Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I learned from school...

So Dan and I got to talkin' a few weeks ago and we realized that we have NEVER had a class together. I graduated too soon I suppose (Bachelors degree in 5 years-yes, that was years not semesters)! I quickly sorted out my options and ruled out enrollment due to; homework, cost, my job, too many credits, and quite frankly, desire.
Simlple. I'll just go to school with him for a day and call it good.

So last Friday I went to classes with him...and loved it! We went to Accounting, library time on the 1st floor, Graphic Design, and then a work out in the Hart. I sure loved being back on campus and pretending to be a student again. I even took my backpack with me to fit in. But something interesting happened in one hour of class time that NEVER happened in my whole 5 years at BYUI. I found out what I wanted to do when I grow up.
Design fabric. I know its something Iwill never be able to do, but oh how I love color. Oh how I love funky and vintage and pattern and all things plaid! :) It makes sense that my favorite part about blogging is designing the header and my favorite part about sewing is the fabric. In fact I could buy yards and yards of fabric and not even make anything. Really I could, I can prove it. If only I would have found out this love BEFORE I graduated.
Ah well, ya live ya learn. Atleast at my job I get to pick out funky colors for people to put on their braces. It's kinda the same! :)