Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boy, girl, or a puppy?

Well here we are again. 
On our quest to eat at the manly 'Texas Roadhouse' or the feminine 'Cafe Rio.'
Dan was really hoping for a boy and that's why he chose Texas Roadhouse. 
I was fine with a boy, but really wanted another little girl. 

To up the anti, we decided that if it was a boy we would vacation to Paris.
If it was a girl, we would go to California and Disneyland.
Well, to sum it up quite nicely, we will be eating sweet pork salads and flying to Cali
(so what if the Cali tickets were already purchased and Paris was never really an option).
Best. Day. Ever.
Final score is 3-1 GIRLS win! Sorry daddy!!

All 3 Radford girls!!!
Stori held the ultrasound picture up to her play phone and the baby said her first words "Hi Daddy!"