. right next to the amazing street tacos.

just at the little park by our house
^^the most flattering family picture.

^^i'm also confused. And Georgia likes Diet Coke a lot. I started putting it in her bottle at nights.... JOKES! don't turn me in. She's never even tasted the stuff.

3 blessed nephews

I became an aunt at the age of 9, and have been hooked from day one. My little nieces and nephews are just the cutest.  The first week of march, I had 3 nephews blessed on the same day. in total, I have 38 nieces and nephews 1 great nephew.

All the way in California, Radford and James got blessed. look at their little outfits! 😍 They belong to dan's sister Kristen. The poor kids have to grow up in beautiful SoCal. ha

A bit closer to home, little (BIG) Theodore got a sweet blessing. See the tie-matching daddy-baby duo? 😍. Emmy was my very first niece, and it's so crazy that we are having babies at the same time. And crazy that theodore is my GREAT nephew. Man that makes me sound sooo old!  ha.
They live in downtown SLC, so we made the short drive there. The roads were AWFUL, and we saw so many accidents on our way there. Once we got there, the congregation was pretty much just my family. turns out that they had actually canceled the rest of church that day because of the snow. so that's why it was just my family ha.

this little georgia belle is almost the same size as little Theodore. I wanted a picture of them together, but didn't get a chance. I bet he towers over her in no time. ;)

Friday, March 9, 2018


We got to meet baby Evelyn (Jon and Joss's baby), and my kids were in heaven! Dan took her newborn pictures up in our bedroom, and they turned out so cute!!

my baby is HUGE compared to 1.5 week old Evie!

We had Josh's family come and stay a night at our house, and again... our kids were in heaven playing with them. All the kids played dress ups, hide n seek, cards, art, movie night, and a bunk bed sleepover!

^^I'm sure i took a better picture than this of them all dressed up haha. But little Georgia is even in a little mermaid dress up... and lexi in a 5T mermaid outfit. :)
^^notice how many feet are piled on poor Avary! haha

A very christmasy scene in March.

hanging with papa on one of our day trips to idaho