Saturday, April 18, 2015


Since I am #1 crappy blogger right now, I'm just going to quickly catch up so I can move on. 
So this is what we have been up to...
Locked ourselves out 2 more times and ended up having to drill through our doorknob and replacing it! Super fun!
Spent way too much time eating Tillamook ice cream and watching parks and rec together.
A lot of hanging out and eating popcorn with Ryan and Amanda (law school friends) and Jon. 
A lot of park and library time with Heidi and hazel (and Stori's best bud Capri).
Stori went to her first friend princess party for her good friend Lidia. Sylvie crashed the party too.
A few visits to see daddy while he studies all the live long day.
Dan has managed to stay sane (so far) during finals week(s). And we actually got to go swimming altogether! He won #1 husband and daddy that day. Especially because he got pizza for dinner and then took Stori on a date that night! All during finals! Anyway...
Sylvie turned 20 months and has convinced herself that she is potty trained. Says she needs to go "Poo-poo-potty" several times a day and very rarely goes, but she thinks she does! :)
She has mastered the game 'pretend sleep.'
Stori randomly took 2 naps while cuddling with me. (Note that both times I was covered in drool by the time she woke up).
Spent most of the days out in the sunshine and a few of the days stuck inside during the snowstorms. 
Tried something new-->Each day, Stori requests some kind of princess hair, but last Sunday Stori told me she wanted "Lila hair." Well, in my brain I thought... Well Lila has bangs, and Stori doesn't, and I'm a clearly a trained hairdresser, so let's do this. WHAT was I thinking? This was Stori's first time ever getting her hair cut, EVER, and she kept asking me why I broke her hair and if I could just put her long curls back on her hair. Poor thing.

And lastly, we discovered that we will be moving to Idaho a month sooner because the law firm Dan will be at, is going to trial on May 11th, and they want him there to observe that. AND he might do a second externship in Logan Utah! It would be a great experience since its in our top 2 places to live. Plus it would give him more credits, and that means less credits he would have to take his last semester. But he's trying to decide if he wants to work instead, so we can make money since the externships don't pay.
And thus ends the longest catch up post of all time.

^^^ a few of her pretend sleeping
^^this bean game can entertain them for over an hour
^the princess preschool storytime. Holding hands with her friend Capri 
^sylvie, hazel, and Kate in age order. Each 3 months apart.
^this potty picture reminds me so much of a potty picture of me when I was little.
^playing out on the balcony that's off our master bedroom. They usually play out there while I get ready.
^the party crasher
^^^Stori, Capri, Lidia 

^^ baby ruuuuuuuth
^^swimming in the lazy river at the Rec center
^incognito SJ. Didn't realize she wore the hat until we got all loaded in the stroller.

^^the broken hair... :(

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Idaho Easter and Gen conf

Easter 2015 was another success. It went by so fast, but the whole weekend was so much fun. This is the first time we have lived away from family, so it felt weird to be the first ones to leave the party!

^^idaho or bust

Granny and towers.
Caught her mid word, "ball."

The littles getting the instructions for the 
   Easter egg hunt 

Stori was devastated that she didn't find the golden egg... But uncle Joel hid some silver eggs for each family. Seemed to make her happy 

^^the kids look extra grumpster cause we paused the swinging for a picture. My kids are the luckiest kids in this whole world---they were born into a family with the coolest cousins ever! 

^^and this is how we listen to conference! ;)
I have some much better pictures on dans camera, but I realized how behind I am getting because I keep waiting to put those on. So I will add them later and post now.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Kissing 3 year old

I got my first kiss when I was 19 (or 20?) Astoria Rose got her first kiss at the ripe old age of 3!!! 
She has always been my little cozy, lovey-dovey, smoochy, cuddly girl that is always telling me she loves me; so it makes sense that she is so "cozy" with a little boy in her primary class. Her teachers say they hold hands when they walk to class and when one of them gets hurt, the other always makes sure they feel better. Which is cute and adorable. BUT then this Sunday they said they had to separate them cause the little boy smooched her! (Gasp)! The teachers were laughing so hard when they told us.
So we sat her down after church yesterday and discussed how she should behave in church, and what is appropriate. Not sure if it will make a difference, because she definitely has a crush; we were making 7 layer dip tonight and when she saw me open the olives she said, "hey mom, those are olives, like OLIVER!!!" All while blushing and smiling. Oh me oh my what are we going to do with her?

On a better note, I took stori on a date Saturday night, and after we left the Disney store she grabbed me to hug my leg and said that was the best day ever and was so happy to have a good mommy! Aweeee that cute little boy-kissing-dang-cute-baby girl.

I'm loving their new spring dresses stori and I got on our date for Easter.

Ward Easter egg hunt with friends Caprice and hazel.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some of March n such

 We have stupid door knobs that make us think our door isn't locked from the inside, but is Iocked from the outside. 
So last Sunday this happened:
Played outside for hours
stori needed to go potty 
Discovered we were Locked out 
Stori pees by a tree
Landlord drives 40 miles to let us in
Feeling stupid 
Glad it was warm, and finally back into our place at about 9pm.
Dan tried every opening to our house, but no luck.

^^entertaininf ourselves while waiting to get in to our apt.

The rest of the week was a lot of fun. Lots of playing with friends: forester girls, amber & ezra, Tracen, Melissa and their kids, running and playing with the Pfaffroths (Heidi, Chris, and baby hazel),  and a bonfire with Jon and Jocelyn, and Ryan and Amanda.( some law school friends). I feel like we are some lucky lucky Radfords to have such great friends in our lives.

^^the bonfire crew. We found a spot out in Spanish fork that reminds us so much of idaho and so of course we LOVED it. We will probably do a lot more bonfires in the future. Our kids were great during it. We opened the hatch to our car, brought some pizza, and let them go at it haha! Real good parents right here.
^^the crazy faces we make when Tracen and Melissa show up! Haha
^^stori took these pics for us! It was such a fun day getting to see Ambs and meet little ezra! Then continue to play with the forester girls.
^^playing all day and washing all dirt off in a bath.

Let's hope March continues to be amazing and full of fun memories!