Monday, July 25, 2011

little preview

I can not stop holding this cute little babe of ours!  She is ridiculously adorable and is so relaxed all the time. Sometimes the only time i put her down is to use the bathroom (I'm still trying to figure out how to do that and still hold her)! ha 
We have spent 2 days of torturing her so that SDR could get some cute newborn pics. Here's a lil' sneak peak at how dang adorable Astoria Rose is. Trust me, she's the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Friday, July 22, 2011


...and she even came early...
{Sunday July 17, 2011}
Astoria Rose Radford
6lbs. 9oz. 19 inches long
tons of BEAUTIFUL red hair and the most AMAZING eyes.
She is ever so tiny but we love her lots and lots and lots! That's a lot!
First Family Photo. SHE IS SOOO CUTE!!!!
The Story of 'Stori'
{skip to the end if you just want pictures}
We spent all day Saturday in Idaho Falls; we went to Kung Fu Panda 2 in the morning and then we walked around the greenbelt with a picnic and some contractions. Then we headed to Rexburg and walked around the Nature park with even more contractions. So I called my mom and all my sisters in Logan and asked them about their labor pains-each with different stories. So I was in denial that I was actually in labor. But then it was off to Gringos for some spicy food. At Gringos, my contractions were about 2 minutes apart so we decided to go for our 3rd walk of the day around Porter Park. We only made it around twice before I knew we had to go home. So we went home and watched an episode of Modern Family while we timed my contractions to know if we should go to the Hospital or just sleep it off. Well they were consistently 5 minutes apart so we decided we needed to go in because I was group B strep positive and needed to be on antibiotics 4 hours before delivery. I had such a nervous excited feeling thinking that we might not come back to the apartment just the two of us...
On our way to the hospital Saturday night

We walked into the hospital and explained to the nurses that it was okay if they sent us home cause we weren't sure if I was in labor. She sent us to an exam room to get checked to see if I was dilated. Which I was-but only to a 1. So we were sent on a walk for an hour. Let me tell you this. That was the worst hour of my life (and I can probably put a really really stamp on that)! I was having contractions every 20 seconds and they were getting worse with each one. SDR was great at being the supportive husband. I said several times that I wasn't strong enough to do this but he was quick to tell me that he loved me and that I definitely could do this. So after the hour I still hadn't dilated anymore and I was sent to the jacuzzi for an hour. That turned out to be only 30 minutes because I couldn't handle the pain anymore. Went back and got checked and the lady discovered that the reason I wasn't dilated anymore was because I had scar tissue built up and it was preventing me from dilating. She called the Dr. because the baby was low and ready to be born even though I wasn't dilated more than a 1. He gave the O.K. to send me to the labor room and get my epidural. EPIDURAL. my favorite word!

Once I got that epidural at 3:30am, I was able to relax enough and I immediately dilated to a 4. then an 8. then a 10.  On the last check the nurse did, my water broke. Which was such a cool feeling. 
so tired but ready to deliver this babe

 After my water broke, it was go time! So the nurse, SDR, and I started the real labor stuff. At 10am we began the pushing. I actually really really liked the delivery process. The epidural took the pain away, but I was still able to feel the pressure of contractions and I was able to feel every time I pushed. I knew that each push was putting us closer and closer to seeing our beautiful baby so I gave it everything I had. One hour later SDR cut the cord and our baby girl was on my lap looking straight up at me. She was so alert and so peaceful. We couldn't help but crying with happiness. She was finally here. We were now a family of 3!

look at those eyes!
love her so much


Proof that we belong together



she loves me :)

She is now 4 days old but it feel like she's been a part of our family for years. She's going to think her name is gorgeous because that's all she hears from her dad and mom. We love every minute of this little squirt.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

still cookin

Remember the time I swallowed that basketball........

This was taken today after our 3.5 mile walk. 

And this pic is from Wed after our 3.5 mile walk. Yep, trying to get her out.

We had to have another ultrasound because the doc says I have a "deceiving torso". He said I don't look full term but when he checked me, the baby was big. 
So we saw her little profile again, and this time she was covering her nose with her hand. It made SDR and me feel kinda bad cause we made fun of her big nose in the last ultrasound. haha. But everything is great and she is healthy. Just really low and hiding in my deceiving torso. The Doc says she weighs about 7lbs. 12 oz. 
Bags are packed. We're ready to go. Just waitin on you A.R.R.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Some summer Rants & Raves

SDR and I are absolutely lovin our lives right now.
I go to work, SDR goes to class, and we arrive home at the exact same time. Then our evening adventures begin.

Our first task is to go work out. I walk about 3.5 miles on the treadmill while I watch "Chef Brad" make some 'abtholutely fabulouth' meals. SDR runs about 4 miles to music while I hand him water. 
We leave the gym and head home for dinner. Our fave is Taco Tues. (which sometimes lands on Wednesdays).
Then we clean the apartment and gather our bikes from Baby Rad's room. (which reminds me, we're loving the creative names you guys are coming up with. ex: Seagull ha).  
Anyway, our bike rides are spectacular! We usually go to the Nature Park, Porter Park or the Gardens. AND We have made some stunning discoveries with the Rexburg parks. Just hear me out...(rant)...

PORTER PARK= Telestial Kingdom
NATURE PARK= Terrestrial Kingdom
BYUI GARDENS= Celestial Kingdom
"If Porter Park knew what was going on in there, it would go confess to the bishop"
Seriously, why do couples think everyone wants to see them making out wrapped up in blankets. And thats while is LIGHT outside. So who knows what happens when it's dark? And the girls. oh man. They just throw those BYUI standards right out the window along with all their clothes! 
Ok. Then we have the Nature Park. Not too bad... we just try to avoid the topless skater crowds. (At least it's the men that are topless).
Now we have the BYU-I Gardens. Beautiful. Peaceful. Full of modest people. Brides getting pictures taken. 
Ya, that's where we wanna be!

After our bike rides we usually do some Maverick hopping to see which one has the best Fro Yo. Head home with the fro yo and soda and start watching a movie or an episode of Seinfeld, Modern Family, Office, or Community. I would say that's a pretty grand way to live!!! 

Switching topics now
I'm starting to really panic about only having 2 weeks left of being alone with my hubby! I know that the baby is going to bring soooo much happiness and that we'll love her more than anything...but sometimes I stress out about missing out on the time I have with just me and SDR. Pretty lame thinking huh?
Only 2 dr. appts left 'til she comes!!!! :) oh ya that's a Rave!

As you can see, between weeks 36 & 37, my belly turned into a torpedo belly. Both rant and a rave. So enjoy!!