Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We finally got some snow! it was coming down really fast, and it was so beautiful. 
Don't get me wrong, I would have preferred some nice 70* weather and a walk to the park, BUT…. this was so much fun! 
We got about 2 hours of play time before the sun came out, and by the time we were done, almost all of it was melted off the grass and sidewalks. And as I write this---only green grass and blue skies.
"cold, cold, cold, cold cold, cold. Oakens Trading Post….ooooh and sauna!"
no pants, but boots. equals things out

Once we got the appropriate winter attire on, we headed out to make our annual snowman. It was small… and…. a little ugly.
she seems to be wondering if this was as big of a snowman we were going to make...
our snowman slightly resembles elmo? I don't even like elmo!
making some snow angels.
Trying snow! not a fan.
After our small small small snowman was built, our new high school neighbor came out to play with the girls. Sylvie LOVED him! he went back to his house to get some gloves and she cried and cried for him!

When he came back out, we decided to build a Tall tall tall, snowman! Our neighbor just moved here from Somoa and had never seen snow before, so we showed him the ropes. He didn't know the first step to building a snowman, so he loved helping the kids.
working on the BIG Snowman.

All finished!!
we really missed daddy for our 4th annual Radford snowman
This is our Samoan neighbor, George. He was so cute with the girls, and even gave Stori a shoulder ride back to our apt. because she was so cold. It was a fun morning activity, and now I'm glad to see some high 50*'s in the forecast for tomorrow!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Saturday saved the whole week

After being quarantined to our apt, we were very happy to hear from the Foresters and take a trip with them to Scheels in Sandy. It's kind of like Cabelas, which is fun, but it was even better because of the amazing Ferris Wheel and their yummy ice cream.
I was worried that Stori would be too scared of the ride, but she was giggling the whole time. Alicia told me she was more scared then the little girls! haha. It was a pretty big Ferris Wheel that went forward for a few turns then backward for a few turns… I think I would have been pretty dizzy had I gone. I chose to watch Sylvie and Nora because they were too short to ride.
We entertained ourselves by looking at the fishy bridge and eating samples of candied nuts.

These two wanted to sit at their very own table… To talk about boys or something? 
just petting some skunks in the "wilderness." according to Stori.
the very beautiful salt water fish tank
Stori loved this bear because she is on a big Brave kick right now. She always wants her hair fixed like Merida.
When we got home from playing, Stori and Sylvie started coloring and painting. I read this page to Stori and she said she wanted to draw princess Lila :)

Sickness and a crap crap crapy week. :)

2 Sundays ago, everyone was happy and healthy---with the exception of the black eye on June Bug.

Stori is on the left and Sylvie is on the right! Same dress and bow, and BOTH of them with black eyes on their left eyes haha.
still healthy on Sunday night...
then Stori got a fever, coughing so hard that it made her throw up, no appetite, chills, exhausted, etc.

we had her sleep on the floor in our room because her fever was so high. It was really quite scary.

Sylvie seemed to have escaped the sickness! Even though they secretly shared sippy's before I could stop them.

Too much sharing I guess… Sylvie got it BAD! her cough also made her throw up, but she kept throwing up. She had all the same symptoms, and her fever was 103.2 and no fever reducer was helping. She coughed all day and night, and I finally decided to take her in because nothing seemed to work.

They tested her for both RSV and the Flu. They take a long q-tip and get a sample of their throat by going through the nose! :( 
Both tests came back negative which really surprised the Dr.
He talked to me for about an hour and explained many things. He told me all of the OTC medicines to give to her and then told me about what his family always did to cure coughs. He told me to give her 1tsp of raw honey. That is all. And you know what, it worked IMMEDIATELY!!! I could not believe it. she stopped coughing, and her fever actually went down. how? so glad he gave me that tip.
She was back to new after 2 days. 

The sickness between the 2 kids last all week long. And it just so happened to be the same week that dan was gone from 6-midnight every day. He would get kicked out of the law school when it closed and would come home and keep working. Monday-Saturday. The kids only saw their dad once, and that was when I took him dinner one night. I was so frustrated because I had been inside our house nonstop for a 6 STRAIGHT DAYS! I am so used to being gone most of the day and this was so hard. Both kids needed my attention literally all day and all night. I showed once (not to be confused with washing my hair once, SHOWERED once). I didn't see dan because he would come home after I was asleep and he would leave before I was awake. I had to miss YW for the week and movies/tv shows didn't even entertain my kids. So the week wasn't spent snuggled up in blankies watching movies. It was spent running around while I hold my 18 month old…she wouldn't let me put her down. I love being a mom, and I love the ups and downs. Last week was rough, but we made it through it! 
I didn't work out once, and ate ice cream 3 different nights. not sure if that helped the week or made it worse? :)
This next week should be great! Dan won't have to be gone as much, I hope.
Visiting Dad at Law School...


Sheesh! I am 2 weeks behind on blogging. On the verge of 3 weeks…so let's do this.

ok. 2 weeks ago we took Stori into the Dermatologist. Most of her hives were gone, but I had taken pictures of them and showed them to the Dr. After much debating, reviewing, and questioning, we figured out that we STILL have no idea what is causing her hives. She got a prescription topical lotion to apply to affected areas, and a special cream to prevent from sensitivity to certain cleaners or something. That is as much as we got---she possibly has a sensitive to soap, detergents, or something….even though we haven't changed any of those. But now we have to go buy ALL new stuff that is hypoallergenic and blah blah…$$$$ 
Luckily, the cream and lotion are both working really well, so now we don't have to do an allergy patch test on her back! So glad!

Had a fun play date at the Foresters house!

I'm so in love with these 2 goofballs! 

Unfortunately, I can't really remember much about that week except playing and dr visits!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

LSM: placement break-ish

Each semester at BYU Law, there is a week long break that is a time set aside for students to go on interviews for future job offers or externships. Well, since Dan is a first year and already has his externship lined up for the summer, we will be just taking this time to hang out. He will do quite a bit of homework during the day, but only until about 4 or 5 and then we get to play!
We originally wanted to go somewhere warm for the break (Vegas, St. George, Moab etc.), but that was before we found out we wouldn't be getting our tax returns back in time AND before Dan realized that he has a large brief due on Monday and about 30 pages of outlines he needs to start. Lame.

So a nice relaxing week in Provo sounds just perfect...
+swimming at the Rec Center--CHECK! did that today for about 3.5 hours. Stori finally mastered the water slides all by herself, and Sylvie got herself a nice shiner on her left eye from the same water slides. poor baby. AND I saved a drowning infant there! True story! she was under the water trying to reach her head up… and I have no idea why I thought to go over by the slides, because my kids were in the big pool, but I ran over as fast as I could, and lifted her up held her tight until she started breathing. No mom in sight!!! She was Syvlie's size! about a minute later the mom came running over to me and thanking me. every time she saw me, she made a point to come up and thank me. Makes my legs weak just thinking about that girl and if I hadn't seen her! (and there were lifeguards there the whole time too)!!!
anywhoooo… other things on the list that hopefully won't be as dramatic...
+spring cleaning--to happen on thursday while Dan is busy writing.
+running together each morning outside---if the weather cooperates. So far so good.
+family dates---to Target, possibly Hogle Zoo, and Chic fil A
+Storytime at the library
+Park days with a helper (pretty excited about this one)---the kids will be so spoiled because he is way more fun than me.
+Plasma donating--once dan gets his lab results back and once I get my physical completed.
+Exploring Utah Lake--Check! did that yesterday! It is so beautiful! My only ward friend just moved out there and we got to help her take stuff to her new house by the lake and drool over how pretty the houses are!
+planning a baby shower and a YW lesson
+play dates with the Foresters.
+and possibly hiking the Y if we have a good weather day!

any and all visitors are welcome to join. :)

and yes, I do realize that all my pictures are at the "yellow park" but it is only because the temps have been in the 60's and we are there all morning and all afternoon/evening. Pretty much the only time we are home, is for Sylvie's nap… so park pictures it is!

top right is SDR! how cute!:)