Wednesday, February 17, 2016

June bug 2.5 on 2.14

Sylvie celebrated her 1/2 half birthday on Valentines day.
She is such a joy in our life, and views everybody around her as a "friend." 2 1/2 is pretty much the golden age. Cuteness, lovable, full of hilarious quotes, no diapers, cuddly, and still taking naps! win.
Oh and we found out that she is only in the 10th percentile for weight and 20th for height. We thought she was a big girl because of how much she eats---I guess her metabolism is just superb.

haha such a scary face!!!
 ask her to stand by the wall, and this is the pose you get. such a wierdo/cutie :)
 Long locks

 she loves her food!
This is an old picture from Christmas, but I never posted the ones from Dans camera. I love this one so much! The lights from the Christmas tree are reflecting around her head.... It's all so magical!

Monday, February 15, 2016

A lot of love

Valentine's Day is quite a mediocre holiday, but everything becomes more fun when you have kids. We went to Red Robin the day before.
Rented the Martian. 
Had a little dinner party with friends--dipped Oreos, strawberries, oranges, and pretzels in chocolate. 
Painted fingernails red and pink and purple.
Exchanged valentines
Made a yummy dinner on actual V-day.
Had yummy root beer floats (or just vanilla ice cream if your name is Stori)
and enjoyed nice relaxing Sunday with the ones I love. Valentines on a Sunday is kind of the best!

 Always looking up to big sister.

 My favorite picture of them! ever. Oh how I love these little girly girls!
 These tulips make our home smell soooo good! I'm very much a sunflower girl, but methinks tulips might be an extremely extremely close 2nd. Thanks SDR. Love you 3 scoops full.
Painting in Halloween jammies.
 Halloween is still going strong in the Radford home, even on Valentines day.

Stori loves preschool soooo much! When it's her turn to do family cheer (what we do after scripture and prayers each night), she always says something to do with loving preschool. And her love shows in these videos; with her cute little voice, and body language in these songs they performed at her Valentines preschool party.

^^these 4. always up for group hugs. It takes us an extra 10 minutes to leave preschool because of it. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Storina ballerina (pics from the camera)

We love when daddy comes home, and fave/not fave quotes

Whenever SDR comes home, the next couple hours are full blown crazy town! The girls greet him at the door, show him their most recent outfit, then attack. He is a human jungle gym until they go to bed. Then he cleans the house to his approval (haha the weirdo who likes to clean) and then we get to hang out. It's pretty grand.

he even makes me hot cocoa while i'm wrapped in two blankets and wearing in his hoody. 
We all love that brown-eyed boy. 

And just for fun......

my 5 favorite & 5 least favorite quotes from SDR lately
 My Faves
1. I'm coming home early, you want to go shopping while I hang out with the kids?
2. 2 scoops or 3?
3. Should we make popcorn and watch Brooklyn 99?
4. Wanna go on a drive through the mountains?
5. We need to go to California soon!

Least Faves
1. I don't care how you cut your hair, you choose, I like it all. 
2. Sorry Hun, looks like I will be working late.
3. I have to go back to the gun store for a little part.
4. I have to go back to the gun store AGAIN for a little part.
5. We can't buy a minivan yet.

When we started this law school journey, I thought i was saying goodbye to dan for the next 3 years. What i have now realized, is that I might be seeing him way more right now, then I ever will in the future. Luckily he wants to be the poor kind of lawyer, so let's hope he isn't stuck working all the time.
It's blurry, but my oh my do I love it. I was texting my friend amber at the time, and we reminisced for a bit about laughing out loud... So i recorded this little number and sent it to her.

Monday, February 1, 2016


With all the snow we have been getting lately, (bittersweet) we decided the best way to enjoy it would  be to drive up to Clarkson and play in it with cousins. Meg and Joel have a snowmobile and endless snow. Plus we literally snowmobiled in front of their house because they live in the mountains. 
It was so fun to have Dan with us---usually when we play in the snow, he is at work or school. This is the first time in 2 years... but to be fare, last year at this time it was in the 70's, so we didn't really have the chance to play in the snow together. 
 heading out the front door^^
 Sylvie almost fell asleep while riding with daddy.

 Being pulled behind the snowmobile was a blast for all the kids

 ^^Dan and I got our turn, but I couldn't go faster than 40mph without screaming. Dan thought it was hilarious.
 ^^But when dan got his turn all by himself, he fell off trying to do tricks and hurt his knee. Who's laughing now? ;)

Yeehaw!! That littlest cowboy was quite the stinker when we tried to go on a double date with Meg and Joel. I put her to bed before we left, and Stori was entertained with cousins. Perfect! Went to dinner at El Sol, then off to Star Wars again (even better the second time).... BUT right as it was starting we got a text from Maizy (the babysitter).  Stori didn't want to go potty downstairs because of the sound it made when it Maizy took her upstairs and used the bathroom connected to the room Sylvie was sleeping in. Long story short, the toilet made a bomb sound and woke up Sylvie & Tommy. I called and talked to the my girls and hoped for the best. It was stressful for everyone haha, but it was still fun.
Clarkson. You win with everything.