Thursday, May 31, 2012

memorial day hobo...

.... the spider, not the homeless person.
It's true that our quant little apartment has been infested with Hobos. I have seen, with me own eyes, 6 total! SDR claims I have an "eye for spiders" for I am the only one that spots them. But hello!! anyone seen 'Arachnophobia'? Everyone should have that "eye for spiders." Especially while eating popcorn, showering, sitting on the toilet, or going out into your mysterious barn! ulgghhh.
Well, the first encounter was a Friday morning and dan had just left for plasma. I called him and maybe I made him leave the plasma center to come kill them...maybe. Point is, I hate spiders. And I hate that when SDR squishes them it sounds like he clapped his hands instead. anywayyyy....

So we bought spray and we sprayed before we went to WY for the Memorial Day weekend.
  The weekend was great! Not a single spider in sight.
We even saw an amazing, and very rare, Great Gray owl in Jackson.
{We contemplated moving to Jackson before Law School just to have fun and so that SDR can photograph all the wildlife his little heart desires. Too be continued}.
  The main reason for going to Jackson was to show our Norwegian friend Charlotte the Tetons. However, because of the snow, they were hidden.We still had fun and got to stay in a cabin while spending time with family.

When we returned home, my special spidey senses kicked in and BAM. A hobo by Stori's toys.
I give up. I hate living in fear like this! sticky traps are in our future.

P.S. when we came home we got to hold sweet little baby Maximus Wayne Thompson! Haily birthed him on Memorial day and he is absolutely perfect!

There will be NO pictures of spiders on here. EVER. I hate them and they don't need any more attention. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 month madness

Astoria Rose. Stinkeroni and Cheese. Stinker Winker. Stori Sweetstuffs. Stori Rosie Girl.
  1. Cruises everywhere! If she is awake, she is walking back and forth across our furniture! She is getting so speedy too! She loves when we say, "I'm gonna getcha! I'm gonna getcha!" she starts laughing and tries her fastest to run away!
  2. Dances at ANY music! even if it is singing the ABC's! :)
  3. She is no longer our "night furry"/"toothless" {From How to Train Your Dragon}. She has 2 lower teeth now, but unfortunately they are crooked! how does that even happen?
  4. She has developed her own little language. She uses her tongue to create many creative words. Eleanor, my niece, asked what country she was speaking?! Haha
  5. Still taking 2 naps during the day and still sleeping 8pm-7:30-8am.
  6. Decided that she HATES bottles! so on Wednesdays, when she's at grandmas, she doesn't get any milk! lots of fruits and veggies instead. {but not water, right mom? :) }.
  7. Loves to show off her tricks: clapping when your sing 'Patty Cake', claps at the lakers losing, claps after she does something good like turn off lights or crawl to us when we say "come get me," waves hi and bye, and gives high-fives.
  8. She laughs so hard when you play peek-a-boo, laughs when you laugh at her, laughs at scary noises, laughs when playing on swings, and laughs when tickled. 
  9. While walking across our furniture she will just let go and see how long she can stand on her own. Sometimes when I am holding her hands and then let go of her she can stand for about 15 seconds before reaching for me.
  10. Said, "dinchk dinchk" when my mom, SDR, and I were all drinking water and she wanted some. Not sure if it is officially her first word, but she got so excited when we did giver her a drink after that! 
This mom business is way more fun than I ever thought! Only 2 short months til I have a one year old! Too soon for a baby brother? :) 

OH and I had my very first official Mothers Day! I decided that every mothers day I will take a picture with my kids by our front door, wherever we live! Hopefully its not too many different front doors, but I'm excited to see how old they are at each different house and how we change each year.

This is year 1. Peterson Pointe apt #602



Monday, May 7, 2012

Which date is best?

Horrible picture. Horrible!
Dan does homework from the moment he gets home til midnight each and every night making our time together very limited.
So you can see why I was looking forward to our first official date night since Astoria Rose was born!!!
 (I even put on sparkly lip gloss-go big right)?!
When: May 4th
Where: Diamond Rio concert at BYUI
We were so close to the stage, thanks to Josh & Amanda, and we both sang along to All the songs that we had no idea Diamond Rio even sang! After all the singing we had no choice but to go to Coldstone!
We enjoyed staying out late and not worrying about getting home to put baby to bed.
We held hands at the concert.
We held hands walking.
We constantly looked in the backseat to talk to stori rose out of habbit. {We wouldnt have enjoyed our night if we didnt know that Stori was at home in good hands! Thanks Grandma Faylene!!}
It really was so perfect!

 Next date...
!Cinco de Mayo! Costa vida style (2 meals & 2 drinks $6). We brought dinner home and put Stori to sleep so that we could enjoy our horchata without having to share with her! :)
Then we watched a movie while she slept!
We got to cuddle on the couch with popcorn and PJ's.
Don't forget the homemade guacamole!
Every once in a while I would go give store little kisses when I missed her.
Also very perfect!!

 Not gonna lie, I love going out as a couple but I really love our dates at home! Usually those dates are homemade pizza made by SDR with root beer floats during our movie!
So don't make me choose which date is best. I just can't.
This is the good life folks!