Friday, April 15, 2016

In the last 3 weeks: sickness, hiking, gardening, BBQing...

Well this here is a super attractive picture of me! Just documenting the fact that I have pneumonia, the fact that my kids have also been sick (stori was in bed from 5pm Sunday-1:30pm Tuesday), and also documenting Sylvie's eye lashes!!! Holy mokes.

Stori has missed so much preschool lately: a week while in Idaho, then a week during spring break, and now a week due to illness. Then next Saturday we leave for 10 days to California. Good thing she is top in her class for reading... But she still misses it and cries for it everyday once she realizes she missed it. I like this picture of her pretending to like cupcakes haha

For the last 2ish weeks we had my niece Dresden, while her parents were in NEw Zealand. My kids loved having her with us, and stori stepped right into the mother roll; feeding her, singing to her, reminding me when she needs to nap, etc.

The worlds creepiest face swaps ever! Top is Dan and Amanda. Bottom is Dan and me. Haha

Hiking the Y with all the Radford grandkids. While we were babysitting Drezy Drez, Nicoles family came to play during their Spring Break! It was so much fun! We tried to fit in so much. (including donuts 2 mornings). 

Picnic at the top

Sylvie really got her workout on the way up

One night while Vern and Nicole and their family were here visiting, we had a BBQ with all the radfords that live here. One of the highlights was having Michael bust out his guitar and sing with Dan. It felt so much like summer, and it made me happy.

During conference sessions, we walked to temple square and loved seeing these blossoms on our favorite center street!!

Look at us! We are officially gardeners, and one squash closer to becoming adults (technically Dan did all the tilling, planning, and gardening, but i documented and watched the kids...)

Hahahaha ^^ this picture!!! GIANT HAND that belongs to no one???

Grocery shopping with a kitty and a bunny. Isn't it funny how opposite these cousins are. Both cuties.

My girls got so excited when it started to rain last week. We busted out the umbrellas and walked to the bakery.

Lame Patty??

Raise your hand if you think st. Patty's day is the worst holiday ever? 4 raised hands over here!
l This year however was a lot of fun! My friend Shasha came and stayed with her baby coco, and we did our traditional cafe rio dinner (every year since we have been married, and we do it because it is green)
The week of St. Patty's day we did a lot of fun things too.

The kids got to watch a movie in a fort

Stori got to do dishes completely by herself (I didn't tell her that I had to rewash them after). This is something she usually just helps me with, so she was pretty excited when she got to do it solo.

Dan and I cashed in our date to Station 22. It was seriously the best food I have had in a long time. Plus it was free! Thanks instagram! :)

walking to our date and some crAzy eyes

Stori made this rainbow entirely by herself! I made the heart shape waffles to go with it, but I thought she did such a good job! Oh and  I put the cool whip on too-if she would have been in charge it would have all been gone before it reached the plate. I was surprised she knew what order the colors were suppose to be in....she even asked what fruit she could use that was violet, because we just ended it with blue. :)

3 little red heads. We love baby coco sooo much!

First flower picked for me from Sylvie June bug

Walking Around the temple in between temple dedications.
Turns out I only kinda hated the holiday this year. We had too many fun things that occupied us so we didn't have to worry about finding creepy leprechauns, or eating corned beef and cabbage. It was a fun , fun week!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Radfords visit Radfords. and a little depressing note.

Dan's parents and Marisa came and stayed at our place for 5 days. They came for a family wedding, to go to the Temple open house, and to enjoy some good political discussions ;)

The weather was so nice the whole time they were here (about 75*), so we were able to enjoy some time outside. We even went and found a family grave at the Provo cemetery; Titus Billings. 

(I have a lot of pictures, but I have zero desire to put them in order). 
Sylvie did NOT want to get out of the car after she fell asleep. I think Stori was enjoying it. ha

Dan is so lucky to have such beautiful girls in his life.
On Saturday we went to the Dinosaur mall and played for several hours, toured the Al Rounds art gallery, toured the Beehive house, and then spent the rest of the day walking around the temple. Seriously beautiful weather.

We hit up the Provo bakery for some yummy breakfast goods on Saturday. We only live one block away and this was only our second visit. Their glazed croissants are just too good to describe.

This face made me think of aunt Bridget when paired with that hair. My sister had the best 80's hair when she was in high school. 
a little ice cream break at McDonalds while we waited for daddy to get off work. Stori was  so tired that morning that she asked to go back to bed---when she woke up, she was DEVASTATED when I told her she slept through preschool. she kept asking to call her teacher to ask if she could still come.

this girl can just read and read and read. Her preschool teachers say she is one of the best readers in class, and says that not only is she an excellent reader, but that she can comprehend what she reads. So glad, because I didn't enjoy reading at all when I was a kid.

I WON MY FIRST giveaway!!! Well, I won TWO!! Free date night to one of the best restaurants in Downtown Provo. then free Ice cream from the best new ice cream shop in downtown. I am SO EXCITED! 
229 unread text messages----must be political candidate season. 

Sylvie and Stori slept in our room while family was in town. I loved cuddling with my babies.

Speaking of cuddling my babies....

Almost 2 weeks ago now, I found out that sweet little Halle Merrill (who is only 2) suddenly passed away in a horrible snow accident with her sister. My mom works for her dad, and they are family friends from Lewisville. Since hearing the news, I have literally been sick to my stomach and had a constant head ache. I won't go into detail of the way she died, because I don't feel like putting mascara on again today (it is the saddest thing you will ever hear). She is the exact same age as little June bug and was such a beautiful little girl. I haven't been able to put my little girls down since. 
I think I am creating a bad sleeping schedule for Sylvie because I hold her in my arms until she falls asleep. I just keep thinking of how Chris and Cindy don't get to hold their baby girl, and I feel kind of guilty for getting to hold mine. Life is so short. 
Well I don't want this to turn into a sad post, so i'll end with this:
the princess workout.