Sunday, July 30, 2017


ONLY 3 hours from our house, and probably our favorite bucket list item. Arches National Park is freaking gorgeous!! I can't even believe how pretty it was. The kids were addicted to hiking the arches, and even when they were exhausted and ready for bed, they still wanted more. I had a 3 week old baby and I got a little tired, but couldn't say no to their cute little requests.
We have hiked:
Delicate Arch
Sand Dune Arch
Double Arch
Window Arch
Broken Arch
Tapestry Arch
Turret Arch
 and we saw balanced rock, Park Avenue, and the Amazing AMAZING Dead Horse Pointe. We will definitely be back!! 😍

We actually did go back a second time and managed to get in to Dead Horse Pointe, and Arches for free. Apparently in Arches, they allow people to get in free for 15 minutes so that the line doesn't get too long. And when we went to Dead Horse, there was no one at the window. So that was great!
Delicate arch, about a 3 mile hike^
Sand Dune Arch pictures. Only a mile hike....

^^Windows Arch. which is right by Turret, and Double.
My mom took a screen shot of our location from Find My Friends. that is us parked at Sand Dune Arch.

^^Broken arch. You walk through this arch and then you hike about 3 miles to Tapestry Arch from there.

They both get it from their father^^

Double Arch pictures.....

^^ When the girls would hike too high and didn't know how to get down from places, they would scoot down on their bums... this is the result. ripped pants. Also, we collected free souvenirs with all the sand found in everyones shoes.

Georgia Belle was a little trooper on both trips to Moab. I love this little girl so much. Dan was singing her a song and she was smiling and talking to him for several minutes. It was so cute.

Heeber Creeper

The last few weeks of Provo living, we spent every evening after Dan studied, crossing stuff off our bucket list. This was probably in the top 3 favorite things we did!!!
I made arrangements to go with some of our friends, and kept it a secret from the kids. When their best friends showed up at the shootout, they were SO HAPPY!! the train takes you down to Deer Creek Reservoir and back, and they have live music playing and games going while you ride. The scenery is INCREDIBLE! seriously so beautiful. you are free to walk around the train, so the kids sat together and walked whenever they needed to stretch their legs. Stori got picked to sing in a karaoke competition, and looooved it!
If you arrive 20 minutes early,  you get to watch an old west shootout. then they pass out candy :)

part of the shootout.

the color of Georgia's hair in the sunset.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Idaho thus far

Idaho life is a bit slower paced than that of Provo. We went from daily play dates, evening hikes, and downtown night night walks, to just night night walks to see all the neighborhood baby colts. Which is good. It's just different. What we did in June and July:
Dan studied for the BAR from 9am-5pm (or later) M-F. 
Stori did T-Ball every M &W in June. 
Sylvie got so much better at her bike riding skills.
Georgia can now fit in the bike trailer
And I daydream about a house of our own one day. ONE day we will be real adults and not live with my mom haha thanks mom! 😂
Until the adulthood kicks in, we will continue with our Lewisville bike rides and our rigby lake swimming.
Here are a few pics of Idaho life so far. 
Jefferson stampede

Father's Day!
Visiting granny at work 
Fishing trips with daddy 
Missing Provo 

Coach C (uncle Josh)

Playing Sorry with dad
Trying to keep granny's flowers alive 

Went to Baby Boss

24th of July celebrations 
Radford girls finally like dogs


Fairy houses
The best part about Idaho is being around family, trips to Jackson, and the cool evenings!!