Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Green pond hike

I downloaded the All Trails app, and when I typed in Ogden, it popped up with 500 trails near me. how cool is that?! So many places to explore! This one is called Green Pond loop, and it is up the snow basin ski resort. So many beautiful wildflowers. The kids loved this hike so much, and actually ran a lot of it. I think this can be a hike we do all summer because it is super shaded, and up higher, so it won't get as hot s the other ones. Plus we only saw 2 other groups of hikers. That's a win.

I forgot my hiking backpack, but luckily I had a baby carrier in my car. Georgia loved it and was laughing at the girls while they were running. Such a cute little goof ball.

Peach orchard

Our Stake here has a huge peach orchard, and each ward is in charge of a few fields of them. We went up with our ward to thin out the branches so that we will be able to harvest some really good peaches. It's pretty cool. After we harvest them, another ward will can them, and then they get sent to anywhere they are needed. Last year the peaches from our orchard were sent to Texas and Florida after the hurricanes.
But it was actually pretty fun spending the evening with our ward. Some of us did more work than others... I kinda just talked with people while the girls climbed trees and while dan did all the work haha.

we only had access to one ladder, so some of our friends got creative.

the view from our orchard.

After we thinned, we came home and had some grilled chicken fajitas and corn on the cob. a perfect little evening.

Spiral Jetty

On Memorial Day, we decided to NOT go hiking or camping like the rest of America, but went to the Spiral Jetty instead. As the crow flies, it's only 33 miles from us, but it took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there because of the dirt roads and the fact that there is a mountain range to go around. But it was pretty cool. On the way there we drove past some wild Mustangs---which was my first time seeing some and it was so cool--we also drove past the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit. that's where the Transcontinental Railroad connects to the Central Pacific, and Union Pacific railroads. Pretty cool.

Once we got to the Spiral Jetty, I was a little underwhelmed. It was a lot smaller than I thought. I kinda thought we made a mistake having this be our adventure. But once we got down to the water by the jetty, i immediately regretted my initial thoughts. it was amazing! the water was sooo pink and purple!! It was impossible to capture in a photo, but I promise it was. I'll include a photo from instagram that someone took from their drone. It also has info about why it is so pink.

There were so many salt crystals everywhere, and also orange pools. Some pretty amazing things.

Georgia and Sylvie always hold hands while we are driving and I think it's absolutely adorable.
Girl crew at the jetty.

Baptism and blessing weekend.

2 weekends ago, we were double booked for a baptism in Idaho, and a blessing in Provo. Luckily, Dan's brother moved the blessing to Sunday morning so we could go. So we went to Idaho friday night, went to Jacks baptism Saturday morning, played at my mom's house after, then drove back to Idaho Saturday night. Then at 6 am, we left for provo to make it to the blessing. After the blessing, we decided to drive the Alpine Loop up to Silver Lake Flat. oh it felt good to be back in the Provo area and do the things we loved doing while living there. It was such a fun time in our lives. I am in love with where we live right now, but I sure loved it there in Provo. 

While we were in Idaho, my mom was nice enough to wake up before the blessing to color my hair for me.  The week before, we were shopping at TJ Maxx and the cashier told me, "oh it almost looks like your youngest daughter has a slight red to her hair. Did you or any of your other girls have red hair when you were little?" GASP?! to her, none of us had red hair! So off to walmart I went and bought some red hair color. I don't know what it is, but when MY hair is red, others think my girls have red hair too. How man times do I need to say red hair... haha. But this week at Lee's, a cute lady came up to me and said how pretty all my girls red hair was, and how lucky that they got it from their mama. phew. that feels better. ;)  That lady is my current favorite though---she also told me that she hoped my red hair doesn't fade when I hit my 30's. She told me I had several years before I would find that out. 

Best backyard. And cousins are the

my brothers playing with Georgia haha. so cute.

Idaho sure tuckered out my kiddos... this NEVER happens. and this was like 13 minutes into the drive.

Off to Provo...
Carmen literally asked my kids if they would play with her at the park. apparently she used to play at that park when she was little, and needed an excuse to play there. She played with them for 2 hours, it was fantastic!

Cute brothers in their matching Bill Murray shirts.

Georgia 14 months, Evelyn  4 months.

Georgia loved the freezing mountain lake. And we all loved the view.

quick Idaho weekend

Dan, his dad, and his brothers had a camping trip planned in Idaho, so I tagged along and stayed at my mom's house. BUT she was gone to Oregon haha. Luckily Ty and Jen were there, so my kids had an absolute blast. For my kids, sleep wasn't needed and food was overrated. they only needed to be outside to be happy. Luckily the weather was great, so they were able to do that.

Georgia and Max were a great duo. He played with her all weekend. He was so sweet and took her to the park, pushed her in the swing, jumped with her on the trampoline, pushed her in the stroller, and helped her ride on the pink car. Such a sweetheart.

we always like to go for walks in Lewisville. they were excited to find a "nice" dog. there are very few dogs my girls actually like haha. Well except Georgia, she likes all animals.

The water wasn't super warm haha

we went and played at Stori's old elementary school. The new park they put in there is heat resistant!!! which is amazing! no matter how hot it is outside it is, the playground feels cold! so we stayed there for a long time. Stori really wanted to go for a run with me, but i was too hot, so she convinced Levi to go with her... they were pooped after a mile. and red faces to boot.

Ryder got pooped on while climbing a tree, and it splattered all over Sylvie and Levi....that's when we decided to leave the playground ha.

no sleep no problem.

Here are only 2 pictures from Dan's weekend. He has hundreds more, but that will take to long to get haha. They went 4 hours from rigby to some very remote mountains from Friday-Sunday. They shot guns, hiked 13 miles, talked around the fire, and even did a little jeeping. sounded fun.