Tuesday, August 7, 2018


So proud that we all finished our half marathon. We trained for this thing for months and months, but once july hit, it was sooo hard to train. We did a couple of long runs while in Idaho, did a couple of hikes, but that's about it. Our kids were troopers for all of our training. Sometimes we would have to wake them up at 5:30 so we could go running before it got too hot, or before dan had to go to work. They did every single mile with us; Stori on her bike, and the girls in the stroller. It was a lot of fun getting to run with them. It made the day of the race so fun because we didn't have to push kids, and we just got to run. I sure love having long conversations with Dan about life while we run. It makes the runs go by so fast.
Anyway, back to the actual half marathon. first of all, it ended up being 14 miles instead of 13.1. So annoying. Why would they do that to us? Also, when we got to the place to catch our ride first thing in the morning, it turned out that not all of the bus's showed up. So we got on a bus after the race was supposed to start, and there were STILL people that hadn't made it on the bus. they definitely were not very prepared. but we still LOVED it and plan to do another one in 3 weeks right in our backyard here in UT. Dan doesn't look like he loved it, but he assures me he did.
Our kids ran the kids race and were so glad to get their very own medal. They said it was hard to run that mile but they did it!
This was my 3rd time doing the IF half and first for dan. we did TOU 6 years ago together, and plan to do so many more together for as long as we can. Such a fun hobby to have with dan.
We also did this run with my sister megan. Kristie ran it too, but she started way before us and we didn't ever see her until the end.

Megan was so embarrassed that she wore pants and a t-shirt. She decided to do the race at 11pm the night before and didn't have her running gear with her, so we found stuff at my moms house. She is training for an actual marathon, so this was just a short run for her haha.
I love that my girls wanted to run in skirts and dresses. So cute

I LOVE THE LOOK ON GEORGIA AND STORI'S FACES HERE!!!!! Georgia loving her dad, and stori so proud of her medal after their tiring run.

tommy's determination in this photo. All the kids taking off in a dead sprint haha. and Stori's tongue hanging out.
Dan looks dead, but he isn't. just got done with some hills for the first 6 miles.
I wanted to cross the finish line holding hands. This picture makes it look like dan finished first, but he didn't. Did you hear that SDR?! you didn't!!

Candid photo of me loving my christmas medal.
and megan being so proud with the picture she took of me and dan crossing the finish line hahaha.

Sandlot swimming

Last monday we went swimming for a birthday party. Dan's boss Matt rented the whole pool out for his sons birthday, and we had a blast swimming until it was completely dark. The water was so warm and the slides the perfect length. It was such a fun night together eating pizza and cake, and making new friends. Oh, and this is the place were Sandlot was filmed, which made it even more perfect.

Such a pretty backdrop for swimming.

^^the night of the bee sting.


Dan and I have been married for 9 YEARS!!! best 9 years of my life if I'm being completely honest. We had Cafe Rio after the babes went to bed, put on Runaway Bride, and did face masks. hahahahah. Dan covered his whole face; eyebrows, beard and neck.  oh it was so funny to take off the mask and see the eyebrow hair come right off with it. well, not all of it.
I love this man so much. He makes me so happy and makes me feel like a million bucks. He is smart and compassionate, tender and sassy, funny and handsome. He is my favorite human and I love all of our adventures together.  Love you SDR.
ps. Next year for our 10th, we will be leaving our kids and going on our first getaway!! so one year to be okay with leaving my kids haha.

it's hard to leave these cuties. but we enjoyed my anniversary outside in the cool weather waiting for dan to come home so we could party.

If you build it, they will come....

We inherited this silly little plastic pool from our friends here, and you wouldn't believe the power it holds.
Dan any my favorite saying is, "if you fill it, they will come." Once we set up that pool, all the little neighbor kids start to wander over. I don't mind, my kids love it! I also would rather have them all at our house rather than my kids going somewhere else. I just get to sit back on my camping chair in the shade and watch them play.

instinct told her to drink from here haha.

and if you stay outside long enough, the neighbor kids ask if they can wash your car for you. Well sure, I suppose.

Our townhouse may not have the biggest back yard, or the most amazing side yard, but I do love that it brings all the cute friends for my girls to play with. for now, this is about perfect.

Jackson without Dan

It sure was weird to be in those beautiful mountains without the mountain man himself. this is probably his favorite place on earth. We still enjoyed it though haha.

We didn't see any bears, but we played in Colter bay, threw rocks in the river, had a beautiful picnic, and soaked up all that beautiful mountain air.

4th of Julydaho!

A whole lot of family, a whole lot of fun, but not a whole lot of candy. haha. The mean parade was so so soooo lame this year! Stori and sylvie left with 4 pieces of candy, and each "float" was behind the next by 5 minutes. Luckily they had cousins to play with while they waited.
We had over 50 people at my moms house for her 4th of july dutch oven. It was so fun. Dan and I had plans to go to the IF fireworks with his family, but his mom called and said it was too packed and not worth the drive in there. So we went to Menan and enjoyed them very much. Just right for us. Especially because Dan asked a family if we could watch it with them in their yard (something I would never do) but it had the perfect view and we were home in less than 5 minutes!

Georgia was not a fan of the super loud fire engines, so she cozied up to my mom for comfort.

waiting and waiting for the floats to come by. And when they did, they were out of candy to throw out. So lame

dan was on BBQ chicken duty.

family fireworks

Evelyn and Georgia