Thursday, February 4, 2016

We love when daddy comes home, and fave/not fave quotes

Whenever SDR comes home, the next couple hours are full blown crazy town! The girls greet him at the door, show him their most recent outfit, then attack. He is a human jungle gym until they go to bed. Then he cleans the house to his approval (haha the weirdo who likes to clean) and then we get to hang out. It's pretty grand.

he even makes me hot cocoa while i'm wrapped in two blankets and wearing in his hoody. 
We all love that brown-eyed boy. 

And just for fun......

my 5 favorite & 5 least favorite quotes from SDR lately
 My Faves
1. I'm coming home early, you want to go shopping while I hang out with the kids?
2. 2 scoops or 3?
3. Should we make popcorn and watch Brooklyn 99?
4. Wanna go on a drive through the mountains?
5. We need to go to California soon!

Least Faves
1. I don't care how you cut your hair, you choose, I like it all. 
2. Sorry Hun, looks like I will be working late.
3. I have to go back to the gun store for a little part.
4. I have to go back to the gun store AGAIN for a little part.
5. We can't buy a minivan yet.

When we started this law school journey, I thought i was saying goodbye to dan for the next 3 years. What i have now realized, is that I might be seeing him way more right now, then I ever will in the future. Luckily he wants to be the poor kind of lawyer, so let's hope he isn't stuck working all the time.
It's blurry, but my oh my do I love it. I was texting my friend amber at the time, and we reminisced for a bit about laughing out loud... So i recorded this little number and sent it to her.

Monday, February 1, 2016


With all the snow we have been getting lately, (bittersweet) we decided the best way to enjoy it would  be to drive up to Clarkson and play in it with cousins. Meg and Joel have a snowmobile and endless snow. Plus we literally snowmobiled in front of their house because they live in the mountains. 
It was so fun to have Dan with us---usually when we play in the snow, he is at work or school. This is the first time in 2 years... but to be fare, last year at this time it was in the 70's, so we didn't really have the chance to play in the snow together. 
 heading out the front door^^
 Sylvie almost fell asleep while riding with daddy.

 Being pulled behind the snowmobile was a blast for all the kids

 ^^Dan and I got our turn, but I couldn't go faster than 40mph without screaming. Dan thought it was hilarious.
 ^^But when dan got his turn all by himself, he fell off trying to do tricks and hurt his knee. Who's laughing now? ;)

Yeehaw!! That littlest cowboy was quite the stinker when we tried to go on a double date with Meg and Joel. I put her to bed before we left, and Stori was entertained with cousins. Perfect! Went to dinner at El Sol, then off to Star Wars again (even better the second time).... BUT right as it was starting we got a text from Maizy (the babysitter).  Stori didn't want to go potty downstairs because of the sound it made when it Maizy took her upstairs and used the bathroom connected to the room Sylvie was sleeping in. Long story short, the toilet made a bomb sound and woke up Sylvie & Tommy. I called and talked to the my girls and hoped for the best. It was stressful for everyone haha, but it was still fun.
Clarkson. You win with everything.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Conquering the potty, conquering gum, and more videos for S.J.

So I finally committed to potty training Sylvie, and she took to it the first day. By day 3 she was going potty without even telling me she needed to go!! She has had several dry nights, but a random wet pull-up when she wakes up. Overall she's been a champ!

And in even bigger news, Sylvie mastered chewing gum! Haha, she has struggled with it for so long and is so obsessed with it. She would let it sit on the roof of her mouth until it pretty much disintegrated and stick to her teeth! It was pretty gross! :) 
But now she will chew it until she's done and then give it to me. 

Sylvie June will be 2 1/2 on Valentine's Day. She is a sweet little munchkin and we love her Sylvie-isms that we will probably say forever:
"HewWwooooo." (A very exaggerated Hello)
"L'yatoo." (Her response when we tell her we love her. It's the most rushed 'I love you' ever and it's hilarious).
"here bo."
"You're welc."
"I dotchu" (I've got you... when she thinks she's saving us from something. takes it very seriously).

She is full of so many fun quotes, but those are the ones that Dan and I text each other daily.

She also says some pretty sweet prayers. sometimes she starts singing I am a Child of God, but we just roll with it.

I also love when she makes a scary ghost or witch sound while trying to scare us. Once we get really scared she will grab our faces and say, "I'm just trickin," then laugh. 

She is majorly into dancing and can't wait until she's 3 and can take from Miss Cami! any time she hears music she immediately finds someone and says, "you come dance wiff us?" who can say no?

Her hair is halfway down her back and is getting super thick and curly. Most days just frizzy. She is very picky with how we fix it too... if i finish and it's not to her standards she sits back down on my lap and tells me again how she wants it. girls...

She is my shopping buddy! Stori is gone for 2.5 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that's when we go window shopping or grocery shopping. It's pretty fun! 
Love this little lunatic and wish she would stay this perfect happy age forever

Cute little sleeper--whichever toddler bed Stori sleeps in, Sylvie also wants. So Stori has just decided to let her choose first haha.

5th annual Radford snowman. Creepiest one also
I've never met better friends 

They do everything together-mainly because June bug is her shadow
She even has to wear a dance costume to watch Stori at her dance class. She has stori's ballet recital dance all memorized. Having two girls is fun!

Some of these movies are from a year and a half ago, and some are from like a month ago. just catching up.

We're pretty great at dates

Dan and I were able to go on a date on Saturday night---correction, we went on a 35 minute date on Saturday night. We had intentions of eating out at one of the restaurants on center street, going to the concert, and then out to ice cream at another place on center street. Our friends Ryan and Amanda came over to watch our kids, and Dan ended up playing with guns with Ryan, and I ended up talking to Amanda all the way up until the concert started. We saw City of Salt perform at the Muse, and they were fantastic!!! Plus the main guy is Dans brother Michael! Dan turned into an old man and got an ear ache from the loud music haha! Michael is seriously one talented dude and puts on a great show. If in Provo, definitely check them out.
^^out on our date.

^^ a totally not posed photo sadly haha!! 

Timanogos definitely has my heart! This is the view from Target! I love the whole 'live in the city by the mountains' thing! Just last Saturday we had a deer in our front yard, and I noticed deer tracks in our backyard when I was out doing laundry... Ya. Laundry in the shed haha. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Movies of Astoria Rose Radford

I have finally learned how to upload videos to my blog easier, so I am going back and putting up some from thee past year and a half... I'm excited!
I also put the video of Astoria's ballet recital on the blog with all her dance pictures.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's all fun and games until...

So I am finally getting to all my movies on my phone....and I'm going to start with these videos that show Sylvie getting bonked noggins. Poor little June bug

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thanksgiving in Idahome

Let it be known again, that holidays are when I want to document the most, but NEVER seem to take pictures! Ever! So here are the few that I took, or josh took! 

We love spending time in Idaho! Stori thinks it's the greatest place in the whole world---might have to agree with her! ;)

^^meg and Joel raised this GIANT turkey for dinner! pretty sure it's name while it was alive, was Thanksgiving.

^^sylvie cleaning the cool whip lid for us. Such a good helper! Oh and in a scandalous dress-up...nothing new here!

Dinner time!

^^sylvie's face haha.

Thanksgiving evening walk with some of my favorite people!! 

See what I mean about not taking pictures?!
So here is what I didn't document: The kids played outside for two days straight in the freezing cold, shopping on Black Friday with mom and Meg, decorating for Christmas at moms house, relaxing, eating leftovers, watching elf, and shooting! I wish I had more to say/show about the fun time we had in Idaho for 5 days!! Take me back!!!

Astoria's ballet recital

Little miss Astoria Rose has become a beautiful little ballerina! She LOVES dance, and would prefer to have it every day of the week if she could. She shows no nerves whatsoever, and dances her little heart out...even in front of a lot of strangers. 
Her dance performance was at a Veterans Retirement home in Payson, and all the residents got to watch. After the performance, Dan took Stori to meet as many of them as they could. He is a great dad! Stori just thanked them for coming, but I think it meant a lot that they took the time to visit with them. Sylvie spent that time eating the refreshments haha. 

Two thumbs up! She sat so reverently waiting for the performance to start! She really is such a sweet heart! 
All smiles after the dance!! :) I was a proud little mama!

*I will post the video of it in another post

early January 2016

I love the beginning of a new semester for Dan. The real work doesn't start for a few weeks, so when he is done with homework and actual work, we get to play! We have done a lot of swimming so far. My kids are absolutely obsessed with it. Stori finally reached the height of the big, huge, ginormous twisty slides and goes down like a champ. It scares me a little, because she only meets the height requirement by centimeters and i feel like she could get all twisted up in the slides because she is so tiny. My claustrophobic self is glad that she is taking after her father in this aspect.
The beginning of January also feels like it should immediately be spring! I feel like taking down our Christmas decorations is some sort of therapy! :) I was able to take all of it down except these 2 cute snowmen that I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to. Story made and cut out hers all by herself, and sylvie perfected the cursive "y" on hers. 
We have also made a few new year goals: one of mine is to eat less pop tarts! So far i am failing greatly. Another is to potty train Sylvie... this one is going much better. It is still frustrating because she was pretty much potty trained at 14 months, but I wasn't interested in potty training her when she was so young and we were busy traveling between provo and idaho so much. Rookie move on my part, I should have just done it then!

Dan and I got new callings in our ward. Nursery leaders! I was a little bummed at first: Nursery/Primary are literally the only 2 hours I am not with kids, and now I'm with 15! But it has been a lot of fun because I get to be in there with Dan and a few other fun couples! Plus, I was able to get a 2.5 yr old boy to come to Nursery for the first time EVER! high-five self!

We celebrated MLK day by renting the minions for the kids, and then watching the Help after they snoozed. Of course we downed a lot of popcorn, and I consumed a whole bag of mini Cadbury eggs. Good thing another 2016 goal is to work out more. 

Provo Pizza Party and Presents!

When we realized we left all of the kids presents from us in Provo, we came up with a plan. We told them that when we got back home we would have a pizza party on New Year's Eve and we would get to open up all out Christmas presents in front of our tree and watch a movie!! Well that took zero convincing, and they loved the idea! Phew!! 

We were lucky enough to have my mom in town to join our Provo pizza party! 
^^ watching the movie and eating picnic style by our tree.

Opening up our "Christmas Eve Jammie's," on New Year's Eve. :)

Stori got a Merida doll and Merida dress up 

Sylvie got a "rella" doll and princess book

I had to document sylvie sleeping...mainly because she didn't take a nap all of Christmas/New Years break. She stayed up with Dan, my mom, and I watching a movie on New Years and finally crashed around 11:30!

We liked our unplanned tradition of opening a few presents on new years eve so much, that we might make it a new Radford tradition---plus, if we did the shopping the day after christmas, we could really save some big bucks! ;)