Friday, November 17, 2017

Halloween 2017

My kids start planning their costume months and months in advance. Which is great...except it usually changes 7-10 times before actual halloween comes around. Luckily there are roughly 26 halloween parties we attend, so we get to use a lot of those options.
Which are : Witches, Feline creatures, Super heroes, and a Circus family-Stori is a fortune teller, Sylvie is a hoop jumping lion, and Georgia is a cute little clown.
We missed Stori's school carnival because it was the same day as Dan's swearing in, in Boise. Luckily  their cousins school carnival was at the end of the month so we got to go to that. We also had school parties/fashion shows, and actual halloween. We went trick or treating in Josh and Amandas neighborhood. It was Sooo much fun. The whole area participates, and it was so fun to see so many kids (and parents) dressed up and walking door to door. I genuinely HATE trunk or treat. Worst invention ever. So i was glad I was able to take my kids to the real deal. Also, I would like to add that I spent $1 total on the circus costumes. And that was for the hoop and Christmas garland that I wrapped around it for the fire.

^^ Still september, but the witch hats made an appearance.

^^ witch super hero combo for Sunday dinner at the Radford


Ty and Jen's younger three joined us towards the end, so I didn't get their picture.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Smells like childhood

Since we are so nice, and letting my mom live with her house... we have been able to enjoy a lot of outside time. her yard really is quite perfect for our kids. This past week, Lewisville had 3 days of solid wind. shocker right?! well Dan spent the next 3 days raking up her yard, and then josh came out so we could load all the branches and leaves in his truck. The kiddos enjoyed riding in the back of his truck like I did when I was little. They also spent a good portion of the time, raking the leaves into piles and then jumping into them. Avary was a great helper and they actually took several loads out to the burn pile with the wheelbarrow without us even asking them to. They are such cute littles!
and man oh man, does all this smoke smell sooooo good. it smells just like childhood.

First day of school

Astoria Rose is the cutest little first grader, I EVER did see! she was so excited for school to start and was a little nervous about being gone "all day." She thought that she would literally be gone from morning until bedtime... she said nervously to me, "but won't sylvie miss me when she goes to bed at night, and I'm still at school...." such sweetie. She was also very excited for the brand new playground at the school that I went to when I was little. Also, the idea of riding the school bus, was so exciting...until the school bus came to get her. She climbed into my arms and asked if I could take her instead. Now she loves it, and usually gets all of her homework done on the ride home.

they missed each other while stori was gone!

^^ a little cousin back to school shopping

Sylvie June bug started preschool this year...  :(
it's called Princess Academy, and it's girls only. They do a cooking class, a craft, and on Thursday, they take the last hour of class and have a dance class. If I'm being totally honest, I don't love it....they only go on TTH and don't do any school work. like at all. So I will have to do a separate preschool with her at home.  she seems to really love it though, and has no desire to come home with me when it's over.
Plus she loves her school "uniform" and riding the school bus for her monthly field trips.

^^ Stori is really into reading and taking AR tests. she has to get 10 before the first trimester, so she loves taking those tests. She is up to 8.3 points already, and still has 3 weeks before the trimester. I guess if they reach their goal, they get to read a book to the whole class... and apparently that sounds exciting for this little 6 yr old haha??

"Astoria is ready for AR test."

Friday, October 27, 2017

Georgia Belle 5-7 months 😬

Ok, so it's been a day or two since I have updated about my sweet little girl.
She is starting to grow her hair back, and she has stopped sticking her tongue out all the time. Which means less drool, which means an even cuter baby haha. Other than those 2 things, not much has changed.
She started having baby food a couple times a week--i should be doing it more, but I get busy and forget. Plus it's so easy to just nurse her.
Just this week she has been busting out of her sleeping wraps, so I decided to lay her down un swaddled... she did great!
When I say dream baby, I really mean it. She is amazing and as cute as they come! I highly recommend everyone get a Georgia Belle of their own!